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Herschel Bags

UPDATE 10/23/15: Herschel cannot guarantee that ANY of their products are entirely vegan.  Please see email from their representative pasted into the comments section below.  From now on, avoid any bags with what appear to be leather tabs or straps.

Herschel Settlement

We here at VK have been fans of Herschel Supply Co.’s bags since we first saw them.  We really dug the simple designs and how they reminded us of our bags when we were kids.  Unfortunately, the leather detailing would turn us away.  But the more I looked at pictures and in person, we noticed that the “leather” tabs and straps didn’t look real.  Lo and behold, after a random google search, it turns out that almost all of it is synthetic:

3. Are any of Herschel Supply’s products animal free/vegan friendly?
All of Herschel Supply’s products are animal free/vegan friendly with the exception of collaboration items, any Cotton Canvas products our Market tote and our Woodlands backpack.

Rejoice!  Herschel bags are vegan, with exceptions.  Pictured above and below are some of our favorites.  But there are so many options, you should check out their shop for all they have to offer.

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Vegan Wallets Pt. 1

Hank (in army) by Herschel available at Zappos. Note that some models have leather inside.

I have on occasion strayed from the content of this site’s namesake and today I want to do a little show and tell on vegan wallets.  I am actually in the market for a new wallet, since my old one is on its last legs and is surviving on a bit of packing tape.  To save me from future embarrassment, it is time for me to renew and upgrade.

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