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Shoe Glue

Recently, a lot of you have been asking us what the deal is with glues in shoes.  We were embarrassed to say that despite blogging about this for years, we didn’t know the answer.  We were just asking companies if they used animals in their glues without ever wondering what they were actually made out of.  And when we asked them, they were never forthcoming about it.  Well we finally reached out to PETA, a more-than-credible source on this issue, and we got a great answer.  We thought we would share their explanation with us; we hope that this information is helpful for you in your future purchases.

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Animal proteins like casein from milk or collagen from flesh, bones, skins, tendons, ligaments, and other body parts are used to make animal-based glues. To extract collagen from tissue, animal parts are cleaned, softened, and boiled in water to create a stock.  The stock is concentrated and impurities are removed.  Essentially the same process has been used for thousands of years to make glue. 

The use of animal ingredients in industrial glues is increasingly uncommon since a large variety of synthetic adhesives now exist, each with different applications.  These adhesives are often chosen over animal based glues because they can be produced at a constant rate and to meet specific manufacturing standards.  Synthetic adhesives can be customized to perform well for a business’s specific application and manufacturers may be hesitant to reveal trade secrets about what exactly is in their adhesives.

We encourage you to contact shoe companies directly about the type of adhesives they use. In doing so, you will be showing these companies that there is a demand for more animal-friendly materials and, ultimately, helping to change the industry. You might also consider writing to vegan shoe companies to find out what specific synthetic glues are being used and why they were selected.  Companies expect to hear from organizations like PETA, but when they hear from their customers, it sends an even stronger message—that cruelty to animals is bad for business and won’t be tolerated.

Please feel free to comment to this post, email us (, or fill out a contact form in our About section if you have any further questions or comments.  Thank you!

Vegan Black Friday, Cyber Monday Etc.

Black Friday Image 1

Well, now that Thanksgiving is done with, let’s get to the important stuff right?  Just kidding.  We here at VK are thoroughly opposed to the holiday shopping nonsense and hype that has all but consumed Thanksgiving.  But hey, we like a good deal too.  Listed below are some deals that we’ve found for the cruelty free shopper.  If you’ve been eye-ing a pair of vegan shoes for a markdown or sale, now’s the time to start looking.

If you spot a deal that’s not listed below, please leave a comment with a tip (no need to limit it to shoes either).  We’ll keep updating through Cyber Monday, and basically for the rest of December if new sales keep popping up.  Thanks for checking in!

[UPDATED 12/6/14]: Urban Outfitters 750+ new markdowns. Free shipping no minimum on all orders now through 12/8.  Also click here for a list of vegan items they currently have.  Nice selection of fake leather!

Keep30% off all shoes.  Use code thankyou, good through Dec 1.  30% off Guerra styles through Dec. 7, use code GIVEGUERRA

Nicora Johns30-50% off through Monday, 35-75% off through Dec. 1.  Discounts on select items.

Good GuysSelect items marked down

Velocity Bags25% Off Everything.  Use code holidays2014, good through Dec. 1.

Etnies25% off.  Use code etnies2014bf.


Black Friday – 25% off of orders over $50.  Use code 25OFF.  (not sure if black friday code still works).

Cyber Monday – 2 for 1 on all apparel, use code GEAR2FOR1

Planet Shoes50% off these items, ends 11/28Cyber Monday – Extra 30% all markdowns.  25% off select brands, use code HANDPICKED.

6PM: select items marked down PLUS 20% OFF EVERYTHING for Cyber Monday, use code 6PMCMBONUS1201142035  Variety of deals on men’s shoes, ends 12/6.

Amazon: 25% off Shoes & Handbags Enter code HOLIDAY25 at checkout. Cyber Monday Deals Week – 30% off select items. Click here for a list of Vegan Shoes.





