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Summer in the City 2014



A few weeks ago, we shot some really great photos out by the Bridge.  Finally putting them up!  We were so lucky to get hooked up with amazing clothes from our friends at Three Leaves.  And we’re thrilled to show off all this great stuff.  Unfortunately, I had to model some of the shoes, so you’ll have to subjected to my ashy ankles.

Pictured above are the Veja Mediterranee (Camel White) and Taua (California Blood).  As we wrote in our preview, Veja uses organic cotton canvas, rubber from rubber trees (not synthetic), and fair trade labor.  OF course these are vegan.

For more photos, check out the full blog post at Three Leaves.  For more info on products, click on images.

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Vegan Vans Update July 2014

Vans Authentic Black
Vans Classic Authentic Black

New Vans vegan list!  Well, there’s not a whole lot new here.  It is pretty much the same as the last time we did this, but we thought we would give an update in case anyone was wondering, or for people new to the site.  As in the past, Vans has a decent selection of vegan shoes, but is still entirely arbitrary and confusing.  Why aren’t all the canvas models animal free?

Here’s the List:

Classic Authentic (Canvas Only)
Classic Era (Canvas Only)
Classic Slip-on  (Canvas Only)
Classic Zapato Del Barco (Canvas Only)
Zapato Lo Pro (Canvas Only)
Classic 106 Vulc (Canvas Only)
KVD (Canvas Only)

Custom Slip-on, Era & 106 Vulcanized (the Custom Old Skool is NOT vegan)

Old Skool Vegan (only if it states Vegan)
Sk8-Hi (True White colorway Only)
Rowley 99’s – (Black/Synthetic Only) – Limited Edition

Also, they may have additional styles available that would be Vegan-Friendly.  If you’re interested in a specific style not listed here, feel free to contact them at  They are pretty responsive.

We were also contacted by a third-party telling us that Vans was going to launch a fully dedicated vegan and eco-friendly page on their site.  This was in May.  We still haven’t seen it, but when it does publish, we’ll spread the word.

Another interesting development, and many of you may have seen this already, is the Vans x ASPCA collaboration.  This pack features the Sk8 Hi, Authentic, and Slip on with collage cat and dog prints all over.  While our initial feelings were positive, the more we looked into it the more troubled we were by the whole thing.  First, the Sk8 Hi is most definitely NOT vegan, as it is suede (the Authentic and Slip On in this case are).  That they didn’t think about this shows the cognitive dissonance that inflicts mainstream animal ethics.  We see stuff like this, where people flaunt their obsession and support for certain animals, wear the dead skin of others at the same time, and not see the moral dilemma with that.  Second, there is no evidence that Vans is in any way donating any profits off the sale of the shoe to ASPCA!  What good are you doing, besides spreading “awareness”?  The cynic within us says profits first and last.  While it is all well and good to spread positive messages through commerce, it is another thing to blatantly profit off the imagery of animals without putting any real money behind it.  Just saying.  But hey, it’s cats and dogs on shoes, and people love that shit, including us.

We like Vans, but we also like Keep.  All their shoes are vegan, and they have cats and dog shoes as well.

So without further ado, here are the shoes!

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Three Leaves Spring 2014 Lookbook + Etnies Dapper + 30% DISCOUNT CODE!

Three Leaves Look Book Spring 2014 #2

Our friends at Three Leaves have released their Lookbook for Spring 2014, and as usual there are some great finds there.  Check it out, there is an excellent assortment of stylish tees, button downs, shorts, and lightweight jackets.  As always, Three Leaves products are all either fair trade, vegan, environmentally friendly, or all of the above.

In addition to the vegan shoes they already have, Three Leaves recently got in several colorways to the Etnies Dapper, pictured below in black and multicolor.  We here at VK are always fans of skate shoes and Etnies (and Emerica) are at the top of our list.  These Dapper shoes are made in a pretty similar mold to the Vans Authentic with a slim low profile, but we dig the black on black sole, and the cool variegated herringbone pattern that is colorful yet not too flashy.  Plus, the Dapper is part of Etnies’ Buy a Shoe Plant a Tree Program, which is exactly what it sounds like – you buy a shoe, they plant a tree in a part of the world which really needs it.  Win win!

OH and we almost forgot to mention – COUPON CODE ALERT!!! For 30% off of all shoes at Three Leaves, enter the code VEGANKICKS.  I addition to Etnies, Three Leaves is currently carrying Veja, Novacas, and Brave Gentleman.  This coupon will only last until Friday, April 18th so get your kicks now before this huge promotion runs out!

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