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Desert Boot, Vegetarian Shoes

Time for something classic?

If you need something else for the fall instead of sneakers, I think these desert boots from Vegetarian Shoes will do the trick.

Comes in three colors, all made out of vegetan fake suede, similar to real suede. A material that is soft, breathable and as with regular suede you should use some waterproofing spray for protection. They hold up well and the construction feels solid. I can actually vouch for these myself as I recently bought a pair of the dark brown.

For those of you on the other side of the pond, you can order these at Moo Shoes.

* Edit, photo update. My own pair.

Veja – Taua Cotton

Fall is coming pretty fast where I am so maybe it’s a bit late for yet another pair of thin sneakers. Hopefully you live someplace where that’s not a problem or you just want some options for next summer. Also, there has been a discussion that Vegan Kicks needs a morale boost.

We listen and bring you Veja.

So far there is only one vegan model, the Taua Cotton (note that Taua also comes in a leather version).  If you think that less is more, the simple design of the Taua should make you buy a pair of these clean sneakers. The canvas is made from organic cotton grown in Brazil by local families who live from organic farming while the soles are made from wild latex from the Amazon. The shoes are produced in a factory in Vale dos Sinos, in the south of razil, where workers rights are respected and extra hours are paid. I think this is as good as it gets if you’re looking for all around ecological and socially responsible shoes.

Extra bonus, if someone asks you about the “V” on the side of the shoe, you could easily claim that it stands for Vegan!