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Vegan Wallets Pt. 1

Hank (in army) by Herschel available at Zappos. Note that some models have leather inside.

I have on occasion strayed from the content of this site’s namesake and today I want to do a little show and tell on vegan wallets.  I am actually in the market for a new wallet, since my old one is on its last legs and is surviving on a bit of packing tape.  To save me from future embarrassment, it is time for me to renew and upgrade.

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Ecote Canvas & [Faux] Leather Backpack

Yeah, Vegan Kicks is moving beyond kicks.  We weren’t planning on branching out.  It just happened.  Sometimes we see something nice and want to put it on the blog, but it’s not wearable on your feet.  We’re hoping we can change that and still keep the site as focused as possible.  We will be sticking to clothing – the whole food thing, and animal rights advocacy aspect is being done a thousand times better than I can ever do it.  So we’ll stick to posting about things you can buy to impress your friends with unique, yet ethical fashion sensibilities.

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