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Keep Azure Pack

Keep Azure Pack Kind of Blue

Happy belated Fourth of July everyone!  Hope you all had a great day off hopefully to appreciate, in your own way, all this great country has to offer.  We did it in our own nodescript manner, suffice it to say that it didn’t involve watching the Will Smith movie Independence Day or grilling meat!  Okay, we did watch part of Independence Day.  It’s hard not to love President Bill Pullman’s inspiring speech.

Onto the topic du jour – the Keep Azure Pack!  “Japanese twill in a muted Azure, evocative of summer skies and halcyon days,” is the foundation of this new pack.  Perfect for the summer, each features corded nylon hiking laces in red and turquoise.  This colorway is available only for four models – the Homer, Benten, Ramos, and Shaheen.

Pick these up before they run out, or you will be feeling Kind of Blue!  No, unfortunately this pack does not have any tributes to Miles Davis, which would have taken it to a whole other level.  So yeah, now I have to link a video to one of my favorite jazz albums of all time, just cause!

Oh and also, take advantage of the sale that is going on at Keep right now, up to 50% off select styles, and free shipping over $80, use code JULYSHIP (offer ends Monday at midnight).

Pics after the Jump!

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Keep Contest Winner


Hey everyone!  Sorry for being radio silent for so long.  In case some of you didn’t think it was real, the above photograph was submitted by our 2012 Keep Contest winner Jon Clark of Ontario, Canada.  Jon got himself a pair of Elias in black Moleskin (and is modeling it quite nicely might I add!).  The dark high top with synthetic suede is suitable even for harsh winters.

Also, let’s give a big up to Jon for rocking his first pair of fully vegan kicks.  My man had a similar journey as a lot of us.  When confronted with the truth about our treatment of other animals, he had to make a change.  His transition to an animal free lifestyle is an ongoing process, but wasn’t too difficult for him as he had a lot of support around him.

Oh, and might I add, he took this photo while partaking in an Anti-Fur demonstration in his hood!  Good job man!

Thanks Jon and everyone who entered the contest.  We will be having more to be sure.  Be sure to contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions, especially if you are a vendor who wants to get some exposure!

We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Jon Clark of London, Canada for winning the first ever Vegan Kicks holiday giveaway!  Courtesy of Keep, he will be receiving a free pair of vegan shoes!

When told about his lucky day, he had this very thoughtful and eloquent thought about his animal friendly lifestyle:

I don’t understand people who regress to living against their values after learning the uncomfortable truths about our society’s relationship with animals. However, it did take me a while to finally confront and bring myself to witness the cruelty that I knew was happening. After enough education and some visceral reactions to videos and stories the choice was clear to me. Intrinsically, I knew for so long that I was ignoring the suffering of certain kinds of animals while caring deeply for others. I’m glad that I had so many good friends who helped me along the way.”

Right on brother.  Well, we are so super stoked about the reception we got about this contest.  People all over the world answered the call.  We are sorry we couldn’t make more of you winners.  You guys are the best.  Thank you so much for visiting, reading, following, and commenting.  You guys didn’t get the free shoes, but you are all winners in our hearts.

We fully expect to do more giveaways and contests in the future.  Please, readers – if you have any brands or shoes that you really want, comment or email us.  We will try to get you some free product.  Vendors, companies, marketers, advertisers, big wigs – if you want to get your brand out there, here is the place.  We have global reach, son!  We don’t care where you’re from or what your selling (so long as it’s vegan).  Just let us know and we’ll try to plug your goods.

Until next time!

Last Day to Win a FREE PAIR OF SHOES!


Hey people, just a friendly reminder, today is the last day to enter the holiday contest to win a FREE PAIR OF KEEP SHOES.  Yes, many have entered but the odds aren’t too bad.  I highly encourage you to put your hat in the ring.  Let’s put it this way, your chance of winning is better than the Powerball.

Click here for instructions.  You have until 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time.  I won’t hold your feet over the fire but I won’ take submission tomorrow afternoon.  Thank you for your support and good luck!

The Keep Holiday Giveaway 2012!

Vegan Kicks is super excited to announce its first contest/giveaway ever!  We are even more stoked to be partnering with Keep, one of our favorite vegan shoes companies to feature on this site.  We will be giving away ONE PAIR of Keep shoes of your choice.  Check out their entire line hereThe Contest begins NOW, and ends December 1, 2012.  Perfect timing for the holidays!

