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Interview With Wills Vegan Shoes & All Black Everything

We go a real treat for you today.  A lot of you may already be familiar with Wills Vegan Shoes, and we’ve been big fans since its inception in 2013.  It was just what we were looking for: dope vegan shoes, made fair trade, and offered at a very reasonable price.  We’ve watched excitedly as they grew – it seems like they add new styles on a weekly basis.  We were also lucky enough to get our hands a few pairs, and we were not disappointed.  So we are very excited to share an interview with Will Green, the founder of (the eponymous) Wills Vegan Shoes.  Plus, check out some of our picks, all in black!

Wills Chukka Boot Black
Wills Chukka Boot Black

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WeWOOD Watches

WeWOOD Kappa Black
WeWOOD Kappa Black Gold

This week we are featuring WeWOOD, a watch company founded by a couple of entrepreneurs and a watch lover who had a vision for eco-friendly and stylish timepieces.  They start with sustainable materials – most of this wood is reclaimed scrap wood (read more about the varieties of wood used here).  They then fill in the guts with Miyota movement.

WeWOOD established its environmentally conscious credentials back in 2010, when they joined with American Forests and Trees for the Future to help in their tree planting mission.  Their blueprint is simple: plant one tree for each watch purchased.  Since 2011, WeWOOD has helped plant 300,000 trees.

We’ve had our eyes on WeWOOD for a while.  Even aside from their great story and mission, these watches are dope.  They really stand out from your regular metallic timepiece.  And they come in a variety of tones, from birch to warm red to classic black.  We are slightly concerned about durability; we wonder how they stack up against their metal counterparts.  Hopefully, we can get our hands on one sometime soon and write a review!  Until then, check out our picks from the WeWOOD lineup.

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Velo City Roll Top Bag Review


A few weeks ago, we had the great fortune of getting hooked up with a sweet Roll Top from our friends at Velo City Bags. This Salt Lake City based brand makes messenger bags, backpacks, and bicycle accessories, and everything is handmade in the US and 100% vegan. We spent some quality time with our Roll Top (small, custom colors) and here’s what we found.


For those who are thinking TL;DR, don’t bother scrolling down. We were very impressed with this bag. It is high quality, practical, and stylish. The materials are built to last, and it has a ton of storage. The design is minimal, but there are a lot of add-ons. One of our favorite features is the vinyl lined main compartment, which makes it waterproof and easy to clean. We also loved how the bag is so customizable, especially the colors. If you want a long lasting bag that holds a lot of stuff, we would definitely recommend. I’ve already replaced my old bag with this one and I don’t think I’ll be needing another for years to come.

Links: Velo City main pageRoll Top pageInstagram.




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Cliff Belts Billfold Wallet Giveaway

Sienna Billfold - Cropped

And we’re back!  Last time around we featured some great new stuff from NYC based Cliff Belts.  (Check their spring 2014 stuff here)  Today we are very excited to be doing a little collaboration and giving away their Sienna Billfold Wallet!  For the longest, whenever you wanted to get a wallet, the only non-leather alternative was canvas.  But no more!  The Billfold is cork, harvested from sustainable cork tree bark.  I was able to see Cliff’s stuff in person over the weekend, and I was very surprised how soft and natural cork looks and feels.  It’s definitely not stiff and hard like wine bottle variety.  I would compare it quite favorably to actual leather, which makes sense since it’s being made into belts and wallets.  The Billfold is lined on the inside with a cotton polyester blend, and features a three card pocket and one large ID pocket.  The dye is a handsome brown, or Sienna, which is 100% natural.

Sienna Billfold - B - Cropped

Here are the contest rules:

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Cliff Belts Spring 2014

We’re very excited to feature some great new product from Cliff Belt‘s expanded lineup this spring.   We’ve previously talked up their cork belts, a novel approach to vegan belt making which is also sustainable and quite handsome.  They’re coming on stronger in 2014, with new belts, wallets, and now bags.  [We’re souped about the messenger bag, but what about a backpack?]  Before we go into the stuff, we have a few announcements for those interested in Cliff Belts:

  • Cliff Belts will be at the ID Pop Up Shop in Chelsea Market, NYC, between February 3-9.  They’ll be set up across from Amy’s Bread, so be sure to check them out and see them in person.
  • Free shipping alert! enter VKICKFREESHIP for free shipping on any product listed below, good through March 31st.

Now, onto the good stuff

The Subway Belt:
1104 - A - Cropped
 1102 - B - Cropped

We Love Colors Laces


Hey guys, it’s me again.  You’re here, which means you like shoes.  You come here to see what’s out there in the vegan shoe world, and that’s great.  But I bet many of you, like myself, ignore such an integral part of the shoe – the laces.  I just slap on whatever comes with the shoes, black or white usually.  But did you know that laces come in all different colors, and shapes, and lengths?  Swapping out laces is such an easy, cheap way of giving your shoes a new look.

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Cliff Belts

About Cork - how they wear DSC_0760

We want to take a brief detour from our usual subject matter to talk a little about Cliff Belts (and bags), a really cool brand based out of my hometown of NYC.  Handmade in small batches right here, all of their products are vegan.  Instead of synthetics, Cliff uses mostly cork; that’s right, the material mostly known for wine bottle stoppers is actually versatile enough to be made into belts!

Besides being an ingenious idea, cork is sustainably harvested (doesn’t kill the tree), and is eco-friendly (no harsh chemicals used in production).  Cliff also works with other materials like volcanic stonewashed canvas and organic denim – featured in their bags and portfolio cases.

Another cool feature about the belts is that the buckles are completely detachable.  A very handy feature that allows you to swap out buckles for new looks.

Overall, this is a great alternative to leather, and an alternative to the alternative – typically something made out of synthetic materials.  It’s a great idea, well executed, and I think reasonably priced (you be the judge).  The belts look great, and are supposed to wear really nicely over time.

After the jump are some pics of my favorites, but click here for the main Cliff Belts site.

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Herschel Bags

UPDATE 10/23/15: Herschel cannot guarantee that ANY of their products are entirely vegan.  Please see email from their representative pasted into the comments section below.  From now on, avoid any bags with what appear to be leather tabs or straps.

Herschel Settlement

We here at VK have been fans of Herschel Supply Co.’s bags since we first saw them.  We really dug the simple designs and how they reminded us of our bags when we were kids.  Unfortunately, the leather detailing would turn us away.  But the more I looked at pictures and in person, we noticed that the “leather” tabs and straps didn’t look real.  Lo and behold, after a random google search, it turns out that almost all of it is synthetic:

3. Are any of Herschel Supply’s products animal free/vegan friendly?
All of Herschel Supply’s products are animal free/vegan friendly with the exception of collaboration items, any Cotton Canvas products our Market tote and our Woodlands backpack.

Rejoice!  Herschel bags are vegan, with exceptions.  Pictured above and below are some of our favorites.  But there are so many options, you should check out their shop for all they have to offer.

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Happy Socks

Happy Socks 1

I know what you’re thinking – “socks?  I’m vegan, I came here to get a scoop on shoes.  I don’t have a problem finding animal free products to put on my feet before the shoes!”  If you are thinking that, well you’re right.  You can spot a pair of wool socks a mile away.  I don’t have a really great answer to that other than hey, I’m a sucker for the little things.  And yes, socks are overlooked accessories, but the right (or wrong) pair can really make a difference.

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