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Sandals Roundup 2017

Olukai Holona

Hey everyone, summer is finally here in earnest in New York.  The weather is getting hot and sticky, which means its time to get out the open toes.  Whether you’re going to the beach or just walking the dog around the block, everyone needs a good pair of flip flops or strappy sandals for the warm weather.  Hell, there are probably a lot of you out there who wear these all year round (#jealous).  So whatever it is you’re getting into, you should be able to find a nice pair of vegan sandals to suite your needs.  Check out our picks below (all available at Zappos)!

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Native Shoes Monaco

Native Shoes Monaco Mid Tan
Monaco Mid Rocky Brown
Native Shoes Monaco Low Black
Monaco Low Jiffy Black

A lot of are familiar with Native Shoes, but it looks like they are entering the arena of more traditional sneakers with the Monaco.  Unlike the other crocs like slippers that they started off with, they are slowly evolving from slip on chukkas to full lace ups.  These fully animal friendly shoes feature a perforated textured microfiber upper, no-sew accents on heel and eyelets, and single piece EVA cup outsole.

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Winter Boots 2016

Native Jimmy Winter Grey (unisex)
Native Jimmy Winter Grey (unisex)

Well, winter is here, isn’t it?  The timing of this post is not coincidental.  SNOWZILLAGEDDON has blanketed much of the east coast with a huge amount of snow and it’s a major wake up call to a lot of us, who are now looking out our windows and seeing a nice thick white carpet covering everything.  Now comes the fun part – shoveling our driveways, digging out our cars, or trudging through the grey mush that will fill our streets for the next week.  We all need to be prepared, and fear not, readers – vegan winter boot options are plentiful.   See below for a few tasty selections sure to keep your feet warm and dry.

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Native Kids Shoes

Native Shoes Fitzsimmons Little Kid Dublin Grey Shell White
Native Shoes Fitzsimmons Little Kid Dublin Grey Shell White

What’s up squad.  Today we’re looking at some footy wear for the little ones.  We here are so used to sharing the kind of stuff we want to wear, but we know that a lot of you are looking after smaller human beings who can’t really buy things on their own.  And you want to make the ethical choice for them as well – respect!  So when we came across these kids shoes by Native, we were psyched.  Mostly because they are exactly the same as the adult shoes, which we love.

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Holiday Sales

Black on Black
Black on Black

Greetings world!  Here in America, Thanksgiving is over.  Now the holiday shopping season is fully in gear with the beginning of “Black Friday” so the fun starts now am I right?  But for real, while we don’t want to celebrate consumerism, we can’t ignore all the amazing deals out there.  If you need some stuff, now is the time to get it.  See below for a list of sales from our favorite brands and stores.  We will try to keep these updated up until Christmas, but for now enjoy these post Thanksgiving deals!

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Vegan Shoe Policies 2015 by Vegan8

Vegan8 Logo

Hello internet people, we are very sorry we have been on hiatus for so long.  We had some offline stuff to take care of which stole away precious time to continue our work on VK.  But we’re back and we have a good one for you today.  Many of you have checked out the site by Vegan8, and especially his shoe surveys which lays out very simply which shoe companies offer vegan shoes.  We learned recently that he completed his 2015 survey, so we wanted to share that with you as soon as possible.  In addition to sharing his site, we wanted to re-post his table here, but annotated with some of our comments.  Don’t forget to click on the brand links – Vegan8 has provided additional information, including the exact correspondence and links to the relevant site within the company.

We’d also like to add that this is a great reference but it is by no means comprehensive.  This entire site isn’t either but it can be used as one big resource for finding various companies policies.  We find that the best way to do so is to browse by tags, or by search.  Some of our information is dated but feel free to email or comment if you have any particular questions.  Thanks again for visiting and keeping this site going – we are psyched that so many people around the world are going cruelty free!

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Native Shoes Roundup Spring Summer 2015

Native Shoes Apollo Moc Torch Red Shell White
Native Shoes Apollo Moc Torch Red Shell White

To continue our parade of company roundups, today we are presenting the spring and summer offerings of Native Shoes – your favorite not Croc brand!  Sorry, had to say it.  We haven’t given Native much love here and we totally missed the boat.  They really went out their and expanded their lineup.  And we are totally in love with the Apollo Moc; where did that come from?!  We are so upset about not being able to wear the Nike Roshe Run, but this shoe is making us feel a whole lot better about that.

Of course, we feel really good that Native is totally vegan – all of their shoes are “beast free.”  Rather than using even canvas or other popular synthetics, these are molded out of EVA, or that spongy stuff that is used in most sneaker soles.  Even better, Native strives to be environmentally responsible, by using a low emissions manufacturing process and recyclable packing materials.  Just a lot of all around goodness going on around here!

For more info, you can check out Native’s site, or the Zappos page (all of the shoes below are available on either site).

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Winter Boots 2011

This post is long overdue, considering we are already past Thanksgiving here in the States.  Under normal weather conditions, the air is hovering near freezing and the ground is hardening.  Cold rain falls, sometime turning into ice and sleet.  You could wake up to snow on any given day.  But this year has been unusually warm, at least out here in mid-Atlantic.  Aside from one freak snow storm, this fall has been mild and forgiving.  But that doesn’t mean the next few months won’t be nasty, wet and cold.  Of course, none of this applies to my friends living in colder climes.  You guys have to deal with way more shitty weather than us.  So this one is for all yall.

Being an inhabitant of a large city (without access to a personal automobile), one is keenly aware of daily weather conditions.  An unforeseen rain storm can leave you drenched, an unexpected cold front will leave you shivering.  Needless to say, we city dwellers, who actually have to walk and be exposed to the elements, are hypersensitive to the needs of our feet.  When the winter comes, we would like to keep them warm and dry.  As a child of the suburbs, I never bought or wore boots.  I somehow got away with wearing sneakers always.  Maybe that’s because I was a dense child, but when you have a car that can take you right to where you need to go, you don’t have to worry about being exposed for prolonged periods of time.

What I’m trying to get at is that a solid, warm, water-resistant (and of course stylish) boot is essential to any person’s shoe collection.  For your average person, getting a pair is as easy as going to your local sporting good store, or clicking a few times on Zappos.  For us, who are trying to abstain from leather and other animal products, this proves a more difficult task.  Now mind you, when I say difficult I don’t mean impossible, or even frustrating.  No, I mean difficult like there are so many great looking leather boots that it’s hard to resist buying a pair!

But do not fear.  Before you I present several stylish and functional alternatives to the leather boot paradigm.  Some are made by known vegan brands.  The others are not in that group but offer up alternative materials in common molds which would commonly use leather.

Click to see the shoes, I mean boots!

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Native Shoes Fitzsimmons

Like many people, I am revolted by Crocs.  I don’t need to get into that here.  If you have to ask why, you’re in trouble.  But… I must say, I have worn them against my will, and they are mighty comfy.  I’ve made recent note of the proliferation of synthetic materials in the vegan shoe universe.  Some companies try to replicate animal materials such as suede and nubuck leather.  Others are more forthcoming about it, and this isn’t really anything new.  Sneaker manufacturers have poured millions into designing new and fancy synthetics.

Native Shoes is a company that’s taking many of the design and manufacturing cues from Crocs and turning it into something much much better.  Founded by Damian van zyll de Jong, this company takes EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) and injects it into mold, making a shoe from a one piece unit.  The result is a light, soft, and durable shoe, some you can slip on… like, ahem, nevermind.

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