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Palladium Canvas (Fall 2011)

Here in the tri-state area, the weather has abruptly gone cold, signaling the end of summer 🙁  With that I have cold weather clothes on the brain.  Here are some dope new (colors) Palladium boots in canvas.  These rugged, vintage looking boots are constructed of a one-piece rubber outsole and stonewashed canvas upper.

The Baggy is the high boot with the fold down collar.  Available in black and mustard.

The Pampa Hi is largely similar, sans the fold down tongue and collar.  Available in grey and khaki.

Get these at Premier.

Dr. Martens – 8 Eye Boot, 3 Eye Gibson Shoe

The wait for some of you is finally over.  Doc Martens wised up and now sell vegan models of the popular 1460 8-Eye boot, and the 3-Eye Gibson shoe.   The shoes are made of “Felix Rub Off” material, which I guess is their proprietary fake leather.  Judging from the pictures they did it right, since they look high quality and emulate the finish of the regular Doc Martens.   I won’t get all sentimental about the brand, but suffice it to say that it brings back the 90’s and the grunge era.  I am too young to remember when they were big in the 80’s punk scene.

Speaking of Punk, you can get either of these shoes at Punk.com.  It’s a great site, I never even heard of it before, but they have a great selection of vegan shoes.

8 Eye Boot in black, 3 Eye Gibson Shoe in cherry or black.

1460 Vegan 8-Eye Boot
, and 1461 Vegan 3-Eye Gibson also available at Zappos!

Novacas x Brave Gentleman


This is probably old news for a lot of you, but I couldn’t let this one go by.  It looks like Joshua Katcher of The Discerning Brute is starting his own online shop called Brave Gentleman.  It is a high-fashion site, selling everything from clothes to accessories to beauty products.  All products are certified by Mr. Katcher to be cruelty-free, and sustainably produced in fair labor conditions.

Of course, there are shoes!  Novacas is the manufacturer of this first collaboration, featuring “thicker, tougher, and eco-superior faux-leather and faux-suede, made fairly in Portugal, and cruelty-free – this capsule collection is tailored, cool, and inspired by workers, masterminds, and defenders.”

Say what you will about the styles,  but you have to give credit where it’s due.  These shoes look like they are super high quality, and obviously a lot of thought has been put in to designing them.  The price is a little steep – $230 to $300, but if you pre-order online before June 30, you can save $20.  Also available is an Olsen Haus oxford shoe called Time Traveler.

Check it out the shoes  at Brave Gentleman!

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Good Guys Shoes & Co. Preview

Hey everyone, some of you may have already seen these on Discerning Brute or Facebookworld already, but I had to write something about them.  Good Guys, a Paris-based vegan shoe company recently released some photos of their upcoming Fall 2011 line.  It looks like the line will include some dope looking oxfords and desert boots for men, and boots for women.  It also appears they have gone the synthetic suede route rather than smooth leather, for a more rugged and casual look.

Here’s what I could glean from their FB page:

– not available until “after July.”

– hopefully, they will be available in the US

– prices will be around “149” the currency was not specified but I’m assuming it’s the dollar.

See below for a gallery of pics I jacked from their page…

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Native Shoes Fitzsimmons

Like many people, I am revolted by Crocs.  I don’t need to get into that here.  If you have to ask why, you’re in trouble.  But… I must say, I have worn them against my will, and they are mighty comfy.  I’ve made recent note of the proliferation of synthetic materials in the vegan shoe universe.  Some companies try to replicate animal materials such as suede and nubuck leather.  Others are more forthcoming about it, and this isn’t really anything new.  Sneaker manufacturers have poured millions into designing new and fancy synthetics.

Native Shoes is a company that’s taking many of the design and manufacturing cues from Crocs and turning it into something much much better.  Founded by Damian van zyll de Jong, this company takes EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and injects it into mold, making a shoe from a one piece unit.  The result is a light, soft, and durable shoe, some you can slip on… like, ahem, nevermind.

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Shudy Boot

I don’t know about you, but when I think about work boots, I think Timbs, as in Timberlands.  Their tan leather boot has been iconic and the style has endured.  A lot of brands have aped this look, and now we have our own.  Shudy makes one style of boot only (just called the “Boot“) out of injected plastic.  You can expect some quality though, since these are made in Italy.  And now’s the perfect time.  Here in the northeast, as many places around the country, the weather’s changing, and pretty soon there will be snow and slush everywhere.  Or maybe you actually work in construction!  Breathability might be an issue with these, but who cares when it’s freezing out? Also, it’s available in 12 different colors, something for everyone!

