The People’s Movement Cardiff

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Hey everyone, sorry for the very lengthy hiatus.  I know we haven’t been regularly posting for over a month, and we apologize.  Right now there is a lot happening in our personal lives, in a good way, so it hasn’t been easy to keep up.  Unfortunately this will probably continue for the foreseeable future.  We’ll try to update as regularly as possible, so try to be patient!

Today we present the Cardiff by The People’s Movement (or MOVMT).  This great company makes environmentally friendly shoes and accessories made from organic materials and up-cycled plastic reclaimed from Bali and California.  This company’s mission is to eliminate single use plastic pollution, which is one of the greatest threats facing the environment, but also one of the most fixable.

The Cardiff is a dope sneaker that has a suspicious resemblance to the Nike Roshe Run, which is why it caught our eye.  But unlike Nike, the People’s Movement made this shoe recycled plastic bottles and made them into a woven upper.  It’s insole is fully lined with a sock liner booty, and the insole is extra thick and padded for support.  And for those of you wondering, the glues are water based.  Props to MOVMT for selling that up front!

The Cardiff is available at Zumiez in grey and black.

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