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Es Fall 2011 Vegan Kicks

I guess I’m a little late reporting this but hey at least I’m doing it.  If you’ve been here at all before you can tell right away I’m not one of those “up to the minute” type bloggers.  Oftentimes I am way behind in the game.

Anyway, here’s some nice Es kicks to whet your appetite for a bit.  Emerica has some too but I’m not really feeling them.  Check out the Edgar in Maroon , Ecosse in Dark Grey, Square One in Navy Gold, and the Square Two Fusion Joe Brook in Black/White/Silver.

Source: Es

Es Spring 2011 Vegan Shoes

Es Holbrook Low Blue

This is coming a little late, but never hurts to spread the word.  Looks like the skate shoe companies are all releasing their Spring 2011 lines.  Fortunately for us, Es (and Emerica) put it out officially their vegan shoes in a nice neat format.  My faves are the First Blood Mid in Camo, and Holbrook Lo in shore blue.  Which ones are yours?  Click on thumbnails for high res pics.

Source: Es

First Blood Mid Camo

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Es Vegan Fall 2010

I am glad to be spreading the word on some more vegan kicks from our good friends at Es.  I’ve always been a big fan of this company, and the fact they keep coming out with great canvas models really makes me hopeful.  So here they are… I know that some of these are out already – I posted something on the Edward a little while ago.  But as for the rest, me dun’ know.  My personal faves are the First Blood in navy, and the McCrank in black/red.  Good Lookin’ Ty!

Source: Es blog.


available at Zappos

First Blood
Square One Ron English
Theory Black
Theory 1.5

Es Edward (Gray)

So these Edwards from Es really caught my eye, but the issue is, are they vegan?  The upper look to me like canvas, or heather cotton on first glance (and zoomed in).  But all the descriptions I’ve read of this are that they are leather or suede.  Could this just be outdated information?  If anyone has an answer, please let us know.  But for now, I’m gonna go on a limb and post these.  Doth my eyes deceive me?  Other colorways are a different story, however.  Those are definitely not vegan, so steer clear.

Avail at Zappos

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eS Holiday Vegan Shoes for 2010

First Blood

The Christmas hits keep coming!   Looks like eS (sorry I don’t know how to put the little mark over the e) is looking out for their small (but inevitably growing) market of vegans.  I remember when I was a kid (now very long ago) and I had my first pair of Eric Kostons.  But I got the worst color way, the soles weren’t grippy at all.  Totally unskateable!  Those were the days.  They sorta still make them, I think – see Lakai Koston 1.

Anyway, according to their site,  it looks like they are offering a total of five vegan shoes, 100% synthetic.   My personal favorite is the First Blood in B/W (pictured above).  But I have to say, I kinda like them all.  Props to Rick McCrank, another skater vegan, and his pro model, the Avers.  It looks really comfy and built to last.  Also, the Square One is nice, I loved the Accel.  The two non-standouts I would say are the Breeze, which looks like a tank of a shoe, and Cessner, which looks like your typical griptape fodder.  See pics below, and click for more colorways.

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