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Charlie Butler


Hey everyone, today we are excited to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for Charlie Butler, an Australian (re-brand) that makes cruelty-free, hand made, comfortable work shoes.

Charlie Butler is trying to solve a problem that bothers people all over the world – where can I get shoes I can wear to work that are look good in the office and don’t kill your feet?  This question is especially pressing nowadays, when there is such a thin line between what is professional and casual.  There are different ways you can approach this, such as making a sneaker like the Wills Sneaker Boot.   Or you can go with more of a boot look such as Charlie Butler.  While the uppers look and feel like your traditional wingtip or oxford, the shape and sole of it distinctly feel crafted like an actual work boot.  The roomy, boxy toe and the sole is thick rubber with large grooves.  Comfortable and long lasting, but not exactly the low profile that is customary with dress shoes.

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