VK has been around for a little over three years now, which is crazy itself.  Over time, we have been gradually building the site and gaining steady readership.  We are not web designers or coders.  We’re just a few regular people who saw a need for more info on vegan shoes, and started blogging about it.  We have tried to give you good, solid content on a regular basis.  We are also trying to build a bit of a community, a place where people can come to look, discuss, and learn from each other.

Of course we’re not all the way there yet, but the support and enthusiasm we’ve seen from readers all over the world has been so awesome.  We can’t believe how many people outside of the States is interested in this stuff.  TO OUR INTERNATIONAL PEEPS: Please enter!  Keep will ship to you!  In any case, we  are in debt to our readers for supporting us, and we felt that giving away a pair of shoes is the least we could do.  Hopefully, there will be more to come!


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Keep Fall Faves 2012

True to my tendencies, I am about to do a fall post square in the middle of fall, rather than timing it before or at the beginning of the season.  For those of you who are regular visitors of this site, you’re probably used to my penchant for failing to follow to pay attention to such considerations.  Admittedly, I am shortsighted when it comes to planning to dress myself.  I never know it’s time to get warm clothes until it’s too cold, to buy boots until my canvas low tops are soaked through from the snow.  Anyway, it is (almost) fully fall here in New York, and our attention is turning towards the styles of autumn – tweed, flannel, earth tones, and the like.

Conveniently, Keep (one of our faves here at VK), has put together a nice page with their new fall faves.  There’s plenty here to like, with multiple blends of colorways and materials (including moleskin, their synthetic suede/micro fiber) for almost all of their models.  Beyond the fabrics you have expected from Keep, they’ve added some some handwoven Ikat dyed textile that is handwoven in Guatemala.  Tight.  As are true of all Keep shoes, the following are all vegan.

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Keep Rhys

The Rhys by Keep is their newest addition, and is the low-cut version of the Guerra.  It’s interesting that sneaker companies don’t do this more often, as I expect a lot of people really like the design of a certain model but then prefer either a high or low top.  And to me it’s not a design cop out – this really does look like a different shoe until you inspect it closely.

As with all Keep shoes, this one is vegan.  The upper is made out of a combination synthetic micro suede with cordura accents.  Keep branding on the heel.  Unfortunately only three colorways available – black, grey fox, and russet.  Unfortunately they don’t feature the interesting patterns we’re used to in other Keep models, but maybe they will expand the line in the future.  Get at it guys!

Available at Keep or Amazon.  More Pics after the jump.

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Bon Iver x Keep Ramos

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon is probably the least likely person to see on a Grammy advertisement on the side of a bus, but that is a testament to how big this guy has blown up since the band’s last album.  So it’s not really a surprise that he is popping up in unlikely places.  The mixing of musicians, celebrities, and fashion has never been more prevalent than today.  Fortunately for us, this particular collaboration has been more than just for self promotion, as both the band and the shoe company have in common their love of animals – as a portion of the proceeds will go to to benefit the Best Friends Animal Society!

Here, Bon Iver has designed a Ramos shoe in a salmon upper, herringbone heel, and a black fish bone print across the toe.  Right now you can pre-order these at Keep before July 1st for $75, to be shipped in October.

Also, check out this interview with Keep’s Una Kim at Hypebeast.

Keep Ramos Guitar Strap

I’ve been on a really bad streak of accidentally promoting non-vegan shoes, so I had to be sure about this one to regain my credibility.  Keep is like your low key friend who’s always there for you.  I still can’t think of another sneaker company that’s animal friendly and continues to put out really dope product.  Unfortunately, the trend of the sneaker world seems to be towards using more leather rather than less.  Fortunately, Keep has resisted that call so far, and their shoes are way more inspiring than 90% of the crap out there.

Case in point: the Ramos “Guitar Strap.”  At first glance I thought this was a play on the “Mexican blanket” or some other Native American pattern.  But this was actually inspired by a vintage Gibson guitar strap.  Nice.  The ankle heel stands out really nice against the navy canvas.

Available at Keep.

Keep Ramos & Nuss (in twill & madras)

Keep always has some of the best sneakers around, and they never let it get dull by using unique materials and patterns.  Pictured above, the Ramos and Nuss incorporate a great combination of brown twill forefoot and madras on the heel.  Twill is not actually a type of material, but is textile weave of a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs.  Madras is a lightweight cotton fabric usually with a texture and plaid design.  [thank you, Wikipedia!].

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