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Converse Star Player X Lite Ox

Sorry if I’m being redundant on these Converse Star Players, but hey, I like them and let’s face it we’re going to be treading over the same ground due to the nature of this blog.  Anyway, I saw these Star Player X Lite Ox over at Premier and had to give it a shout.  These pop significantly more than the waxed canvas pair.  It’s subtle, but noticeable.  In case you were wondering, the chevron logo is painted on, not stitched on leather.  UPDATE also it’s not canvas as it might appear, it is synthetic microsuede.

Going for $65 over at Premier.

CONS Star Player Mid Navy Canvas

I’m aware of my shoe biases.  I try to keep things relatively diverse on this site, sometimes venturing out of my comfort zone.  Other times I just like to blog about what I like.  I’m in one of those phases.  Last post I did the Nike Toki ND, which made me very happy.  Now I’m doing another that looks a lot like it.  But this CONS Star Player Mid in navy canvas is part of Converse’s skateboard lineup.  That means you get the breezy, classic styling, but with more durability and comfort.  I love Chucks but they wear out way too fast.  Plus, with all the imitators at half the price, you’re paying for what exactly?  Doesn’t make sense to me.  This one, you get more bang for the buck in terms of functionality.  I only wished they made this in different colors, since rocking dark jeans with navy shoes looks wack.

Available at Bows and Arrows.

Converse (RED) x Damien Hirst Chuck Taylor

Classic kick?  Check.  Sexy British artist?  Check.  Good cause?  Check.  This Chuck Taylor is so many good things all rolled up in sneaker form.  This shoe pattern is designed by Damien Hirst, with a red back and butterfly print inspired by his “All you need is Love” painting.  December 5 1 was also World AIDS Day, when this shoe dropped.   When you buy a pair, you are supporting the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.  Chuuuuurch.

Available at CNCPTS and the Converse store in SoHo, NYC.

Converse Star Player

Hey everyone!  Sorry I haven’t updated this joint in a minute, but I was actually down in D.C. to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity.  I can’t say that we actually participated.   It was more like we showed up really late, couldn’t see or hear anything, and promptly left.  But still, I’d like to think we represented just by being there, or something.

But onto the shoes!  I am so happy that Converse has a skate line.  There was a very real possibility of a long list of Chuck Taylors in different colors all up and down this site.  That would have admittedly been terrible.  But thankfully, we have the CTS and the Star Player (ok, the CTS looks exactly like a Chuck Taylor, whatever).  Well, at least the Star Player is offered in black waxed canvas.  Of course, all Converse come with the big asterisk – not guaranteed vegan.  Just need to mention it.

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Converse Jack Purcell “Johnny” Collection

This Converse Jack Purcell “Johnny” Collection adds a few twists and patterns to the classic(s).  The traditional toe remains, but the sole is re-shaped, and an extra lateral piece of canvas runs up and down the side.  This collection is available in a hi and lo-top; the hi is available in beige, and the lo is available in beige and brown.  They are still all canvas.  You can get these now for $85 and $80 at Converse.  Yup!  Click for more pics.

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Converse Doctor Seuss Collection

This new pack from Converse features the artwork and some rhymes of the late famous Dr. Seuss.  At first I was a little skeptical, but with the bold colors and cool patterns, I can’t hate on em.  These are pretty sweet.  Plus, Dr. Suess is the man.  I especially like the oversize “Thing” logo where the Chuck Taylor Star usually is.  And don’t worry, there is one with the Cat in the Hat featured prominently.  Kid sizes are available, but nostalgic adults don’t despair – there are sizes for you too!

Avail at Converse.  Source: Nice Kicks.

Converse x X-Large/X-Girl Jack Purcell

The Converse Jack Purcell has been on my “next purchase” list for a really long time (I’m currently trying to outwear all my sneaks, some of them can take a beating).  But if I can get my hand on these, I’ll definitely cop a pair.  The JP has the laid back sensibilities of the Chuck Taylor, but is slightly more sophisticated.  I’d feel comfortable pairing these with slacks or jeans, going out for errands or night out.  This collabo with X-Large and its sister company X-Girl, adds some color.  I like the contrasting laces a lot, and I don’t understand why one of the pics has white laces.  Maybe they come with the extra white ones as an option?  Anyway, these will be available in Japan on July 24th, and hopefully stateside soon!

Source: Sneaker Freaker

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