Charlie Butler – Hue Collection

Charlie Butler Azure

We’re excited to introduce a new line of women’s vegan shoes by Charlie Butler.  You may remember just a short while ago we featured their Kickstarter campaign where backers were able to purchase some sweet men’s brogues, boots and oxfords.  They’re back (very quickly) with a women’s line of flats.

Daisy and Pearl

Like all Charlie Butler, these are handmade and PETA approved vegan.  The uppers are made of flexible synthetic leather and printed canvas.  While there is currently only one model, it is available in 6 different colorways.  And just like the men’s Charlie Butlers, these are made to fit your feet.  Submit your foot dimensions and they custom make you a pair.

Rose and Nero

Also, bonus for all you Vegan Kicks readers out there – use coupon code vegankicks10 and get a $10 discount on any purchase from now through March 7.  With the discount code, you can get a pair of Charlie Butlers for just $89.00 Australian (about $69 USD) and that includes free shipping and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Check out Charlie Butler to for more info!


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