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Holiday Sales

Black on Black
Black on Black

Greetings world!  Here in America, Thanksgiving is over.  Now the holiday shopping season is fully in gear with the beginning of “Black Friday” so the fun starts now am I right?  But for real, while we don’t want to celebrate consumerism, we can’t ignore all the amazing deals out there.  If you need some stuff, now is the time to get it.  See below for a list of sales from our favorite brands and stores.  We will try to keep these updated up until Christmas, but for now enjoy these post Thanksgiving deals!

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What We Wear: Winter Work Coats

Nordstrom Portland Car Coat 1
Nordstrom Portland Car Coat (available at Nordstrom)

I have an admission:  I wear wool.   #gasp.  I own a bunch of sweaters, ties, and coats before I made “the switch,” and I can’t bear to throw them out.  I want to replace everything, but apart from the money, it has been hard finding vegan clothes suitable for the office.  A particularly vexing issue has been trying to find a replacement for my wool overcoat.  The choice for acceptable, cruelty free winter coats is surprisingly limited, even more so than shoes.  Even if you can find a nice synthetic coat, it’s often filled with down.  I figured I can’t be the only one who is having trouble with this, so I thought this would be a good time to launch the first in a series of What We Wear – clothes you need, but have a hard time going vegan with.

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Summer in the City 2014



A few weeks ago, we shot some really great photos out by the Bridge.  Finally putting them up!  We were so lucky to get hooked up with amazing clothes from our friends at Three Leaves.  And we’re thrilled to show off all this great stuff.  Unfortunately, I had to model some of the shoes, so you’ll have to subjected to my ashy ankles.

Pictured above are the Veja Mediterranee (Camel White) and Taua (California Blood).  As we wrote in our preview, Veja uses organic cotton canvas, rubber from rubber trees (not synthetic), and fair trade labor.  OF course these are vegan.

For more photos, check out the full blog post at Three Leaves.  For more info on products, click on images.

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Three Leaves Spring 2014 Lookbook + Etnies Dapper + 30% DISCOUNT CODE!

Three Leaves Look Book Spring 2014 #2

Our friends at Three Leaves have released their Lookbook for Spring 2014, and as usual there are some great finds there.  Check it out, there is an excellent assortment of stylish tees, button downs, shorts, and lightweight jackets.  As always, Three Leaves products are all either fair trade, vegan, environmentally friendly, or all of the above.

In addition to the vegan shoes they already have, Three Leaves recently got in several colorways to the Etnies Dapper, pictured below in black and multicolor.  We here at VK are always fans of skate shoes and Etnies (and Emerica) are at the top of our list.  These Dapper shoes are made in a pretty similar mold to the Vans Authentic with a slim low profile, but we dig the black on black sole, and the cool variegated herringbone pattern that is colorful yet not too flashy.  Plus, the Dapper is part of Etnies’ Buy a Shoe Plant a Tree Program, which is exactly what it sounds like – you buy a shoe, they plant a tree in a part of the world which really needs it.  Win win!

OH and we almost forgot to mention – COUPON CODE ALERT!!! For 30% off of all shoes at Three Leaves, enter the code VEGANKICKS.  I addition to Etnies, Three Leaves is currently carrying Veja, Novacas, and Brave Gentleman.  This coupon will only last until Friday, April 18th so get your kicks now before this huge promotion runs out!

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Jungmaven Tees

Jungmaven Baja Shirt Goji Red

This is a slight departure from our usual subject matter, but we’re sticking to the same general formula: vegan clothing for guys (okay, mostly guys).  Today we’re talking tees.  To me there is nothing especially interesting about t-shirts.  They’re about as utilitarian an item of clothing as they get.  There are only so many variations of material and design that you can run through before settling on the plain old black/gray tee that you can wear with anything.  But recently I came across a unique and surprising innovation in this rather staid category.

The Baja by Jungmaven is 55% hemp and 45% percent organic cotton, and made in the USA.  All those attributes are great but it’s the uniqueness of the material that really caught my attention.  These shirts are really thick, and very sturdy.  They feel more like a double layer knit jersey than a regular shirt; well worth the price for its combination of quality and ethical production standards.  I’m not sure about their insulating properties, but to me they look to be a great winter shirt, perfect under a hoodie or over a long sleeve.

Also a note on the sizing.  The shape of these shirts are quite wide, so I would order your normal size but prepared to get a baggy shirt.

Available in Goji Red, Green, and Mustard at my favorite ethical men’s wear store, Three Leaves.

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Wookie or Ewok?

This has nothing to do with vegan shoes, but I had to re-post this.  It’s a picture from a Paris fashion show.  Apparently it is part of a collection made out of fake fur by Karl Lagerfeld.  Clearly he is trying to mimic the garb of Inuits and Eskimos, people who really need them for warmth.  And something about a male model strutting down a runway with this on kills me.  Look at the guy on the right doing Blue Steel!  Awesome.  See Discerning Brute for the original, less snarky post.