Available at a store near you?  Check the Shudy site to find out.

Source: Discerning Brute

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Bourgeois Boheme Janus

It seemed like people were feeling the Desert Boot by Vegetarian Shoes.  I know that I tend to repeat a lot of the same looking kicks, so I’m taking note when people respond.  Anyway, I hope I’m not being redundant, but here we have some desert boots by Bourgeois Boheme, perfect for the winter.  The Janus is something a little different.  For one, it’s not fake suede, but fake nubuck.  So it should be a little smoother and less grainy to the touch.  Also, it’s a sleeker shape, a narrower toe.

Source: Discerning Brute

Available at: Bourgeois Boheme in brown or black for $103.

Desert Boot, Vegetarian Shoes

Time for something classic?

If you need something else for the fall instead of sneakers, I think these desert boots from Vegetarian Shoes will do the trick.

Comes in three colors, all made out of vegetan fake suede, similar to real suede. A material that is soft, breathable and as with regular suede you should use some waterproofing spray for protection. They hold up well and the construction feels solid. I can actually vouch for these myself as I recently bought a pair of the dark brown.

For those of you on the other side of the pond, you can order these at Moo Shoes.

* Edit, photo update. My own pair.

Palladium Baggy (black canvas)

Ah, finally something a little different from all the low tops up and Vans; perfect for the upcoming winter.  Here we have the Baggy in black canvas made by Palladium, which was originally a tire manufacturer for airplanes.  Now their advanced expertise in the field of aeronautics has been translated to, er, footwear.  But there is a lot to like about this boot.  The rubber sole looks tough, and canvas looks like it’s made to last.  Plus, it’s sleek, a lot like the military style black leather boots you see every now and then.  Now there’s something for us!  And unlike the leather kind, you can keep ’em up or roll them down.  Finally, they’re reasonably priced at $70.

Available at Wish.

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Cinderella was a Vegan

Vegan Kicks is excited to have a guest blogger!  Mitsu is one of the creators of To Happy Vegans, a website/blog based in the UK about all things vegan.  One of my favorite sites around, please give them a visit when you can.  Until then, enjoy this guest post!

Thankfully away from the land of charming princes and fairy godmothers a real life vegan like myself doesn’t have to go to such great lengths as a pair of glass slippers for a vegan shoes.

Glass slippers 2
Dartington Crystal glass slippers. © Glamhag

I can still however feel like the belle of the ball when I finally get to wear these babies out. A very generous Christmas present last year from my lovely friends, I was very excited to see the blue box beneath the wrapping paper.

As with all Melissa shoes they are completely vegan, 100% recycable and smell like bubblegum. These particular shoes (Lady Dragon IIs) are a special collaboration between Vivienne Westwood and the Brazillian shoe brand. Past season designs from the collection have been seen on the feet of Katy Perry and Katie Holmes (hmm perhaps I should change my name to Kate?!). Yes people, vegan shoes can be fashionable and they don’t have to be made out of leather.

Prefer something a little more pratical? I have been waiting a good two years for a decent Ugg alternative to appear on the vegan shoe market and 2010 was the year my prayers were answered.

I have had non sheep skin Ugg style boots before, invariably they are always cheap in comparison to the real thing and only last me mere months. A combination of the flimsy soles and the amount of walking I do are no doubt to blame.

The soles on my new Snug boots from Vegetarian Shoes however are thick and sturdy. Although the lining is not as padded as regular Uggs/Ugg alternatives they still keep my feet nice and toasty. I have even been out in the rain in them and not a soggy sock in sight (it is recommended they be proofed for extra protection). They are made from a fake suede, Vegetarian Shoes also make shoes from a faux leather which is meant to stretch and breath just like the real stuff.

The amount and accessability of vegan products is growing all the time and with brands like Melissa I love the fact they appeal to people who might not even realise that they are making a better, more conscientious choice.

The final shoes on my wanted list are a pair of completely vegan running shoes. The closest I have come so far are New Balances’ 1063.

Whilst the shoes themselves are made from completely synthetic materials, they use whatever glue is available at the time so cannot guarantee any given pair will be completely animal free (I like to think I managed to get a pair with the ‘good’ glue). But, I know all I have to do is be patient and something will come along eventually. 🙂

For more animal friendly shoes alternatives check out the shoe section on the To Happy Vegans website. Happy shoe shopping!

Mitsu (one of two happy vegans) x