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Velo City Roll Top Bag Review


A few weeks ago, we had the great fortune of getting hooked up with a sweet Roll Top from our friends at Velo City Bags. This Salt Lake City based brand makes messenger bags, backpacks, and bicycle accessories, and everything is handmade in the US and 100% vegan. We spent some quality time with our Roll Top (small, custom colors) and here’s what we found.


For those who are thinking TL;DR, don’t bother scrolling down. We were very impressed with this bag. It is high quality, practical, and stylish. The materials are built to last, and it has a ton of storage. The design is minimal, but there are a lot of add-ons. One of our favorite features is the vinyl lined main compartment, which makes it waterproof and easy to clean. We also loved how the bag is so customizable, especially the colors. If you want a long lasting bag that holds a lot of stuff, we would definitely recommend. I’ve already replaced my old bag with this one and I don’t think I’ll be needing another for years to come.

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EMERICA The Tempster – Review and Skate Wear Test

This season’s newest vegan/animal-friendly offering from Emerica for spring of 2013 is finally here.

The new shoe is called “The Tempster,” and is designed by legendary vegan skateboarder, Ed Templeton. Ed has always been a driving force in skateboarding – a true individual and artist. He is also the vegan skater’s skater. Never quitting and never selling out his vegan beliefs for a higher-paying/selling leather pro-model shoe. For this alone, we should always support him, his shoes, and Emerica for putting them out. Emerica is in my own personal opinion, the last real core skate shoe brand we have left.

I got to skate these new shoes a few short times on the streets and for a full 3-hour session at the park. Here are my personal thoughts as a long-time skater and vegan shoe wearer. . . .

The Tempster - both colorways, both laces
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