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Habitat Surrey Natural Selection

Habitat Surrey Natural Selection Raven Habitat Surrey Natural Selection Olive

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  Sorry for the absence, just been busy with a lot of stuff.  Hope you all understand.  We return today with another Habitat sneaker.  Either they’re making a concerted effort to put out vegan shoes or we just haven’t noticed until recently.  This one is the Surrey Natural Selection, a nice hybrid with some boat shoe characteristics.  The Olive colorway is made out of hemp, nothing special.  But interestingly, the Raven colorway has a bottom half of the upper made out of Cordura, the tough synthetic fabric usually found on things like luggage.  Thinking about it now, it’s crazy that skateboard shoe companies haven’t used this material before… and for that matter, why aren’t they experimenting with more durable materials like this?  We here at VK approve, and applaud Habitat for giving us options, and not limiting us to flimsy canvas shoes to skate in.

Available at Zappos (on sale!)

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Habitat Guru Hi Natural Selection

Habitat Guru Hi Natural Selection 1

This week’s pick comes from skateboard company Habitat.  I previously profiled the Guru Hi, but they’ve updated it with the “natural selection” version by using different materials and colors.  Here, they’re using a grey hemp upper with a contrasting red on the inside.  It looks great worn up, but when folded down it reveals a nice big Habitat logo on the tongue.  Oh and if you’re actually going to skate these, the sole is vulcanized.

Available at Zappos in the cement colorway pictured here.

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The World of Vegan Skate Shoes, and Why They Matter

To a skateboarder, shoes are like gloves to a sculptor’s hands. No other clothing component is more important to a skateboarder. Skaters’ feet are the connection to their craft – the art of how they skateboard. Skating in a shoe that is too padded and bulky, is like trying to grab detailed things with a mitten on. Skating in a shoe that is too thin, is like wearing a rubber glove to protect one’s self from the elements, or to grab that hot vegan dinner you have in the oven – you’re going to get burned, and you’re going to feel it too much. Then there’s the dreaded cupsole vs. vulc shoe battle – it just never ends! So just how how do we compromise? And how do vegan skateboarders fit into this equation? Through my next few blog posts I may be able to help you find those answers… but first, we must ask another more serious and important question:

Why are todays vegan skate shoes so expensive?

Do you ever wonder why a canvas skate shoe cost the same or more than a shoe made out of leather? It’s like getting a Veggie Delite at Subway for the same price as the next guy’s cold cut sub that has the same amount of veggies on it. You’re paying the same price for something that has meat, when there is no meat in yours at all! You’re basically paying for a condiment sandwich. In todays skate shoe world with canvas or synthetic shoes vs. leather shoes, you are paying for a condiment on your feet, as most all skate shoes have canvas or syn. textiles in them anyways – on the inside or outside. So the question here is, why?

Ripped canvas Vans, an all too familiar occurrence to the vegan skater.

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Habitat Guru Hi Mocha/Tan

Here is yet another shoe for all you skate rats out there.  Yes I will switch it up soon but for now you will have to settle for the Habitat Guru Hi in mocha tan.  It’s not setting the world on fire like a certain release this week (ugh, by the way… just, ugh).  But it has a little to set it apart, chiefly the fold down ankle.  Otherwise it is your standard skate shoe with vulcanized sole and waxed canvas upper.  Hey at least we know from the source that it’s legit vegan (see the symbol?  Yeah, that’s what I thought).  Note that the other colorway is made of cowsuede.

Available at Zappos (on sale now!)


Your Vegan Kicks (Part 1)

Hey everyone, last week I posted a picture of my “vegan” Converse Chuck Taylors and I asked some of you to send me some pics of yours.  Well, a few of you kindly obliged, and here they are!

Here is Jasper, rocking some Converse Chuck Taylor in black navy.  Notice how much more stylish they are than mine due to the awesome yet almost incomprehensible lacing pattern he has devised.  Kudos!  Also, check out his excellent blog and you’ll see some amazing artwork and beautiful photographs (I love these kittens!).

This is my man Petrus, lounging in central Stockholm (that is in Sweden for all you uncouth Americans), sporting the Habitat Ibex.  Just one word – lovely.  This is where you live???  I heard it’s cold there but damn, spring and summer must be gorgeous.


Habitat Ibex Grey Synthetic

First I have to apologize for my last post.  I thought that those Supra Cuban 1.5‘s were creature-less, but I was outed by one of my loyal readers (thanks Hugues).  I’ve been doing that a lot lately, just goes to show that I’m not being careful enough, or I just get too excited when I see something I like.  Anyway, I am PRETTY SURE these Habitat Ibex in grey are not made with any animal parts.  The top is synthetic leather (confirmed by multiple sources), the soles are made of a recycled gum rubber, and the glues are water-based.  As for the looks, I’m feelin’ it.  You got your nice mid-top silhouette, canvas tongue, and some accent stitching.  Overall, it’s a nice take on the classic Vans Half-Cab, but animal friendly.  Available at Premier and Skate Warehouse (it’s a few bucks cheaper at Premier).  Enjoy!