New Vans Chukka Low by In4mation


Hawaiian skate and surf brand In4mation and Vans comes correct with a clean and bold red and demin low version of the Chukka.  I am a huge fan of the Chukka Boot, and I hope they come out with this in that model.  Anyway, this one uses a royal blue canvas for the upper, and features some striking red laces and sole stripe.  It also has a gum sole and houndstooth inner lining!

For more info, check out Nice Kicks.

The shoe drops on Dec. 12 at In4mation retailers for a reasonable $85.   Quantities will be limited so don’t wait!

Also, if you’re interested in some denim slip-ons, check out the Sperry Top-Sider Striper.

NOTE: I am waiting on Vans to confirm that their canvas/denim shoes are in fact vegan.  Please comment or email me if you have any information on this matter.





Hawaiian skate and surf brand In4mation and Vans comes correct with a clean and bold red and demin low version of the Chukka.  I am a huge fan of the Chukka Boot, and I hope they come out with this in that model.  Anyway, this one uses a royal blue canvas for the upper, and features some striking red laces and sole stripe.  It also has a gum sole and houndstooth inner lining!

The shoe drops on Dec. 12 at In4mation retailers for a reasonable $85.   Quantities will be limited so don’t wait!

Also, if you’re interested in some denim slip-ons, check out the Sperry Top-Sider Striper.

NOTE: I am waiting on Vans to confirm that their canvas/denim shoes are in fact vegan.  Please comment or email me if you have any information on this matter.

Sperry Top Sider: Striper Slip-On



Here in New York, the winter has been very mild so far (thanks, Al Gore).  But yesterday brought freezing winds and snow/sleet/precipitation that hurts when it hits your face.   Some of you, luckily, won’t have to deal with that.  You lucky bastards living in warm parts of the country have the option of rocking slip ons during the “dead of winter,” so for those of you looking for some alternative to Vans, I give you the Perry Top Sider Striper – “classic canvas and timeless nautical style that says ‘summer’ all year long.”  HA.  I love that.

Despite its rich and preppy leanings, I really dig this shoe.  I’m not crazy about the plaid, but I’m feeling the denim, which I don’t think I’ve seen before.  Also, the quality seems to be on point.  It even has a specialized vulcanized rubber sole for wet conditions.  Neat.

But of course, the Striper’s are vegan.  The company has a special section for their vegan shoes, and their policy is right out in front: “This collection of vegan shoes by Sperry Top-Sider is made with no animal products and maintain the same standard of quality Sperry Top-Sider is known for.

UPDATE: You can get a pair in various colors at: Amazon or Zappos

Stella McCartney and Morrissey to Design Men’s Vegan Shoe Line


Word dropped today that the crown princess of vegan fashion (McCartney) will team up with longtime in-your-face activist and original emo crooner  (Morrissey)  for a men’s vegan shoe line.  According to McCartney, “we are still in the early stages, but the shoes could be launched next year.”  I hope you like Hush Puppies.

All kidding aside, one of the things I have been working on, personally, and am hoping is reflected in this blog, is being more supportive.  And this is no doubt a commendable effort.  I am a little skeptical of Morrissey, not because he’s not awesome, but simply because I don’t think he’s that popular anymore, and I wonder how much reach he will have.  Then again, I am not privy to fashion, high society, or anything very glamorous for that matter.  So maybe Morrissey is well-to-do in those circles.  Worst case scenario, maybe some of the whitest kids you’ve ever known will buy some of these kicks.

In any case, I echo the Smith’s song – “Meat is Murder!”  Don’t let that ten ton truck crash into you, kids.

All Non-Leather Nike Shoes Vegan? Something to be Thankful For!


Oh Thanksgiving.   The holiday where it is completely acceptable to eat and watch TV constantly without feeling guilty.  Some lazy bastards don’t even bother to shower or change out of their pajamas during this 36 to 72 hour binge/veg-out fest (totally not referring to myself).  You are so good to me, Thanksgiving.  You give me things like good vegan food, family, Jean-Claude Van Damme classics, and videos of Sarah Palin fans.  Okay, these things aren’t traditionally associated with the holiday, but… whateva I do what I want.

Another thing I am thankful for is… Nike?!  I emailed their customer support a little whiles back to inquire about their vegan shoe policy (if there was any).  I was pleasantly surprised by their response –


Dear Nike, Do you sell vegan sneakers? If so, can you tell me what models? If…
Discussion Thread
Response (Aaron)
Hello Henry,

It is great to see that you are taking an interest in our footwear. I understand that you are looking for some non-animal shoes that Nike has to offer. I will take a look and see what I can find for you!

