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Company Shout – Jinga

I made a pledge a few days ago to start blogging about companies who do a little more than just put out shoes that don’t contain animal products.  I’m talking of course about “responsible” businesses, businesses that try to have a positive impact, be it on the environment or their communities.  See Toms Shoes.  While these guys appear to be a diverse bunch with different missions and goals, I will lump them under the umbrella of the socially responsible.  That label seems to fit, and I will tag these posts as such (see tags on right sidebar).

Today I’m giving a big shout out to UK company Jinga.  These guys are really, really posi.  Much like Toms Shoes, their main business is the manufacture of footwear, but their real goals lie in social enterprise.  Their main project is the Julio-Otoni Project, which develops programs and support for poor kids in Rio De Janeiro.  They also put a lot of thought into their manufacturing process.  They don’t use sweatshops, they make their soles out of recycled PVC, they have a green office, and of course the shoes are vegan!  Very cool.  It’s like they have the quad-fecta of awesomeness: (environmentally friendly)+(fair trade)+(vegan)+(non-profit involvement) = perfect socially responsible business.  The only information I couldn’t find is what the upper synthetics are made of.  I hope that it is from some recycled material, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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NOHARM: vegan dress shoes… for men

So I know that I have largely been ignoring these types of shoes, but to be honest, I’m just not really into looking for nice dress shoes.  But the reality is, vegans have office jobs too, and can’t be expected to survive on Vans and Nikes alone.  Sorry girls, I don’t have any dress shoes for you right now.  But I don’t feel bad, with brands like Olsen Haus, and uhhh, others, ladies got choices.

NOHARM is a brand I can really get behind.  They don’t seem to compromise on anything.  They are vegan, enviro-friendly, fair trade, and are handmade in Italy!  They make a variety of slick non-leather shoes and boots.  Check them out here at Amazon.

Some more info from their website:

  • “NOHARM is proud to introduce an exciting range of high fashion, cruelty-free, vegan footwear for the discerning and ethically responsible consumer. All ingredients and components used to manufacture NOHARM footwear are meticulously researched to ensure the finished product conforms to Vegan Society standards.”
  • “NOHARM is strongly opposed to child-labour and worker exploitation. All NOHARM Footwear is exquisitely hand-crafted in Italy.”