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Macbeth Matthew (Jack’s Mannequin)

Some of you may know of the Macbeth shoe company, but for those of you who don’t, a little intro.  It was founded in 2002 by a couple of guys in music, Tom Delonge and Jon Humphrey.  Tom fronted such acts as Blink 182 and Box Car Racer.  Jon was a concert promoter and also helped found some notable skateboard shoe brands such as Adio and Hawk Shoes (bleh).  They decided to start a footwear company inspired by the SoCal and musician lifestyle.  Fortunately for us, they were also involved in the vegan community.  Inspired by straightedge and some of their band friends such as Bane, Alkaline Trio, H2O and Sick of it All, they created a whole line of animal-free shoes.  Their first shoe, the Eliot, was vegan!  They even got an award in 2007 by Peta for Best Vegan Skate Shoe.  If you don’t know now you know.

Now I’d like to move to the actual shoe.  This is one of the few shoes out of their vegan line which I think is legitimately dope.  It is a collaboration between Macbeth and Andrew McMahon (of the bands Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate), and features the band’s artwork stitched on the heel and design on the footbed.  I’m feeling the low profile and the light blue contrasts.  More pics after the jump…

Available at Zappos.

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