I am sorry, but we do not have a list of our non-animal footwear products. But I can help you in stating that we do not use anything other than leather in our shoes, in regards to animal products. If you want to try and find shoes that do not have full grain leather materials, the best place to start is looking for shoes that feature synthetic leather, mesh, or other non-full grain leather materials.  The Running and Cross Training silos are great places to start, as shoes that are designed to be lightweight will usually not include full grain leather.

I hope this information helps and if you have any other questions, please let me know and I will be happy to help!


The boys in Beaverton done changed the game.  I figured Nike would be the last sneaker company to use non-animal products (By the way I’m not basing that opinion on any real evidence, just on the perception that Nike has partaken in evil deeds  in the past a la employing 8 year old Malaysian kids).  But, if this email is accurate and truthful, animal conscious shoppers everywhere can rejoice.  The choices of Nike vegan shoes are then multitude, given the growing trend towards using high-tech synthetic materials in their newest performance lines.  Though I am still searching for the elusive canvas (or synthetic) Dunk or Blazer, we have the likes of the Free and Trainer Larry Fitzgerald (pictured below).  If these aren’t your bag, I’m sure there are plenty of Nikes out there with synthetic uppers.  I just don’t have the strength to go through all of them.  But if any of you see some more SB’s or retro models, holler at me.  Oh, and New Balance – get your act together!

Nike Braata
Nike Trainer Fitzgerald

Company Spotlight – TOMS Shoes


TOMS Shoes is best known for their humanitarian causes and charitable contributions.  Their “One for One” policy provides one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased (by you!).  While I could go on about how incredible a model this is for social entrepreneurship, some might not know they have a whole slew of vegan shoes!  TOMS vegan shoes “contain no animal by-products.”

Pictured above is the, uhhh, there’s not a model name, but it’s called “Caramel/Plaid Patch Woven.”  The toe and heel are corduroy,  with the mid sporting a black and brown patch pattern.  The insole is faux suede, the sole is rubber, and you got some arch and heel support for a little more comfort.  The rest of the guys shoes are pretty much the same, but with some different patterns and materials.

BruceLeeBobWallNow I have to admit that these kicks don’t really appeal to me.  I don’t even know if they can be called kicks.  They’re more like… house slippers – I’m thinking if I get a pair, I’m definitely needing a robe and a pipe to go with them.  Or, are they a cross between ballet flats and kung-fu shoes?  Still, Bruce Lee is badass.  Looking like him isn’t such a bad thing.

It gets even more interesting with the women’s vegan selections.  Check out this crazy Rust Wrap Boot (pictured below) –  It’s straight out of Lord of the Rings!  Where’s  your bow and quiver at?  Now, I think how it works is the calf part of it is elastic, so it’s stretchy and comfy.  It’s actually kinda cool because high boots are so popular with the ladies nowadays, and it’s a little dressier than flats.


Now, at prices that range from $54 for the flat shoe and $98 dollars for the boot, you might be thinking, as I do, that it’s kind of pricey for a canvas slipper type thing.  Let’s be honest TOMS, your kung-fu elf boots aren’t affordable.  But look at it this way.  You’re basically paying for two pairs of shoes – one for you, and one for a kid who can’t even afford them.  Satisfy your thirst for fresh gear while doing some good.  TOMS – finally a company with a serious commitment to making a contribution.

New Balance – Not Vegan?

New Balance Logo 2008

I think it is really important for clothing companies to disclose certain types of information about their products; really basic stuff they should know about their suppliers and manufacturers, such as whether they use child labor or what types of materials they’re .  Although I can understand why some companies would not WANT to disclose potentially incriminating information, there is no excuse for being uninformed about a simple question – do your shoes have animal products in them?

I got a surprising answer when I asked New Balance whether their shoes were vegan.  Some of them are constructed with a synthetic upper, so I just emailed them to ask whether there were other animals being used, in the glue perhaps.  Below is the email exchange:

Customer (Henry *******)
Dear New Balance,

I want to learn more about your vegan shoes. I saw that you make a lot of shoes with synthetic uppers but you don’t know what kind of glue is being used so you don’t know for sure if it’s completely vegan or not.

Is there any way of determining which factories use non-animal glues? Maybe you can track the ones coming out of those as being vegan. This is important to people like me, and knowing which products are animal friendly will factor into which shoes to buy. Please let me know if there is any more you can tell me.

Thanks so much!

Discussion Thread
Response (Consumer Response Team)
Dear Henry,

Thank you for contacting New Balance Consumer Support!

