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Your Vegan Kicks (Part 1)

Hey everyone, last week I posted a picture of my “vegan” Converse Chuck Taylors and I asked some of you to send me some pics of yours.  Well, a few of you kindly obliged, and here they are!

Here is Jasper, rocking some Converse Chuck Taylor in black navy.  Notice how much more stylish they are than mine due to the awesome yet almost incomprehensible lacing pattern he has devised.  Kudos!  Also, check out his excellent blog and you’ll see some amazing artwork and beautiful photographs (I love these kittens!).

This is my man Petrus, lounging in central Stockholm (that is in Sweden for all you uncouth Americans), sporting the Habitat Ibex.  Just one word – lovely.  This is where you live???  I heard it’s cold there but damn, spring and summer must be gorgeous.


My Vegan* Kick(s) – Converse Chuck Taylor

Just wanted to share with you guys something a little more personal.  I mean, it’s only fitting that a vegan/vegetarian shoe blogger would reveal what is in his own stash sooner or later right?  So here’s one of my all time faves: the Converse Chuck Taylor low top in cream (picture me rollin’, uh, in my backyard). Yeah, it’s obvious.  But they never go out of style.  I got hooked on these circa 2004, in my post-Dunk era.  Cream was and is my favorite color, and I always thought the white would get dirty too easy.  I also rocked a bright red pair that I had to abandon a little while ago.  Despite the Wizard of Oz jokes that came my way, I always got a lot of compliments, and they stood out.  But yeah, these pair are so classic.  Look how dirty they are.  It’s like the more beat down and worn out they get, the sweeter they become.  I wish I could post a link to some right now, but I couldn’t find any!

ALSO, I would like to take this opportunity to ask you guys to send me pics of YOUR VEGAN KICKS.  Yes, I know some of you would like to share, and it’d be great to see what you guys are sporting these days.  Please email them to me, or share on Facebook, or Twitpic or whatever.  Holler at your boy!

*I know Converse are not vegan.  I actually bought these before I found that out, but I admit that I still wear them and still like them.  But I probably won’t buy a pair of Converse again until I know that they make 100% animal free shoes.  In the meantime, there are plenty of fresh kicks to go to, more than I’ll ever need, right on this blog.

Converse Jack Purcell Ox

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I was on a little vacay in Montreal.  If you want to go to a laid back city, check it out.  Good food, nice people, and right now the weather is nice.  Anyway, onto the shoes. I picked The Jack Purcell Ox because it’s just so classic, but it’s often overlooked by the Converse crowd.  It offers the classic Chuck Taylor look but with some distinct details, such as the “smiley face” on the rubber toecap.  Also, I featured some different colors outside of the classic black/white/blue… here are some summery shades in canvas with cotton liner, in a bunch of colors, like tan, green, navy, and green.  Click for more pics.

Keep in mind of course Converse does not guarantee these shoes are vegan.  They do not monitor the types of glues they use, so it’s possible that some of these may contain animal products.

These are all available at Zappos

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Commes Des Garcon Play X Converse Chuck Taylor

Commes Des Garcon Play label has received a lot of attention thanks to rappers/fashionistas such as Kanyeezy West.  Their heart logo can be seen on cardigans and shirts, but now it’s available on the classic Chuck Taylor thanks to this collaboration.   These all canvas Chucks come in an off white and black colorway in hi-top and lo-top, with the cute lil heart “bugged eyes” by artist Filip Pagowski printed on the outside.  Also features a vulcanized white sole, and contrasting heel stripe.  More photos after the jump!

Available at Wish (if they haven’t sold out).

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Converse CTS Thrasher Ox Ethan Fowler

Thank you Premier for showing me this canvas model of the Converse CTS low (Ox Thrasher Fowler)We’re not sure this is 100% vegan, because I couldn’t get pictures of the back, and Converse has no guarantees.  That being said, most converse canvas models don’t have any leather on the upper, and I guess it’s up to you to decide on the glue aspect.  Anyway, I’m glad we are able to post something by Converse skate, seeing as a lot of their new models seem to be leather or suede.  Anyway, this CTS looks like your average Chuck, but as a skate shoe, has a little more padding inside.  The Fowler (after Ethan Fowler) also has some distinguishing characteristics, such as brown gum sole and red and white laces at the bottom (never seen that before).  This is nice after the Converse Thrasher “Prevent This Tragedy” shoe sold out so quickly.

Available at Premier.

Undefeated X Converse Poorman Weapon

These aren’t new, and they aren’t readily available.  But when I got a glimpse of these I had to do something!  Here LA sneaker shop Undefeated collaborated with Converse to come out with this ultra-clean (and non-leather) high Poorman Weapon with an upper made of a nylon inspired by military bomber jackets.  Also has little features like a detachable velcro undefeated logo.  Nice!!!  They were available in navy, black, and olive, but I’m pretty sure you can only get these on ebay now, for a not-so-nice price of about $250!

Converse First String Chuck Taylor Specialty Ox

Sup Yall.  So first, sorry I haven’t posted in a while, been busy.  Second, a disclaimer – this post is on a pair of shoes which are vegetarian, not vegan.  While I’ve heard from vegans that Converse are, I was notified from the company itself that they do not guarantee animal free shoes.  But, I have decided to post these, and other shoes, which are “vegetarian.”  Ugh I hate using that word but I guess it is accurate.  I know this is site is called vegan kicks, but hey, there just aren’t enough vegan shoes (I like) out there.

So here we have the Converse First String Specialty Ox in low.  You can get it in light blue or grey.  These aren’t your average Chucks though.  These have a thicker midsole with additional rubber around, a comfort system inner, and a chambray upper.  A vintage rubber license plate appears on the heel of the midsole.

Available at Darkside Initiative.

See original post at Nicekicks.

Cons x Thrasher [Prevent This Tragedy] Sold Out – Not Vegan?


Damn. This is like a double kick in the nuts.  This is the first Converse Skateboarding collaboration with skate mag Thrasher, which celebrates the release of a new video “Prevent This Tragedy.”  The pack includes the CTS (low) in canvas, with black/black/gum, or black/white/royal blue.  The CTS mid is the real star here, with hemp upper, and black/white/green, with “Prevent This Tragedy” looking like it was scrawled on the side by a sharpie on the outsole.  Nice!

But it was too good to be true.  Apparently they are already sold out, with no word on future releases.  I didn’t even know that Converse was big on skate shoes, but if they keep putting stuff out like the CTS mid, there is a lot to look forward too.  I’m not too crazy about the CTS low, to me it just looks like a beefed up chuck Taylor.  The brown gum sole is pretty sweet though.

I hate to rain on the parade, and this really is the most important part of this post.  As part of my “research,” I emailed Converse to ask them what the deal was on their vegan shoe policy.  Based on information from a committed vegan friend, I assumed that the Chuck Taylors were all vegan, and all their canvas kicks as well. But NOoooOOoo:


Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we do not have any products that are certain to be Vegan-friendly. While the majority of our materials are animal-by-product free, the glue in our products can sometimes contain some animal by-products. So, it is not possible for us to advertise our products as being truly Vegan.

We apologize if this prevents you from being able to wear our product. We certainly hope it does not because there is nothing in the world like a pair of Converse shoes!

Thank you for shopping with us and we do hope that you find something that you like and can enjoy!

Happy Holidays,

Customer Service

*Sigh.*  Come on!  This Thrasher shoe is made out of HEMP.  There has to be something else going on here.  I’m going to follow up with them on this one because hemp isn’t a typical material to use in a skate shoe.  If you’re still interested, check out the official site.  They also have some trucker hats and tees.