Unstitched Utilities Interview

Unstitched Utilities Next Day QT High Black

For the second installment of our Unstitched Utitilities feature, we had the pleasure of talking with co-founder Jack Steinweis for the scoop on how it all began, their use of vegan materials, and plans for thefuture.  We’ve also put together some more photos of their Next Day Hi QT in Black.  Enjoy! [You can find our previous post here]

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Vegan Shoe Policies 2014 by Vegan8


So last time we did a little post on Vegan8‘s spectacular list on shoe companies and their vegan friendly policies, we didn’t have any images to go with it.  So we thought that this sweet tattoo art by Just Vegan was apropos.  Love and kindness towards all living things… those little birds approve.  Just need some footwear to go with this…  Next time!

The main event is below, with quite a long list of labels and their vegan friendly policies.  This list is geared towards runners and those looking for some performance athletic footwear.  Thank you Vegan8, we are very grateful for your efforts :).  Thanks and please leave comments if you notice any errors.

Also, for description of definitions used, please refer to Vegan8’s website here.

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Vegan Shop Up New York City July 2014

I spot some Brave Gentleman, Novacas, and Vegetarian Shoes

Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties we lost the content of our last post.  You know that feeling when you’re working on a paper or something on Word and you forget to hit save, and your computer crashes?  Well, this is maybe not that dramatic but nevertheless it’s one of those ARGH moments.

This is a re-do, it’s not going to have all the stuff that we originally put up, but we’ll try our best.  We went to the July Vegan Shop Up at  Moo Shoes in New York, and it was great.  We met a bunch of cool people, saw some new vegan shoes, and ate a bunch of great food.  Here’s some of what we saw!

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Three Leaves Spring 2014 Lookbook + Etnies Dapper + 30% DISCOUNT CODE!

Three Leaves Look Book Spring 2014 #2

Our friends at Three Leaves have released their Lookbook for Spring 2014, and as usual there are some great finds there.  Check it out, there is an excellent assortment of stylish tees, button downs, shorts, and lightweight jackets.  As always, Three Leaves products are all either fair trade, vegan, environmentally friendly, or all of the above.

In addition to the vegan shoes they already have, Three Leaves recently got in several colorways to the Etnies Dapper, pictured below in black and multicolor.  We here at VK are always fans of skate shoes and Etnies (and Emerica) are at the top of our list.  These Dapper shoes are made in a pretty similar mold to the Vans Authentic with a slim low profile, but we dig the black on black sole, and the cool variegated herringbone pattern that is colorful yet not too flashy.  Plus, the Dapper is part of Etnies’ Buy a Shoe Plant a Tree Program, which is exactly what it sounds like – you buy a shoe, they plant a tree in a part of the world which really needs it.  Win win!

OH and we almost forgot to mention – COUPON CODE ALERT!!! For 30% off of all shoes at Three Leaves, enter the code VEGANKICKS.  I addition to Etnies, Three Leaves is currently carrying Veja, Novacas, and Brave Gentleman.  This coupon will only last until Friday, April 18th so get your kicks now before this huge promotion runs out!

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Asics Onitsuka Tiger Vegan Updated Summer 2013

Hey all, just thought some of you might be wondering which Asics Onitsuka Tiger models might be animal free right now.  Well, I am sorry for the lengthy pause since my last update, I know you all love these.  Well I’ve made contact with Asics and while the list isn’t as extensive as in times past, we have the following styles which are vegan.  Please note that some of these ecommerce sites are listing these as having leather, but pay them no mind – I went back to Asics and they confirmed that these models are indeed vegan.  Also, apologies for the short list.  We are a little disappointed that there are so few options to choose from.  Hopefully they will be expanded in next seasons lineup.

Rio Runner

Asics Rio Runner Grey

Available at Urban Outfitters (in multiple colors)

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New Balance Update

Shop New Balance

As some of you may have noticed, there has been a noticeable absence of New Balance shoes on this site as of late.  I like a lot of what NB has to offer and I’m thinking a lot of you out there feel the same way.  However, I have been consciously avoiding them due  to the fact that they have informed me that despite offering a handful of synthetic leather shoes, they cannot guarantee that their shoes were 100% animal free.

A little while back, I just happened upon a site (which shall remain nameless)selling packaged vegan food who happened to be selling New Balance shoes as well.  As this store appeared legit, I thought maybe that I had it wrong or that New Balance changed it up.  But after contacting NB with this news, my hopes were shot down:

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