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Holiday Sales

Black on Black
Black on Black

Greetings world!  Here in America, Thanksgiving is over.  Now the holiday shopping season is fully in gear with the beginning of “Black Friday” so the fun starts now am I right?  But for real, while we don’t want to celebrate consumerism, we can’t ignore all the amazing deals out there.  If you need some stuff, now is the time to get it.  See below for a list of sales from our favorite brands and stores.  We will try to keep these updated up until Christmas, but for now enjoy these post Thanksgiving deals!

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Shop Shout: Bergies

Bergies Socks
Pictured above: Happy Socks Men’s Disrupted Stripe

Being a blogger has its perks.  One of them is that you meet awesome people with similar sensibilities.  Another is that you sometimes get free swag.  Today’s post involve both situations.  [to be fair, everyone who sends us stuff is awesome, smiley face]. Bergies is a great online shop that sells socks, sock puppets, and slippers.  But you don’t go there to get your white tube socks.  You go for fun stuff like animal themed socks (which there are many to choose from) and things like CHEWBACCA SLIPPERS.

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Happy Socks

Happy Socks 1

I know what you’re thinking – “socks?  I’m vegan, I came here to get a scoop on shoes.  I don’t have a problem finding animal free products to put on my feet before the shoes!”  If you are thinking that, well you’re right.  You can spot a pair of wool socks a mile away.  I don’t have a really great answer to that other than hey, I’m a sucker for the little things.  And yes, socks are overlooked accessories, but the right (or wrong) pair can really make a difference.

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