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Luca Chiara Contest Winner!

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Adi with her new Luca Chiara Antonio Weekender Bag in Navy

Happy New Year everyone!  Today we are happy to announce that the winner of our Luca Chiara  giveaway is Adi!  She is pictured above, sporting the handsome Antonio Weekender which was so kindly made and provided by Luca Chiara.  As you can see below, this bag is great for all types of jobs, including carrying around kitties – Dracüla approves!  It also just so happens that Adi is a blogger herself, and we highly recommend you check out her site Vegetarian Courtesy.  She offers a lot of unique insight into vegetarianism and life in general.  She writes in two language, and there’s a lot of sweet artwork.

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Luca Chiara Antonio Weekender Contest

Luca Chiara Antonio Black 1
Luca Chiara Antonio Black

Today we are excited to announce a contest – Luca Chiara has partnered with us to give away one Antonio Weekender!  This very stylish bag is vegan and PETA approved!  The Antonio’s base is made of soft, waterproof synthetic leather.  Its straps are industrial strength, box stitched with gunmetal studs for extra protection.  The canvas insert (the bag itself) is removable and machine washable.  Interior is ripstop nylon.  Three small pockets line the interior, as well as a computer/tablet pocket.  The bag also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap.

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Winner of our Cliff Belts Contest

Congratulations Jeremy Ledford for winning our Cliff Belts contest!  You are the proud new soon to be owner of the Billfold Wallet.   WOOT.

Thanks to everyone who entered.  We are sorry there couldn’t be more winners.  But we’re always happy to host these contests and get some swag to our readers.

Stay tuned for the next giveaway!

Cliff Belts Billfold Wallet Giveaway

Sienna Billfold - Cropped

And we’re back!  Last time around we featured some great new stuff from NYC based Cliff Belts.  (Check their spring 2014 stuff here)  Today we are very excited to be doing a little collaboration and giving away their Sienna Billfold Wallet!  For the longest, whenever you wanted to get a wallet, the only non-leather alternative was canvas.  But no more!  The Billfold is cork, harvested from sustainable cork tree bark.  I was able to see Cliff’s stuff in person over the weekend, and I was very surprised how soft and natural cork looks and feels.  It’s definitely not stiff and hard like wine bottle variety.  I would compare it quite favorably to actual leather, which makes sense since it’s being made into belts and wallets.  The Billfold is lined on the inside with a cotton polyester blend, and features a three card pocket and one large ID pocket.  The dye is a handsome brown, or Sienna, which is 100% natural.

Sienna Billfold - B - Cropped

Here are the contest rules:

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Congratulations to Our Emerica Contest Winner!


Just wanted to give a big shout out to Maciej Kobus, the winner of our Emerica 2013 Tempster giveaway!  It took a while – the shoes were held up in customs for 3 weeks – but our fearless and persistent Polish winner was undeterred.  He finally got the shoes and whew, they fit!  This is what he had to say about them:

I can’t be happier with the new shoes since they are a pro model of well known skateboarder and my huge inspiration – Ed Templeton. I’m not the biggest fan of high/mid shoes but they seem to fit nicely. I didn’t have a chance to wear them for a longer time but they feel comfortable. Also huge thanks to Ed and the guys at Emerica for keeping it real and staying true for all these years.

We couldn’t have put it better, dude.  Thanks again for entering.  And thank you, Emerica, for keeping it real and participating and not hating on the vegan skaters out there.  We send much love out there, keep up the good work Ed Templeton and everyone over there at Emerica.

One more pic after the jump!

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Emerica Ed Templeton Tempster Giveaway

Emerica Tempster Black

Emerica Tempster Green

Following up on our last post, the good people at Emerica are so gracious as to hook us up for Vegan Kicks’ second shoe contest!  Our blogging is erratic right now, but we’re trying to make every one count!  We are psyched to be giving away one pair of Emerica Tempster (green or black), featured above and below.  This is one out of a bunch of Emerica’s vegan shoes (see our previous post on their newest offerings), and we all thought it was appropriate that this be the one, considering Ed’s longstanding vegan lifestyle.  I know that these shoes won’t be for everyone, but I know all the skaters out there will be chomping at the bits to get a pair.  So, onto the contest!

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Keep Contest Winner


Hey everyone!  Sorry for being radio silent for so long.  In case some of you didn’t think it was real, the above photograph was submitted by our 2012 Keep Contest winner Jon Clark of Ontario, Canada.  Jon got himself a pair of Elias in black Moleskin (and is modeling it quite nicely might I add!).  The dark high top with synthetic suede is suitable even for harsh winters.

Also, let’s give a big up to Jon for rocking his first pair of fully vegan kicks.  My man had a similar journey as a lot of us.  When confronted with the truth about our treatment of other animals, he had to make a change.  His transition to an animal free lifestyle is an ongoing process, but wasn’t too difficult for him as he had a lot of support around him.

Oh, and might I add, he took this photo while partaking in an Anti-Fur demonstration in his hood!  Good job man!

Thanks Jon and everyone who entered the contest.  We will be having more to be sure.  Be sure to contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions, especially if you are a vendor who wants to get some exposure!

Last Day to Win a FREE PAIR OF SHOES!


Hey people, just a friendly reminder, today is the last day to enter the holiday contest to win a FREE PAIR OF KEEP SHOES.  Yes, many have entered but the odds aren’t too bad.  I highly encourage you to put your hat in the ring.  Let’s put it this way, your chance of winning is better than the Powerball.

Click here for instructions.  You have until 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.  I won’t hold your feet over the fire but I won’ take submission tomorrow afternoon.  Thank you for your support and good luck!

The Keep Holiday Giveaway 2012!

Vegan Kicks is super excited to announce its first contest/giveaway ever!  We are even more stoked to be partnering with Keep, one of our favorite vegan shoes companies to feature on this site.  We will be giving away ONE PAIR of Keep shoes of your choice.  Check out their entire line hereThe Contest begins NOW, and ends December 1, 2012.  Perfect timing for the holidays!

VK has been around for a little over three years now, which is crazy itself.  Over time, we have been gradually building the site and gaining steady readership.  We are not web designers or coders.  We’re just a few regular people who saw a need for more info on vegan shoes, and started blogging about it.  We have tried to give you good, solid content on a regular basis.  We are also trying to build a bit of a community, a place where people can come to look, discuss, and learn from each other.

Of course we’re not all the way there yet, but the support and enthusiasm we’ve seen from readers all over the world has been so awesome.  We can’t believe how many people outside of the States is interested in this stuff.  TO OUR INTERNATIONAL PEEPS: Please enter!  Keep will ship to you!  In any case, we  are in debt to our readers for supporting us, and we felt that giving away a pair of shoes is the least we could do.  Hopefully, there will be more to come!


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