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Winter Boots 2016

Native Jimmy Winter Grey (unisex)
Native Jimmy Winter Grey (unisex)

Well, winter is here, isn’t it?  The timing of this post is not coincidental.  SNOWZILLAGEDDON has blanketed much of the east coast with a huge amount of snow and it’s a major wake up call to a lot of us, who are now looking out our windows and seeing a nice thick white carpet covering everything.  Now comes the fun part – shoveling our driveways, digging out our cars, or trudging through the grey mush that will fill our streets for the next week.  We all need to be prepared, and fear not, readers – vegan winter boot options are plentiful.   See below for a few tasty selections sure to keep your feet warm and dry.

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Winter Boot Roundup 2014 Part 1

Winter is here, so best make sure you’re ready for the elements.  We have put forth a variety of vegan boots here, from the functional to not so functional, warm and insulated to thin uppers.  Some are just on here because well it’s an excuse to buy a pair of boots.  But we found so many on our first sweep that we have to break it up into two articles.  This is a good thing, there’s more out there than ever before for the animal friendly shopper.  We hope that there’s something here for everyone.  Happy viewing and stay tuned next week for Part 2!


Native Fitzsimmons Jiffy Black Pumpkin Orange

Native Fitzsimmons

Native Jimmy Regatta Blue Rocky Brown

Native Jimmy

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Winter Boot Roundup

Bogs Ultra Mid 2
Bogs Ultra Mid 2

This is so late in coming, but unfortunately it is far too often the case that we feature styles halfway or mostly through the appropriate season.  We weren’t even going to do this, but in New York (and the Midwest, South, Atlantic, and Northeast) we were just slammed with a brutal arctic chill and the first real snowstorm of winter.  Nothing like that 1-2 to knock you on your ass and think about the appropriate gear.

Today we’re featuring four of our favorite vegan winter boots.  We think that there is a decent amount of variety in this section to satisfy different tastes and needs.  At the most practical end is the Bogs Classic Ultra Mid 2, which will be able to handle more extreme weather conditions.  It’s waterproof, insulated, and comfortable.  I especially like the top handles and stretch bootie for easy access.  Similarly, the Kamik Hunter is a calf high waterproof rubber boot with an insulated liner.  A neat feature is the adjustable nylon collar at the top.

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Bogs Boots

Bogs Classic Ultra Mid 2

Bogs – Classic Ultra Mid 2 (Black)
(also available in Classic Ultra High available at Zappos

Today’s vegan boots will not win any awards for style.  I can picture some of you are either shaking your heads or making a sour face right now.  Stooop.  If you’ve been here before, you know how we do.  We put out the good and sometimes the ugly (never bad).  Vegan shoes come in all shapes and forms, and we have to embrace the diversity!  How slick do you need a black rubber boot to be anyway?  When you are trudging through the snow, or you work outdoors in winter weather, how much of this does it all matter?    If you really want to go for style over substance, I would check this list out.

I was downright psyched when I started reading about the feature rich Bogs Classic Ultra Mid 2 (for men).  It’s waterproof, with a 4 way booty construction with a natural rubber overlay.  It’s warm because it’s got 7 mm of neotech fiber.  And it’s comfy because it has a European last – narrower in the heel, wider in the toe.  Sure beats a plain old rubber rain boot like this one.

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