Unfortunately we are not capable of determining which factories use non-animal glues. While most of them probably don’t use them we cannot be 100 percent sure and we would not want to provide our customers with any misleading information. We truly apologize for not being able to provide you with this information.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns by email or phone at 800-622-1218.



New Balance Consumer Response Team

Not capable of determining which factories use non animal glue?  Not 100%?  I appreciate the honesty, and not wanting to mislead, but this is SUCH A COP OUT.  Don’t factories have quality control?  Doesn’t HQ work closely with the suppliers and manufacturers?  It seems disingenuous that they do not know exactly what goes into their shoes.  I would not expect this kind of ignorance from a international shoe company that sponsors world class athletes.  Very disappointing.

If you want to read there answer to this question on the New Balance website, click here.

The “Collaboration” – Ed Templeton x No Age x Emerica

Emerica No Age Collaboration



Fellow vegans Ed Templeton and experimental rock band No Age have er, collaborated to design this sweet skate shoe the Collaboration, which dropped in October.   This hi-top is a subtle grey, with the band tag on the tongue, inner lining, and outsole sporting some green, yellow, and red highlights.  Of course, it wouldn’t be on this blog if it weren’t made out of all synthetic (plu organic)  materials!

I know that Ed Templeton has been a longtime outspoken vegan, and probably has had multiple signature models that were vegan.  But an indie band coming out with a shoe?  The only musicians I know in the sneaker game have been the likes of 50 Cent and G-Unit (and various other entrepreneurial rappers).  Is this a good thing?  Absolutely.  Any time a non-leather shoe drops is definitely a great thing for those of us looking for compassionate alternatives.

Also, check out the Laced (pictured below), which is another vegan low top (which looks just like the Vans Old Skool) but rocks a crazy green spray painted outsole design, and a paint splattered sole.  Not really my bag, but that’s just me.  Check it…


Both sneakers are available at Millenium Shoes.

For more pictures of both, check out Sneakerfiles.

For more info about No Age’s veganism, check out this article.

Natalie Portman’s Vegan Shoe Line No More :(


Originally I was going to write this post to support Natalie Portman’s vegan shoe line, which dropped sometime in January 2008.  When I looked into where they were being sold, I found out that the only store that had the ins – Te Casan (in New York) – closed up shop later that year.  Bummer.  (UPDATE: a few of her shoes – on clearance ! – can still be found here.  My Bad!).  No news about a new line or any future plan of action.

Here is what Natalie had to say about her shoes: “It is a decision I made because of my love for animals, but it is also much better for the environment. It is very difficult to find non-leather shoes that are beautiful and comfortable. The Te Casan design team helped me sketch my ideas, from which I chose materials and colors. I love them all!”

Also, all of the proceeds (were there any?) were donated to the Nature Conservancy, a non-profit that works to protect ecologically sensitive bodies of land and water.  It’s really a shame the store shut down so soon after the launch.

For pictures of some of the shoes, check out Inhabitat.

Despite the fact that I am a guy, and know nothing about fashion or couture or whatever, I am really happy that high profile people like Natalie Portman are taking their compassion for animals and making things happen.  I have heard that others like Stella McCartney have designed cruelty free shoes as well.  Even though some of us can’t afford it, you have to admit that sometimes it takes trendsetters to turn heads in the fashion world, and this buzz can generate awareness and influence buying habits of the general public.

This post is also very relevant because recently Natalie Portman turned vegan!  I would highly recommend everyone read her essay in the Huffington Post about how Jonathan Safran Foer’s new book, Eating Animals, helped her move from vegetarian to vegan activist.   You go girl.

Saucony Jazz Low Pro


Nice – A  classic running shoe made of hemp canvas!  The toe and the heel caps, as well as the midfoot use a tight weave canvas while the rest just looks like plain ol’ canvas.  Four colors are currently available: brown/tan/green, green/tan, stone grey/navy, or black/stone grey.   For more pictures, check out Sneaker Freaker or Nice Kicks.

A little while ago they were only available online in Germany (wtf?), but now you can order two of the colors on Shoebuy.  Funny though, the black/stone grey one is more expensive than the brown/tan/green one, and the latter is “canvas” while the former is “vegan.”  Weird.  According to other blogs, they are all vegan.

So the release of this shoe begs several questions.  Is this a sign of things to come?  Are we going to see more vegan releases from major brands?  Or is this just a niche market they’re testing?  I don’t see what companies like Saucony have to lose in offering a retro shoe made without animals.  They already have the design, and the materials shouldn’t be more expensive.  Plus, it reaches a new market.  Win-win!

Thanks for reading!  Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions!


Ladies can pick up a pair here at Amazon, or at Zappos. Guys can also get some at Zappos.

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