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Hello fellow Vegans, I am a vegan, skateboarder, musician, animal activist living in New England. I have been vegan and or vegetarian for almost 8 years now. The things I enjoy most in life are my pets, my girlfriend, my family and friends, skateboarding, making music, pro wrestling, space, aliens, conspiracies, movies, madness, saving animals, the infinite sadness, the fear and's my Life, it's who and what I am all about, it's all I know. I don't know how to be anything else but me, and I still ain't great at that yet... but I'm learning to try to try! - I'm trying... I have been skateboarding off and on since 1988 between being a musician etc. I have been making music since 1992. My new album "The Kiss of Life and Death" is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, iHeartRadio, GooglePlay, Spotify and everywhere else music is sold. Here's a link to the album on iTunes - You can search for it anywhere else on the interent and you will find it. I also work in films and movies. I do some acting, but mostly I do film scores. My life exists solely on a very tight budget, and as an organic vegan and as a vegan skateboarder in today's world, that can be very hard and very depressing. Here I would like to share my feelings on how to be a vegan skateboarder on a very tight budget. I will try and post as many vegan skate shoes on sale I can find, from trusted sites only as there are alot of scams out there with sale shoes - so be aware of where and what you buy and from which web pages, only use trusted sites, no matter how good the deal is. Just be cautious and Google info on the website before you order and make sure it's not a scam. I will also be talking about skate shoe design, focusing primarily on the vegan shoes and what is durable and what is not and why. And also how to make your vegan skate shoes last longer! I also will be addressing the ever changing skateboarding shoe industry as it is today and what it once was, and what it could be, specially for us vegans - on a budget. Thanks to for giving me this opportunity. : )

EMERICA The Tempster – Review and Skate Wear Test

This season’s newest vegan/animal-friendly offering from Emerica for spring of 2013 is finally here.

The new shoe is called “The Tempster,” and is designed by legendary vegan skateboarder, Ed Templeton. Ed has always been a driving force in skateboarding – a true individual and artist. He is also the vegan skater’s skater. Never quitting and never selling out his vegan beliefs for a higher-paying/selling leather pro-model shoe. For this alone, we should always support him, his shoes, and Emerica for putting them out. Emerica is in my own personal opinion, the last real core skate shoe brand we have left.

I got to skate these new shoes a few short times on the streets and for a full 3-hour session at the park. Here are my personal thoughts as a long-time skater and vegan shoe wearer. . . .

The Tempster - both colorways, both laces
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The World of Vegan Skate Shoes, and Why They Matter

To a skateboarder, shoes are like gloves to a sculptor’s hands. No other clothing component is more important to a skateboarder. Skaters’ feet are the connection to their craft – the art of how they skateboard. Skating in a shoe that is too padded and bulky, is like trying to grab detailed things with a mitten on. Skating in a shoe that is too thin, is like wearing a rubber glove to protect one’s self from the elements, or to grab that hot vegan dinner you have in the oven – you’re going to get burned, and you’re going to feel it too much. Then there’s the dreaded cupsole vs. vulc shoe battle – it just never ends! So just how how do we compromise? And how do vegan skateboarders fit into this equation? Through my next few blog posts I may be able to help you find those answers… but first, we must ask another more serious and important question:

Why are todays vegan skate shoes so expensive?

Do you ever wonder why a canvas skate shoe cost the same or more than a shoe made out of leather? It’s like getting a Veggie Delite at Subway for the same price as the next guy’s cold cut sub that has the same amount of veggies on it. You’re paying the same price for something that has meat, when there is no meat in yours at all! You’re basically paying for a condiment sandwich. In todays skate shoe world with canvas or synthetic shoes vs. leather shoes, you are paying for a condiment on your feet, as most all skate shoes have canvas or syn. textiles in them anyways – on the inside or outside. So the question here is, why?

Ripped canvas Vans, an all too familiar occurrence to the vegan skater.

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