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Adidas Samba Americana West

Figured I’d fill in the gap while Henry was on vacation…

WOW, I’ve been searching for some vegan Adidas Sambas in a non-hippy colorway for what seems like forever. A little over a year ago, DQM and Huf collaborated on a black canvas model, but I missed the boat on those (although I think if you’re a size 9 you can still pick some up at the DQM store on E.3rd St.). Anyway, I was searching the bowels of the internet (ok, maybe just the adidas site) when I came across these beauts. I noticed that the “leather” looked a bit pleathery, and the description was suspiciously absent of any straight “leather” declaration, so I rolled the dice, clicked “buy” and waited with baited breath to check for that sweet little diamond figure on the tag. And sure enough, there it was. I don’t believe that any of the other models in the “Americana West” series are vegan…those other colors appear to be real suede, but I haven’t verified. For now, these will do just fine!


Sorry for the non-shoe-related post, but Daiya has been the talk of the town in the veganosphere lately, and now it is finally available in convenient retail packages!  Previously you could only buy it in 30lb bulk bags (or if you were lucky, your local Whole Foods divied those up into 16oz containers).  This stuff is soo good.  So far I’ve made vegan quesadillas, french onion soup, pizza, calzones, and lasagna with it.  It really is the first vegan cheese without a gross aftertaste, and that actually melts easily.   If I could get shoes made out of daiya, I’d wear ’em.