STR/KE MVMNT Interval 3

Strike Movement Interval 3 Lunar
Interval 3 Lunar

Today we have the Interval 3 by STR/KE MVMNT, a serious athletic shoe by a serious athletic wear company.   According to its website, STR/KE MOVEMENT was “founded on the goal of providing quality aesthetic alternatives for athletes and active lifestyle ‘pursuitists’. We aim to establish a higher performance standard while maintaining purity of design.”  Guys, they ain’t messing.

This attention to performance comes through on the Interval 3.  A cross trainer with a classic design, this shoe is perfect for those who really need a versatile workout shoe, or just wants to wear something comfortable not made out of animals.   In fact, all products by  STR/KE MVMNT are vegan.   This shoe as an ultra-lightweight cross-trainer to be used for functional fitness, running, weightlifting and just about anything you can throw at it.  This third iteration of the sneaker has all sorts of fancy features – stable platform technology, zero void heel, low stack height – we don’t even know what this stuff means but its probably going to help you when you’re doing your workout business!

Ditch the Nikes, guys.  With this brand and On Running, we’re finding out that there are a lot of smaller players putting out great performance sneakers that don’t rely on animal materials.

The Interval 3 is available on the STR/KE MVMNT store.

Strike Movement Interval 3 Phantom
Interval 3 Phantom
Strike Movement Interval 3 Vapor Fleece
Interval 3 Vapor Fleece
Strike Movement Interval 3 Woodland Camo
Interval 3 Woodland Camo

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  1. These are actually much nicer than the obnoxious-colored designs from Nike! Simple and with little details is more of my style.<3

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