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Vegan Shoe Policies 2015 by Vegan8

Vegan8 Logo

Hello internet people, we are very sorry we have been on hiatus for so long.  We had some offline stuff to take care of which stole away precious time to continue our work on VK.  But we’re back and we have a good one for you today.  Many of you have checked out the site by Vegan8, and especially his shoe surveys which lays out very simply which shoe companies offer vegan shoes.  We learned recently that he completed his 2015 survey, so we wanted to share that with you as soon as possible.  In addition to sharing his site, we wanted to re-post his table here, but annotated with some of our comments.  Don’t forget to click on the brand links – Vegan8 has provided additional information, including the exact correspondence and links to the relevant site within the company.

We’d also like to add that this is a great reference but it is by no means comprehensive.  This entire site isn’t either but it can be used as one big resource for finding various companies policies.  We find that the best way to do so is to browse by tags, or by search.  Some of our information is dated but feel free to email or comment if you have any particular questions.  Thanks again for visiting and keeping this site going – we are psyched that so many people around the world are going cruelty free!

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Vegan Shoe Policies 2014 by Vegan8


So last time we did a little post on Vegan8‘s spectacular list on shoe companies and their vegan friendly policies, we didn’t have any images to go with it.  So we thought that this sweet tattoo art by Just Vegan was apropos.  Love and kindness towards all living things… those little birds approve.  Just need some footwear to go with this…  Next time!

The main event is below, with quite a long list of labels and their vegan friendly policies.  This list is geared towards runners and those looking for some performance athletic footwear.  Thank you Vegan8, we are very grateful for your efforts :).  Thanks and please leave comments if you notice any errors.

Also, for description of definitions used, please refer to Vegan8’s website here.

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Vegan Shoe Policies 2013 by Vegan8

Some of you may have already seen this, but for those of you who haven’t, this is a tremendous resource.  Blogger Vegan8 did a ton of legwork to build a list of various shoe companies and obtained their vegan, animal friendly statuses.  Whoever you are, thank you!!! The result is a list of 60 companies that are classified under the following definitions:

VEGAN COMPANY: The company is Vegan, there should never be any need to doubt any of their products. These companies should be an ethical consumers first choice for our own peace of mind

ALL VEGAN: The company has stated by correspondence that all of their footwear products are Vegan. However, they do not appear to identify themselves as a Vegan company, so there is a possibility that future products will not be ethical

VEGAN OPTIONS: The company provides styles that are completely Vegan, but not all of their styles are Vegan

SYNTHETIC OPTIONS, GLUE MAY BE OF ANIMAL ORIGIN: The company provides styles that are free from animal derived ingredients, excepting (perhaps) the bonding agents. This is the one that I find most annoying, basically the company does not know (or is unwilling to back itself regarding) the type of bonding agents that are used at all times. They may vary due to season/availability/price etc. To me this is both an ethical and quality control issue. Shoe manufacturers generally market themselves as high tech and very deliberate in their materials and design. The suggestion that they are unaware of their own bonding agents, brings the companies and the industry itself into question. Footwear purchased from these manufacturers, may or may not be Vegan

SYNTHETIC OPTIONS, GLUE IS OF ANIMAL ORIGIN: The company provides styles that are free from animal derived ingredients, excepting the bonding agents, which they state are derived from animals. I have no idea why a company would choose to do this in 2013

NO VEGAN OPTIONS: The company deliberately chooses to provide no ethical footwear

AWAITING REPLY: Not enough time has passed since I made initial contact with the company, or they have responded that they are collecting the required details so that they can respond appropriately

NO REPLY: The company has been contacted at least 3 times over 3 weeks, using a variety of methods (email, contact form, facebook etc) but no reply has been received from them

UNCOOPERATIVE: The company has been contacted at least 3 times over 3 weeks, using a variety of methods (email, contact form, facebook etc) but is only willing to provide vague details or none at all. Companies in this category tend to ask why they are being questioned, by who and for what purpose. But even after responding to their questions, they continue to be uncooperative. Thankfully these companies are rare, the majority of companies in this survey have provided very good customer service.

Here are the results.  For the original page visit the Vegan8 site here.  It has the information in a better layout, and it also includes the specific responses from each companies.

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New Balance Update

Shop New Balance

As some of you may have noticed, there has been a noticeable absence of New Balance shoes on this site as of late.  I like a lot of what NB has to offer and I’m thinking a lot of you out there feel the same way.  However, I have been consciously avoiding them due  to the fact that they have informed me that despite offering a handful of synthetic leather shoes, they cannot guarantee that their shoes were 100% animal free.

A little while back, I just happened upon a site (which shall remain nameless)selling packaged vegan food who happened to be selling New Balance shoes as well.  As this store appeared legit, I thought maybe that I had it wrong or that New Balance changed it up.  But after contacting NB with this news, my hopes were shot down:

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New Balance M587NV and MR905LW



Here at Vegan Kicks, we tend to focus on style over substance.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  We like to look good.  Fortunately for us, most of what we like happens to be comfortable as well.  Veganism is a lifestyle choice in a way, and much of that lifestyle has to do with being more mindful of health and well-being.  Well, vegans and vegetarians definitely have the eating part of it down.  But it’s no secret that regular physical activity goes a long way to making you feel better and live longer.  Whether you play sports, work out, or perform some type of strenuous activity for your job, you need the equipment to go with it.  This one goes out to my runners out there.

