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Summer in the City 2014



A few weeks ago, we shot some really great photos out by the Bridge.  Finally putting them up!  We were so lucky to get hooked up with amazing clothes from our friends at Three Leaves.  And we’re thrilled to show off all this great stuff.  Unfortunately, I had to model some of the shoes, so you’ll have to subjected to my ashy ankles.

Pictured above are the Veja Mediterranee (Camel White) and Taua (California Blood).  As we wrote in our preview, Veja uses organic cotton canvas, rubber from rubber trees (not synthetic), and fair trade labor.  OF course these are vegan.

For more photos, check out the full blog post at Three Leaves.  For more info on products, click on images.

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Three Leaves Spring/Summer ’13

Three Leaves Lookbook 1

Big shout to our friends at Three Leaves and props for putting together such an awesome collection for this spring and summer 2013.  I’m baffled by how long it took for us to find such a place.  While there are some options out there of ethical clothing for guys, we are usually limited to an organic cotton tee or jeans here and there (I’m sensing that it’s a different landscape in Europe, which is ahead of us).  Fortunately, that is changing, and our options are growing.  Take for instance what we have here, gear we would describe it as sophisticated casual: well fitted dark wash jeans, smart button downs, simple but well thought out tees and caps.  The best part, everything is either 1) environmentally friendly, 2) fair trade, or 3) vegan.  Sometimes all three.  And it’s saying something that there are even enough small brands out there that can make this possible.  Of course, fair trade/organic comes at a cost.  Even though the price tags on some of these items can be hefty, don’t forget you are buying the best sustainable materials and fair pay for workers.  Plus you are supporting some amazing businesses, who we here at VK would love to see succeed and make mainstream this ethical fashion movement.

Peep the Look Book here.  See Below for some of our favorites of the season.

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