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Huf Classic Lo


A few weeks ago we joined our good friend Mike for an evening session with his Huf Classic Lo in Heather Grey.  We hit up some spots around his hood and took some great photos.  We want to thank Huf for hooking us up with this sample, and for more info on their vegan shoes, we did a recent roundup.  Mike also wrote a short review for those who are interested in skating these.  See below for more photos and words.

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Holiday Sales

Black on Black
Black on Black

Greetings world!  Here in America, Thanksgiving is over.  Now the holiday shopping season is fully in gear with the beginning of “Black Friday” so the fun starts now am I right?  But for real, while we don’t want to celebrate consumerism, we can’t ignore all the amazing deals out there.  If you need some stuff, now is the time to get it.  See below for a list of sales from our favorite brands and stores.  We will try to keep these updated up until Christmas, but for now enjoy these post Thanksgiving deals!

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Vegan Shoe Policies 2015 by Vegan8

Vegan8 Logo

Hello internet people, we are very sorry we have been on hiatus for so long.  We had some offline stuff to take care of which stole away precious time to continue our work on VK.  But we’re back and we have a good one for you today.  Many of you have checked out the site by Vegan8, and especially his shoe surveys which lays out very simply which shoe companies offer vegan shoes.  We learned recently that he completed his 2015 survey, so we wanted to share that with you as soon as possible.  In addition to sharing his site, we wanted to re-post his table here, but annotated with some of our comments.  Don’t forget to click on the brand links – Vegan8 has provided additional information, including the exact correspondence and links to the relevant site within the company.

We’d also like to add that this is a great reference but it is by no means comprehensive.  This entire site isn’t either but it can be used as one big resource for finding various companies policies.  We find that the best way to do so is to browse by tags, or by search.  Some of our information is dated but feel free to email or comment if you have any particular questions.  Thanks again for visiting and keeping this site going – we are psyched that so many people around the world are going cruelty free!

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Huf Roundup

Huf Classic Lo Canvas Pack
Huf Classic Lo Canvas Pack

Today we are happy to feature shoes from Huf, a company that sorta blew up out of nowhere to become one of the premier brands of classic skateboarding style.  We were super pleased when they informed us that they make a bunch of vegan friendly styles.  This is what it’s all about – dope, functional sneakers for those who choose compassion. VK will continue to find and promote brands that provide vegan alternatives so that you readers can shop a little easier.   We hope that you like these, and if you have any suggestions on particular brands or shoes that you like but aren’t sure if they are vegan (and they’re not on this site), hit us up!  We’ll do the work and find the answers for you.

Enjoy the photos and visit the Huf footwear site for more info.  A variety of Huf shoes are also available at Zappos.

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Huf x Nike SB Blazer (Canvas)


This collabo was released in November, but when I came upon it I had to post.  If there was a pair of kicks I would describe as the ideal, it would be these.  Why?  Because 1) They are classic basketball sneakers which will never go out of style; 2) They’re also a skate shoe designed by the guys at Huf, a great skateboard shop in SF and who’ve had their hands in numerous dope collaborations; 3) They are bare– stripped down to its essential elements – the fabric, the two colors, and minimal branding; 4) THEY’RE VEGAN!

What else could you ask for?  Get some.  The best price I found was the black colorway on Premier for $80, and the white at Pure for $85.  They are also widely available on Ebay for around the same price.

Oh, and complementing the pack are two tees, snap-back caps and tailored 50’s inspired work jackets.  See pictures at Sneaker Freaker.