The New Balance M587NV and MR905LW – both $104.95 – are men’s running shoes (sorry girls.  For the complete list of vegan shoes, men and women, click here).  The list is quite long, but I selected these two because the others were just, well I didn’t like them.  But these two are handsome, I think.  The M587NV goes with more of a retro look, harkening back to the New Balance shoes of the 80’s and 90’s.  The MR905L is sleeker, incorporating more obvious synthetic materials in the upper, such as molded plastic, probably to shave off some weight.  The look is more futuristic.  But whatever your pleasure, these two are sure to please if you run.  I don’t know crap about running shoes, but I have worn New Balances to run in, and they do nicely.  They aren’t nearly as nice as these.  So check them out, vegan runners!

Available at Tri City New Balance… [right now there’s free shipping, guaranteed before Christmas, plus 10% off]  Click on the pics above to view the links to the store.  You’ll get more technical specs as well.

New Balance Classics V74

Huh, this is something a little different from those of us used to seeing the elevated running sole on New Balances.  Here, the V74 is jumping on the vulcanized sole bandwagon, with the top covered in all canvas.  Still, it keeps distinctive NB marks, such as the side “N” and the tongue tab.  Solid.  But keep in mind, that New Balance does not guarantee their synthetic or canvas shoes to be vegan.  They don’t necessarily know what their glues are made from.  You’ve been warned.

See the original post at Nice Kicks.  Click for more pics.

These are available in Black, Navy, Grey, and White at Zappos.

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New Balance M587NV & WR883CU

Some more good news for you runners out there.  I found a dealer in New Balance and have a special little link for synthetic shoes… as this site confirms, there are no guarantees regarding the glues in NB’s and that is too bad.  But still, if you are comfortable just knowing that these are not leather, then check these out.  These are two of my fave ones out of their offering – the M587NV for men and WR883CU for women.  There are a lot of features in each shoe, and as a person whose had a few pairs of NB, you know you’re going to get a solid runner with good cushioning and breathability.  Peep Pics below (click for availability).

New Balance Synthetic Leather List

Hey guys, this is in response to Hugues’ question asking whether the New Balance 574 is vegan… well, the bad news is that no, this shoe is not vegan.  The good news is that New Balance does have many shoes that are made with synthetic leather.  The other bad news is that they do not have any guarantees regarding what kinds of glues are used.  So for you hardcore vegans out there, stay away from New Balance.  But, if you want to peep the list, keep reading…

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New Balance CM 1600

I am pleased to finally be featuring New Balance.  As many of you know, this company  isn’t exactly fond of using alternative materials, and it is kinda hard to distinguish between the synthetic and non-synthetic sometimes.  Nevertheless, these re-released New Balance CM 1600 are vegetarian, meaning the upper is synthetic leather.  They are probably not vegan, since New Balance apparently does not know what factories use what glues, so they can’t guarantee anything.  Whatever.

Recreated in its original colorway, the CM 1600 has a synthetic and nylon upper for breathability and durability.  As for performance features, it has the long used TPU stabilizer as well as a side ABZORB unit for cushioning.  For reference, these were originally released in the mid 90’s.  Plus, plus, they are made in the USA!  More pictures after the jump…

As of now I don’t know where you can get these.  Look for them to come out soon though, sorry.

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New Balance – Not Vegan?

New Balance Logo 2008

I think it is really important for clothing companies to disclose certain types of information about their products; really basic stuff they should know about their suppliers and manufacturers, such as whether they use child labor or what types of materials they’re .  Although I can understand why some companies would not WANT to disclose potentially incriminating information, there is no excuse for being uninformed about a simple question – do your shoes have animal products in them?

I got a surprising answer when I asked New Balance whether their shoes were vegan.  Some of them are constructed with a synthetic upper, so I just emailed them to ask whether there were other animals being used, in the glue perhaps.  Below is the email exchange:

Customer (Henry *******)
Dear New Balance,

I want to learn more about your vegan shoes. I saw that you make a lot of shoes with synthetic uppers but you don’t know what kind of glue is being used so you don’t know for sure if it’s completely vegan or not.

Is there any way of determining which factories use non-animal glues? Maybe you can track the ones coming out of those as being vegan. This is important to people like me, and knowing which products are animal friendly will factor into which shoes to buy. Please let me know if there is any more you can tell me.

Thanks so much!

Discussion Thread
Response (Consumer Response Team)
Dear Henry,

Thank you for contacting New Balance Consumer Support!

Unfortunately we are not capable of determining which factories use non-animal glues. While most of them probably don’t use them we cannot be 100 percent sure and we would not want to provide our customers with any misleading information. We truly apologize for not being able to provide you with this information.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns by email or phone at 800-622-1218.



New Balance Consumer Response Team

Not capable of determining which factories use non animal glue?  Not 100%?  I appreciate the honesty, and not wanting to mislead, but this is SUCH A COP OUT.  Don’t factories have quality control?  Doesn’t HQ work closely with the suppliers and manufacturers?  It seems disingenuous that they do not know exactly what goes into their shoes.  I would not expect this kind of ignorance from a international shoe company that sponsors world class athletes.  Very disappointing.

If you want to read there answer to this question on the New Balance website, click here.