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Vegan Athlete: Baseball Gloves by Carpenter Trade

Baseball season is approaching fast, and there is no better time than now for vegan athletes to gear up for the coming season. Don’t want to stick your hand in a leather glove? Don’t worry, Vegan kicks has an option for you: Carpenter Trade, makers of the one and only 100% vegan baseball glove on the market.Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.34.22 AM

Each Carpenter Trade glove is custom-made to fit the specifications of the wearer and the measurements of his (or her) hand. They are lighter and stronger than traditional leather gloves, offering numerous performance advantages to those seeking an edge over the competition. Carpenter Trade gloves are now worn by many minor league players and can be seen in the Baseball Hall of Fame, after becoming the first synthetic glove used in a Major League game.

Scott Carpenter, the man behind the magical microfiber, was kind enough to take time to answer a few of our questions.

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Q & A with Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather


Vegan Kicks recently had the pleasure of chatting with Marion Hanania, creator of vegan shoe brand Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather. If you are not familiar with Good Guys, you should definitely check them out. They offer a wide variety of fashionable shoes for men and women, all vegan and sweatshop free. They are a “PETA Approved Vegan” company and have received multiple awards from PETA for their good work – “Best Mens Shoes” and “Vegan Brand to Keep An Eye On in 2015.”

Without further ado, Marion:

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Interview With Wills Vegan Shoes & All Black Everything

We go a real treat for you today.  A lot of you may already be familiar with Wills Vegan Shoes, and we’ve been big fans since its inception in 2013.  It was just what we were looking for: dope vegan shoes, made fair trade, and offered at a very reasonable price.  We’ve watched excitedly as they grew – it seems like they add new styles on a weekly basis.  We were also lucky enough to get our hands a few pairs, and we were not disappointed.  So we are very excited to share an interview with Will Green, the founder of (the eponymous) Wills Vegan Shoes.  Plus, check out some of our picks, all in black!

Wills Chukka Boot Black
Wills Chukka Boot Black

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Unstitched Utilities Interview

Unstitched Utilities Next Day QT High Black

For the second installment of our Unstitched Utitilities feature, we had the pleasure of talking with co-founder Jack Steinweis for the scoop on how it all began, their use of vegan materials, and plans for thefuture.  We’ve also put together some more photos of their Next Day Hi QT in Black.  Enjoy! [You can find our previous post here]

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Bon Iver x Keep Ramos

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon is probably the least likely person to see on a Grammy advertisement on the side of a bus, but that is a testament to how big this guy has blown up since the band’s last album.  So it’s not really a surprise that he is popping up in unlikely places.  The mixing of musicians, celebrities, and fashion has never been more prevalent than today.  Fortunately for us, this particular collaboration has been more than just for self promotion, as both the band and the shoe company have in common their love of animals – as a portion of the proceeds will go to to benefit the Best Friends Animal Society!

Here, Bon Iver has designed a Ramos shoe in a salmon upper, herringbone heel, and a black fish bone print across the toe.  Right now you can pre-order these at Keep before July 1st for $75, to be shipped in October.

Also, check out this interview with Keep’s Una Kim at Hypebeast.

MacBeth Schubert x Mike Dirnt; Mark O’Connell; Matt Fazzi

Macbeth Schubert Mike Dirnt
Macbeth Schubert Mike Dirnt

I’m too tired to write much of anything tonight.  Apologies.  Fortunately for  my lazy ass, I don’t have to!  Here is my man Chris, who reached out to me to help promote these collabos:

“Each season Macbeth collaborates with different artists for the Studio Project to design shoes that reflect their individual personality and sense of creativity . For Fall 2010, Macbeth teamed up with Mike Dirnt of Green Day. He chose to recreate the popular Schubert hi-top completely out of synthetic materials. He wanted to create something comfortable, yet a stylish black sneaker that he could wear on stage, on the red carpet, or to grab some coffee. This design, like that before it, is 100% vegan and features a custom water-based synthetic adhesive.  The Schubert isn’t, however, just another eco-friendly project: the design offers increased ankle support and a low profile vulcanized outsole with advanced vegan materials for a unique and comfortable sneaker.  Also part of the Studio Project, Taking Back Sunday’s members Matt Fazzi and Mark O’Connell also chose to redesign the Schubert sneaker completely out of vegan materials.

Some of these are available on presale by logging on to maxim and clicking the MacBeth pre-sale under “stuff”.  You can also cop the Mike Dirnt joints and view other pictures of the Studio Project here.

Macbeth Schubert Mark O'Connell
Macbeth Schubert Mark O’Connell
Macbeth Schubert Matt Fazzi

Ruben Studdard on Going Vegan

I had to share this. Ruben Studdard of American Idol fame went vegetarian, then vegan, and ended up losing over 80lbs (with the help of a trainer of course)! He was interviewed by Peta, and here was one of the quotes:

Peta: What are some of your favorite foods?

Ruben: My favorite dish is from PF Chang’s: the Buddha’s Feast. It’s hands-down my favorite dish. And the tofu lettuce wraps. My favorite brand now is Morningstar. Anything Morningstar, I love it—except for the sausage links. The patties ain’t bad though. But yesterday I had the fake buffalo wings. Every week, it gets more surprising, the amount of options you have as a vegetarian, because you never before would have been looking for those different options to satisfy your hunger, so to speak, so it’s really refreshing. Especially with all my travels, it’s really a lot easier than I thought to find healthier options. I still like to make greens and sweet potatoes and potato salad, just things like … you know, ’cause I’m from the South, and you know, my mom kind of taught me how to cook, still … I honestly still crave that meat flavor—so she taught me how to use the veggie bouillon cubes and stuff with my food. McDonald’s has a veggie burger now. It’s not as good as Burger King’s. Burger King’s veggie burger is off the chain.

That last sentence KILLED me.  I never heard anyone say BK’s veggie burger is off the chain, or something equivalent.  Hey, that’s a good thing if people can get vegan food from fast food joints.  I didn’t even know Mickey D’s had a veggie burger.  I might need to try that out!

Click here for the full interview with Peta.  Click here for an interview with Wendy Williams.

Amare Stoudemire Goes Vegan!

Well, for four days anyway, haha.  It’s always exciting news when a pro athlete goes vegan.  It not only promotes a great alternative diet that is healthy, but also defies the stereotype of the “malnourished vegan” by contrasting it with this image of a 6’10” 250 lbs NBA player.  Here’s what the Phoenix Suns star had to say about it –

“With my four days off, I’m really taking time off to purify my body, and get my body in top shape for these last 16-17 games. So right now, I’m on a vegan fast.”

Even though he says it’s just a temporary thing, let’s hope that it works out so well for him he decides to go vegan, or vegetarian, for good!  It seems like famous people all over are going vegan/veg and look and feel great.  See Ruben Studdard and the trainer from the Biggest Loser.

For original post on Stoudemire, see Ecorazzi.

Masta Killa of the Wu-Tang Clan Wants You to go Vegetarian

As someone who grew up in the 90’s listening to hip-hop, I am a huge Wu-Tang Clan fan.  Masta Killa is one of the original members of the Wu.  He doesn’t have a crazy style, and maybe he’s not the most charismatic of the bunch, he always impressed me with his skills.  Now he’s impressive on a whole other level – promoting vegetarianism.  I have seen him promoting stuff for Peta, and I came across this awesome video.  He’s even got his son, Eternal representing!

Masta Killa’s Vegetarian TestimonialFunny blooper videos are here