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Saucony Jazz Low Pro


Nice – A  classic running shoe made of hemp canvas!  The toe and the heel caps, as well as the midfoot use a tight weave canvas while the rest just looks like plain ol’ canvas.  Four colors are currently available: brown/tan/green, green/tan, stone grey/navy, or black/stone grey.   For more pictures, check out Sneaker Freaker or Nice Kicks.

A little while ago they were only available online in Germany (wtf?), but now you can order two of the colors on Shoebuy.  Funny though, the black/stone grey one is more expensive than the brown/tan/green one, and the latter is “canvas” while the former is “vegan.”  Weird.  According to other blogs, they are all vegan.

So the release of this shoe begs several questions.  Is this a sign of things to come?  Are we going to see more vegan releases from major brands?  Or is this just a niche market they’re testing?  I don’t see what companies like Saucony have to lose in offering a retro shoe made without animals.  They already have the design, and the materials shouldn’t be more expensive.  Plus, it reaches a new market.  Win-win!

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Ladies can pick up a pair here at Amazon, or at Zappos. Guys can also get some at Zappos.