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Nike Huarache Free 2012

Pardon me for the long delay between posts.  I know you all were fiending for a shoe fix.  Fortunately, I was unable to attend to VK duties because I was on holiday in lovely Cape Town, South Africa.  For those who haven’t been there, all I got to say is, you gotta go.  Anyway, I’m back for another one.

Haters gonna groan, but today we are featuring the Nike Huarache Free 2012.  This is a re-design of the old huarache running shoe from ’92, but with the Free technology.  I had a pair of Huaraches B.I.T.D., and they were truly sweet – lightweight, supportive, and breathable.  I imagine incorporation of Free is only going to make these babies even more cushy.

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Nike Air Max 90 Canvas & Denim


I’ve had my eye out on the Air Max 90 canvas and denim since I saw them but wasn’t sure if they were vegan or not.  I shot an email to Nike and they confirmed that the canvas colorway was indeed animal free.  Not 100% sure on the denim but I am assuming if they do not use leather on the swoosh or other questionable details on this particular model, it would be consistent with other non-leather uppers.  Here’s what I’ve seen on various blogs and sites.  I don’t know exactly where you can get these but I would just search and see what comes up.  Good luck and post anything that would be useful in the comments section.  Thanks!

Pictured above: red.

Pictured below: obsidian denim, blue canvas, and black canvas.

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Nike Court Force Low Multi-Colored Pack

This is an interesting and appealing twist for someone who’s bored of plain white soles.  Size? of England is selling this Nike Court Force Low Multi-Colored Pack as part of their deadstock inventory.  Unfortunately when I checked there were only ridiculously small sizes available, so it probably won’t even be available for the majority of you.  But maybe some of you have kids that you might want to see rocking these?  Black canvas upper, with rainbow stitching.  The sole speaks for itself – it looks like they just smushed it on a surface covered with paint gobs.

Available at Size? for £65.00

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Nike Dunk Premium iD

Hey all!  Sorry I have been M.I.A.  Too much work + life.  I don’t know how some of these bloggers are so prolific.  Do they have day jobs?

Anyway, I have a pretty cool update (thanks to my buddy John).  Turns out that some of the Nike iD Dunks are available in non-animal materials.  Skeptical of Nike as always, I emailed their customer service department.  Here’s what they wrote:

“With twill/corduroy options selected, this entire model is non-animal, down to the glue, stitching, etc.  No inner leather or animal material, etc.”

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Nike Blazer Mid Grey Canvas

I had to big up another one I found on Premier, this time the Nike Blazer Mid in grey canvas.  I’ve always been a big fan of the Blazer, as I have featured the Huf Blazer and the AC Hi on this site previously.  I personally like the Huf Blazer’s stripped down minimalism and vulcanized sole, but I am really feeling the mid action here too.  I’m more of a black canvas kind of guy, but the grey color on this is versatile enough, and I could see myself rocking this all year round.  And, there isn’t the issue with the “leather” swoosh – all canvas everywhere, baby.  No room for mistake of accidentally buying leather.

Available at Premier for $75.

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Nike Toki ND Denim

The Nike Toki ND is one of the better chukka style sneakers out there.  For a while, all I was seeing was suede versions, or canvas ones with the suspect leather swoosh.  Fortunately, I came upon this full-on denim colorway that has not a speck of leather, to my eye.  The swoosh is denim, and the tags appear to be denim or nylon.  I have been notified of several canvas versions, but they don’t seem to be available in the States.  I will keep you guys updated if I hear anything.

These are available at Finish Line and Urban Outfitters.