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Vegan Shoe Policies 2015 by Vegan8

Vegan8 Logo

Hello internet people, we are very sorry we have been on hiatus for so long.  We had some offline stuff to take care of which stole away precious time to continue our work on VK.  But we’re back and we have a good one for you today.  Many of you have checked out the site by Vegan8, and especially his shoe surveys which lays out very simply which shoe companies offer vegan shoes.  We learned recently that he completed his 2015 survey, so we wanted to share that with you as soon as possible.  In addition to sharing his site, we wanted to re-post his table here, but annotated with some of our comments.  Don’t forget to click on the brand links – Vegan8 has provided additional information, including the exact correspondence and links to the relevant site within the company.

We’d also like to add that this is a great reference but it is by no means comprehensive.  This entire site isn’t either but it can be used as one big resource for finding various companies policies.  We find that the best way to do so is to browse by tags, or by search.  Some of our information is dated but feel free to email or comment if you have any particular questions.  Thanks again for visiting and keeping this site going – we are psyched that so many people around the world are going cruelty free!

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Three Leaves Spring 2014 Lookbook + Etnies Dapper + 30% DISCOUNT CODE!

Three Leaves Look Book Spring 2014 #2

Our friends at Three Leaves have released their Lookbook for Spring 2014, and as usual there are some great finds there.  Check it out, there is an excellent assortment of stylish tees, button downs, shorts, and lightweight jackets.  As always, Three Leaves products are all either fair trade, vegan, environmentally friendly, or all of the above.

In addition to the vegan shoes they already have, Three Leaves recently got in several colorways to the Etnies Dapper, pictured below in black and multicolor.  We here at VK are always fans of skate shoes and Etnies (and Emerica) are at the top of our list.  These Dapper shoes are made in a pretty similar mold to the Vans Authentic with a slim low profile, but we dig the black on black sole, and the cool variegated herringbone pattern that is colorful yet not too flashy.  Plus, the Dapper is part of Etnies’ Buy a Shoe Plant a Tree Program, which is exactly what it sounds like – you buy a shoe, they plant a tree in a part of the world which really needs it.  Win win!

OH and we almost forgot to mention – COUPON CODE ALERT!!! For 30% off of all shoes at Three Leaves, enter the code VEGANKICKS.  I addition to Etnies, Three Leaves is currently carrying Veja, Novacas, and Brave Gentleman.  This coupon will only last until Friday, April 18th so get your kicks now before this huge promotion runs out!

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The World of Vegan Skate Shoes, and Why They Matter

To a skateboarder, shoes are like gloves to a sculptor’s hands. No other clothing component is more important to a skateboarder. Skaters’ feet are the connection to their craft – the art of how they skateboard. Skating in a shoe that is too padded and bulky, is like trying to grab detailed things with a mitten on. Skating in a shoe that is too thin, is like wearing a rubber glove to protect one’s self from the elements, or to grab that hot vegan dinner you have in the oven – you’re going to get burned, and you’re going to feel it too much. Then there’s the dreaded cupsole vs. vulc shoe battle – it just never ends! So just how how do we compromise? And how do vegan skateboarders fit into this equation? Through my next few blog posts I may be able to help you find those answers… but first, we must ask another more serious and important question:

Why are todays vegan skate shoes so expensive?

Do you ever wonder why a canvas skate shoe cost the same or more than a shoe made out of leather? It’s like getting a Veggie Delite at Subway for the same price as the next guy’s cold cut sub that has the same amount of veggies on it. You’re paying the same price for something that has meat, when there is no meat in yours at all! You’re basically paying for a condiment sandwich. In todays skate shoe world with canvas or synthetic shoes vs. leather shoes, you are paying for a condiment on your feet, as most all skate shoes have canvas or syn. textiles in them anyways – on the inside or outside. So the question here is, why?

Ripped canvas Vans, an all too familiar occurrence to the vegan skater.

