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Converse First String Chuck Taylor Specialty Ox

Sup Yall.  So first, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been busy.  Second, a disclaimer – this post is on a pair of shoes which are vegetarian, not vegan.  While I’ve heard from vegans that Converse are, I was notified from the company itself that they do not guarantee animal free shoes.  But, I have decided to post these, and other shoes, which are “vegetarian.”  Ugh I hate using that word but I guess it is accurate.  I know this is site is called vegan kicks, but hey, there just aren’t enough vegan shoes (I like) out there.

So here we have the Converse First String Specialty Ox in low.  You can get it in light blue or grey.  These aren’t your average Chucks though.  These have a thicker midsole with additional rubber around, a comfort system inner, and a chambray upper.  A vintage rubber license plate appears on the heel of the midsole.

Available at Darkside Initiative.

See original post at Nicekicks.

Snow Day!

Here Tri State Area, the big weather news is the first blizzard of the season.  Right now there’s a few inches out there and it’s coming down hard.  Supposed to keep going all through the night.  And it seems like everything is shutting down – schools, courts, errthang.  Me, I gotta be at a meeting in a few minutes.   And when you live in New York, that means you don’t have the luxury of a car to shelter yourself in.  You have to walk at least a little while to get to a train or bus.  Most New Yorkers are well prepared for this.  I see girls with either Uggs or rubber boots everywhere.  I’m an idiot.  I have to deal with this shit in my low top Nike Blazers.  But if you ladies are looking for an interesting pair of vegan winter boots, I think you should take a look at the Keep Tatum, pictured above.

They’re made of DWR (durable water resistant) canvas, which means they probably aren’t as good as a pair of rubber boots to keep you dry.  But, they will probably breathe easier, and I think canvas always looks better.

Available in red or purple at Keep.  See Amazon for black.

Vans California Spring 2010 Collection (canvas models)

Vans keeps churning out new styles.  This collection has a little bit of everything: high tops, low tops, slip ons, and boots.  It also includes a various interesting colors and materials.  Fortunately for us, there are a bunch in this offering that are non-leather; mostly Era and Slip-On in canvas or some kind of nylon.

Note that I am not sure whether these are vegan or not.  Based on information I received from Vans, only certain models of Era and Slip-On are completely animal free.  But still, canvas models guarantee that at least they are vegetarian (post on that later).  So I just wanted to offer that disclaimer.

See pics below!  I’ll try to update when I see these available somewhere.