House of Future

Today we got House of Future, a new label putting out some very clean looking sneakers.   They currently have two models, a hi top and low top.  Both combine minimal silhouettes and vegan materials.  The uppers are made of micro-suede and micro-leather, which offer a premium look while being easy to maintain.  According to the Creative Director, they didn’t set out to be a vegan brand, but the materials were chosen for their aesthetic and performance abilities.  All gravy to us!

Available at House of Future.

3 thoughts on “House of Future”

  1. Excellent post, I’m in love with House of Future’s shoe collection. They currently only sell US M size 8-13, but I asked if they had any plans to expand their size range (I wear 6/7) and they said they do plan to around the holiday season this year. Very excited, these shoes are amazing.

  2. The shoes look amazing. The minimalist style and muted colors gives it a cool look. Thank you House of Future for coming out with this magnificent collection. Looking forward to seeing more wonderful collections in the future.

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