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Etnies Vegan Fall 2012

I recently did a post on the Etnies Barge LS and I realized why the hell don’t I just put up all the Etnies vegan shoes for fall 2012?  Seems it makes sense to have them all in one place (Etnies already set this one up pretty nicely).  Here’s the list of sneakers that Etnies is offering cruelty free right now.  I’m excluding sandals because, well I think it’s more obvious and easier to find since they are usually made with synthetic materials.  So, here’s the list!

The Etnies Jameson 2 Eco is not just offered in numerous animal friendly colorways, but as the name suggests, it is made with the environment in mind.  It features recycled PET laces, a 20% recycled rubber sole, and a laminated cork footbed.  Not sure how a cork footbed is better for the earth, but I guess anything that’s not made out of petroleum based products is a good thing.

The vegan colorways are brown/green (pictured above), black/aloha, black/gum/dark grey, grey/black/gum, and grey/navy/white.

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Etnies Barge LS x Keep A Breast Bone

The Etnies Barge LS x Keep A Breast Bone is a great collaboration with Keep a Breast Foundation to raise awareness and support their efforts at eradicating breast cancer.  Oh yeah, the shoes are vegan too.  The upper is all canvas in a cream/off-white color (only).  Not much else other than that the tongue and collar are lightly padded for a sleeker look.  Oh, it also sports “I heart boobies” lining and logo on the heel – I guess to get in with the kids, you got to go down to their level!

Available at Zappos.

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Etnies Malto LS

Etnies is a down company.  Just the name brings back a lot of great memories of my childhood, when all we used to do is skate.  All these years later, the company is still going strong, and just poking around their site, I’m impressed with some of the stuff they’re involved with, such as Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree (full disclosure: I like to hug trees).  But they’ve also given vegans some love, and unlike a lot of shoe companies, they actually promote their animal loving creds!  Surprise, how easy is it to make a “vegan” page with all your animal free products, and have a little icon next to each shoe, just to inform those who care?  It sure makes our lives easier.

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Etnies Jameson 2 x Cliche

Here is one for you skaters, tree-huggers (me), and European gypies (not me).  One of our readers, Karam, spread the word on this one, which is a collaboration between Etnies and Cliche.  Cliche is a French skateboard company that’s basically the best and biggest in Europe (correct me if I’m wrong).  But here, they got the input from one of its riders, Charles Collet.  His design is 100% vegan, and uses recycled canvas for its upper and environmentally friendly glues in the sole.  As a low profile shoe, it comes with a thin padded tongue and collar.  Also, it has padded insole and reinforce midsole for you real shoe nerds.

Original Sources: Suelas de Goma, Rad Collector.

Available at Zappos.

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Etnies Plus x Hamburger Eyes

Etnies has teamed up with photo Journal Hamburger Eyes on this new Townsend canvas vulc.  These lows feature a black and white photo collage by Ray Potes.  The shoe was launched as a part of a month long Casual Abyss exhibit at San Francisco’s Mission Cultural Center, which featured works by Ed Templeton, Dennis McGrath, and Michael Jang.  Available at Hamburger Eyes, all proceeds go towards their goal of promoting and preserving the fine arts.  Awesome.

Source: Sneaker Freaker.

For a list of other Etnies vegan shoes, click here.

Vegan Etnies

Props to my man Jaybird for pointing these my way.  It turns out Etnies is very vegan friendly.  Just check out their site, they have a page just for people like us.  Thanks Etnies!  These pictured above are just a few of my favorites.  In order, they are 1) Mike Taylor in black/grey/white; 2) RVM in black/grey/blue; and 3) Girls RSS in white/hot pink.  I’m especially feeling the RVM.  I just am really into mids, and I especially like the mixed colors and materials.  Looks like the heel is ripstop.  One issue though – Zappos lists the RVM as leather, but Etnies has it labeled as vegan.  I tend to believe the company website, and plus Zappos has this one with the same exact description as the non-vegan ones.  I hope there isn’t some kind of mistake on Etnies.com.  Anyway, check out their site, and add another one to our list!

Mike Taylor

Available at Etnies and Zappos.


Available at Etnies.

RSS (Girls)

Available at Etnies.