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Air Jordan 1 Canvas Black Alarming Red (Kids)

Hey everyone, sorry I have been derelict in my blog duties.  I wanted to fire this one off quickly.  This is the first Air Jordan I’ve seen in a while without leather, and the 1 is a good place to start.  One huge caveat though: at least right now, it’s only available in kid’s sizes.  But hey, this is a first for us, so for those of you with lil Jordan wannabes out there, this one’s for you!

Air Jordan 1 in canvas, available in Toddler and Preschool at Finish Line.

Source: Nice Kicks

Air Jordan V.2 Grown

Props to Justin for giving me the scoop on this one.  As many of you know, Jordan is a Nike brand that originated with MJ (not Michael Jackson, may he rest in peace), the G.O.A.T. in hoops history.  The first Air Jordan came out in 1985, and changed the sneaker game forever.  I’m not sure when Nike made Jordan its own brand, but I know its been around for maybe ten years.  That brand has an air of exclusivity, such as the selective sponsorship of athletes hand picked by the man himself.  It seems like anything associated with Michael Jordan has this aura of exceptionalism.

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