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Holiday Sales

Black on Black
Black on Black

Greetings world!  Here in America, Thanksgiving is over.  Now the holiday shopping season is fully in gear with the beginning of “Black Friday” so the fun starts now am I right?  But for real, while we don’t want to celebrate consumerism, we can’t ignore all the amazing deals out there.  If you need some stuff, now is the time to get it.  See below for a list of sales from our favorite brands and stores.  We will try to keep these updated up until Christmas, but for now enjoy these post Thanksgiving deals!

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Shop Shout: Avesu Vegan Shoes & Sole Runner

Avesu Vegan Shoes Logo

Today we are giving a big shout to our friends from Avesu Vegan Shoes, a Berlin based ethical shoe and accessories shop.  Avesu was founded in 2010 as an online only shop (and like many a successful business, started in someone’s apartment).  Their founders felt the same way we did when we started this blog – that it was really hard finding good vegan shoes.  They decided to launch a business that filled this need and of course, doesn’t profit from any suffering.   Five years later, these guys have three physical stores in Berlin and a revamped, English friendly online shop.

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Shop Shout: Ethical WARES

Today’s article is dedicated to Ethical WARES, a UK shop that’s been serving the vegan community for 21 years!  Throughout, they’ve been spreading a message of compassion and nonviolence through their various animal friendly products.  They also engage in fair trade, locally sourced manufacturers, support the Tibetan freedom movement, and run a socially conscious indie music label.   They even have room to take care of 50 animals in Caegwyn, Wales!

Ethical WARES Union Street Blue
Ethical WARES Union Street Blue

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Company Spotlight – TOMS Shoes


TOMS Shoes is best known for their humanitarian causes and charitable contributions.  Their “One for One” policy provides one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased (by you!).  While I could go on about how incredible a model this is for social entrepreneurship, some might not know they have a whole slew of vegan shoes!  TOMS vegan shoes “contain no animal by-products.”

Pictured above is the, uhhh, there’s not a model name, but it’s called “Caramel/Plaid Patch Woven.”  The toe and heel are corduroy,  with the mid sporting a black and brown patch pattern.  The insole is faux suede, the sole is rubber, and you got some arch and heel support for a little more comfort.  The rest of the guys shoes are pretty much the same, but with some different patterns and materials.

BruceLeeBobWallNow I have to admit that these kicks don’t really appeal to me.  I don’t even know if they can be called kicks.  They’re more like… house slippers – I’m thinking if I get a pair, I’m definitely needing a robe and a pipe to go with them.  Or, are they a cross between ballet flats and kung-fu shoes?  Still, Bruce Lee is badass.  Looking like him isn’t such a bad thing.

It gets even more interesting with the women’s vegan selections.  Check out this crazy Rust Wrap Boot (pictured below) –  It’s straight out of Lord of the Rings!  Where’s  your bow and quiver at?  Now, I think how it works is the calf part of it is elastic, so it’s stretchy and comfy.  It’s actually kinda cool because high boots are so popular with the ladies nowadays, and it’s a little dressier than flats.


Now, at prices that range from $54 for the flat shoe and $98 dollars for the boot, you might be thinking, as I do, that it’s kind of pricey for a canvas slipper type thing.  Let’s be honest TOMS, your kung-fu elf boots aren’t affordable.  But look at it this way.  You’re basically paying for two pairs of shoes – one for you, and one for a kid who can’t even afford them.  Satisfy your thirst for fresh gear while doing some good.  TOMS – finally a company with a serious commitment to making a contribution.