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Winter Boot Roundup 2014 Part 1

Winter is here, so best make sure you’re ready for the elements.  We have put forth a variety of vegan boots here, from the functional to not so functional, warm and insulated to thin uppers.  Some are just on here because well it’s an excuse to buy a pair of boots.  But we found so many on our first sweep that we have to break it up into two articles.  This is a good thing, there’s more out there than ever before for the animal friendly shopper.  We hope that there’s something here for everyone.  Happy viewing and stay tuned next week for Part 2!


Native Fitzsimmons Jiffy Black Pumpkin Orange

Native Fitzsimmons

Native Jimmy Regatta Blue Rocky Brown

Native Jimmy

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Dr. Martens Alfie Boot

Doc Martens Alfie Black

We here at VK know that summer is in full swing (almost) and most of you who are experiencing some nice, warm weather want to kick off your socks and wear nothing but boat shoes and flip flops for the next three months.  Boots are probably the last thing on your wish list.  But we couldn’t resist when we saw the Dr. Martens Alfie Boot.  We’ve already featured the classic 8 Eye Boot and 3 Eye Gibson.  And we like what they’ve done with the Alfie Boot because it’s sleeker and more toned down, but it’s still unmistakeably Doc Martens.  Also, nice touch pairing the black canvas with gum sole.  Grab these now, to hell with conventional summer style!

Available in black and red at Zappos, and grey at Urban Outfitters.

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Mo’ Boots

Happy New Year!  First, just wanted to say thank you to all you guys.  Thanks for reading, commenting, emailing me, and being part of this site.  I hope that we can continue to bring some good solid recommendations and keep carrying the vegan shoe flag, whatever that is.  All in all, 2012 was a great year for us – we had our first giveaway, and more readers than ever.  Let’s keep it jumping in the year twenty thirteen!

To kick off the new year, we present – more boots.  Now, I will admit that my previous two posts on boots may not have featured the most stylish boots out there right now.  But we have a diverse audience, so we’re looking out for everyone out there, even you “hippies” out there.  We know you’re out there, and we stand with you.

But today we’re going to push some more “fashionable” boots out there for those who wear them not necessarily for the weather.  Girls got their boots in a zillion different iterations, so why can’t we guys have some fun with this as well?  Here are a few of my choice picks for those of you who still can’t get enough winter stylins.

Doc Marten 8 Eye Boot

The always classic Doc Marten 8 Eye Boot, looking super clean here, available at Zappos and Planet Shoes.  Also available in Cherry Red and Purple Cambridge.

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Doc Martens Desert Boot (NOT VEGAN)

Update 3/11/12: I got word from Doc Martens, these are definitely not vegan.  There is leather on the inside.  So frustrating.

UPDATE 3/7/12: Again it’s been brought to my attention that these might contain leather.  Upon closer inspection it does appear that the chambray ones do have leather around the inner ankle.  But the black ones don’t.  There might be leather below that but it’s too hard to tell just by looking.  I will check with the company and report back.  Thanks for your patience guys.

Well, this is a pleasant surprise from Sir Dr. Martens.  A canvas desert boot is the last thing I would expect from them, but hey – this works.  I was immediately smitten with the Nixon‘s shapely contrasting white sole.  Too often I feel like desert boot soles are too flat.  Apparently there is a special process called “heat welting” to attach the sole.  As long as it stays on it’s fine with me.  I prefer the black canvas, but the chambray is good too.  You can also get these in grey and brown.

Available at Karmaloop, Amazon, and Endless.

More pics after the jump (of just black and chambray).  See Endless and Amazon for the other colors.

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Dr. Martens – 8 Eye Boot, 3 Eye Gibson Shoe

The wait for some of you is finally over.  Doc Martens wised up and now sell vegan models of the popular 1460 8-Eye boot, and the 3-Eye Gibson shoe.   The shoes are made of “Felix Rub Off” material, which I guess is their proprietary fake leather.  Judging from the pictures they did it right, since they look high quality and emulate the finish of the regular Doc Martens.   I won’t get all sentimental about the brand, but suffice it to say that it brings back the 90’s and the grunge era.  I am too young to remember when they were big in the 80’s punk scene.

Speaking of Punk, you can get either of these shoes at Punk.com.  It’s a great site, I never even heard of it before, but they have a great selection of vegan shoes.

8 Eye Boot in black, 3 Eye Gibson Shoe in cherry or black.

1460 Vegan 8-Eye Boot
, and 1461 Vegan 3-Eye Gibson also available at Zappos!