Keep X Ad-Rock Ramos

Sorry if this is old news, but we’ve been meaning to post this when we saw this.  Back in November, Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys announced a collaboration with Keep to put out a fresh new design of their classic Ramos. 

Ad-Rock and Keep (one of our faves), were inspired to make a sneaker that could handle the winter.  The shoe features a water-resistant, nylon cordura body and is lined with synthetic shearling.  The ankle features a channel quilted, silicon coated nylon accent, stuffed with synthetic down.  The D-ring and bungee lace structure makes for easy slipping on and off, and both black and magenta laces are included.  To finish, each pair features embroidery of Adam’s name, split between left and the right shoes.

The collabo was also a subtle response to the presidential election.  In a charitable turn, the proceeds of the shoe will benefit Planned Parenthood.   Ad-Rock joins a growing list of artists who are working for various charities following the election.   Earlier this month, he hosted a rally against hate in Brooklyn’s Adam Yauch Park, which was renamed for the late Beastie Boy in 2013 and was recently defaced with anti-Semitic, pro-Trump graffiti.   Regarding the release of the shoe, Ad-Rock made the following announcement:

Winter’s cold and I couldn’t find a warm sneaker to walk around in. Given the outcome of our current election, it’s gonna get a lot colder before we can feel that summer sun again. So I collaborated with my friend Una [Kim, founder of] Keep shoes not just because I wanted warm sneaks, but because I support small business. I support women run business. I support Asian-American run business. Net proceeds of this shoe will be donated to Planned Parenthood because I support a woman’s right to choose and feel that women should not be punished for making decisions about their own lives and bodies. If you have similar beliefs, you might wanna grab a pair. Or, if you simply support fresh styles, then you too can be part of what peeps in Keeps are doing.

Church, Ad-Rock.  We’re still shocked and depressed about what happened on November 8.  And with the parade of horribles being reported every day, it just seems to be getting worse.  We’re scared, but not defeated.  We have to do what we can to stand up to hatred, bigotry, sexism, racism, and injustice.  We can all do our part, large and small.  By buying this shoe, you’re not only supporting Planned Parenthood with a donation, but wearing one shows just where your heart is at.  And if you don’t like the shoes, you can donate directly to Planned Parenthood.

The Keep X Ad-Rock Ramos are available for pre-order here.   Estimated ship date is late February.

Thanks everyone for reading this, and thanks for supporting Keep and Planned Parenthood.  And thank you Ad-Rock!  You guys are  f***ing awesome.

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