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Winter Boot 2014 Roundup Part 2

Brave Gentleman Visionary Boot

Visionary Boot by Brave Gentleman, available at Vegan Chic

Here’s part 2 of our 2014 winter boot find.  This time around, we are emphasizing form over function.  We have no expectations regarding the warmth or water resistance of any of the dressier looking boots.  Most of them look seem they can handle some rain and some minor snow.  But a lot of these we wouldn’t advise using for real bad days.  We hope that between our two posts that you find something that is suitable to your needs.  Enjoy!

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Vegan Shop Up New York City July 2014

I spot some Brave Gentleman, Novacas, and Vegetarian Shoes

Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties we lost the content of our last post.  You know that feeling when you’re working on a paper or something on Word and you forget to hit save, and your computer crashes?  Well, this is maybe not that dramatic but nevertheless it’s one of those ARGH moments.

This is a re-do, it’s not going to have all the stuff that we originally put up, but we’ll try our best.  We went to the July Vegan Shop Up at  Moo Shoes in New York, and it was great.  We met a bunch of cool people, saw some new vegan shoes, and ate a bunch of great food.  Here’s some of what we saw!

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Three Leaves Spring 2014 Lookbook + Etnies Dapper + 30% DISCOUNT CODE!

Three Leaves Look Book Spring 2014 #2

Our friends at Three Leaves have released their Lookbook for Spring 2014, and as usual there are some great finds there.  Check it out, there is an excellent assortment of stylish tees, button downs, shorts, and lightweight jackets.  As always, Three Leaves products are all either fair trade, vegan, environmentally friendly, or all of the above.

In addition to the vegan shoes they already have, Three Leaves recently got in several colorways to the Etnies Dapper, pictured below in black and multicolor.  We here at VK are always fans of skate shoes and Etnies (and Emerica) are at the top of our list.  These Dapper shoes are made in a pretty similar mold to the Vans Authentic with a slim low profile, but we dig the black on black sole, and the cool variegated herringbone pattern that is colorful yet not too flashy.  Plus, the Dapper is part of Etnies’ Buy a Shoe Plant a Tree Program, which is exactly what it sounds like – you buy a shoe, they plant a tree in a part of the world which really needs it.  Win win!

OH and we almost forgot to mention – COUPON CODE ALERT!!! For 30% off of all shoes at Three Leaves, enter the code VEGANKICKS.  I addition to Etnies, Three Leaves is currently carrying Veja, Novacas, and Brave Gentleman.  This coupon will only last until Friday, April 18th so get your kicks now before this huge promotion runs out!

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Three Leaves Spring/Summer ’13

Three Leaves Lookbook 1

Big shout to our friends at Three Leaves and props for putting together such an awesome collection for this spring and summer 2013.  I’m baffled by how long it took for us to find such a place.  While there are some options out there of ethical clothing for guys, we are usually limited to an organic cotton tee or jeans here and there (I’m sensing that it’s a different landscape in Europe, which is ahead of us).  Fortunately, that is changing, and our options are growing.  Take for instance what we have here, gear we would describe it as sophisticated casual: well fitted dark wash jeans, smart button downs, simple but well thought out tees and caps.  The best part, everything is either 1) environmentally friendly, 2) fair trade, or 3) vegan.  Sometimes all three.  And it’s saying something that there are even enough small brands out there that can make this possible.  Of course, fair trade/organic comes at a cost.  Even though the price tags on some of these items can be hefty, don’t forget you are buying the best sustainable materials and fair pay for workers.  Plus you are supporting some amazing businesses, who we here at VK would love to see succeed and make mainstream this ethical fashion movement.

Peep the Look Book here.  See Below for some of our favorites of the season.

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Novacas Allister and Owen

Novacas Owen

Long overdue is a shout to our favorite European vegan shoe brand, Novacas.  New for spring 2013, these two styles are a pretty tight combo and are both great additions for the stylish vegan (or non-vegan, who wouldn’t want to cop these?).  The Owen, above, is a casual oxford but features a clean waxed canvas black upper paired with a brick red colored sole.  So versatile you could wear these all day and pair them with an entirely different outfit at night.  I really need to get me one of these.

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Novacas Maddox

Novacas Maddox Grey

Novacas Maddox Black

Pictured above is the Maddox by Novacas.  They finally got in the sneaker game (what took so long?).  Not a bad initial offering, though I would have tried to target a lower price point – MSRP $194.95?!!!.  That’s bold. I can’t find any information on the materials.  The faux leather does look pretty nice, and I can attest to the high quality of Novacas shoes generally.  But it’s kinda hard to justify the price tag on a pair of sneakers like this.  You can get away with wearing these out, but why not just buy a nice pair of saddle shoes from Brave Gentleman or desert boots from Good Guys?

Novacas Maddox available in black or grey at Moo Shoes (on sale now for $129.99).

Mo’ Boots

Happy New Year!  First, just wanted to say thank you to all you guys.  Thanks for reading, commenting, emailing me, and being part of this site.  I hope that we can continue to bring some good solid recommendations and keep carrying the vegan shoe flag, whatever that is.  All in all, 2012 was a great year for us – we had our first giveaway, and more readers than ever.  Let’s keep it jumping in the year twenty thirteen!

To kick off the new year, we present – more boots.  Now, I will admit that my previous two posts on boots may not have featured the most stylish boots out there right now.  But we have a diverse audience, so we’re looking out for everyone out there, even you “hippies” out there.  We know you’re out there, and we stand with you.

But today we’re going to push some more “fashionable” boots out there for those who wear them not necessarily for the weather.  Girls got their boots in a zillion different iterations, so why can’t we guys have some fun with this as well?  Here are a few of my choice picks for those of you who still can’t get enough winter stylins.

Doc Marten 8 Eye Boot

The always classic Doc Marten 8 Eye Boot, looking super clean here, available at Zappos and Planet Shoes.  Also available in Cherry Red and Purple Cambridge.

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Brave Gentleman x Novacas Expert

Behold the Expert, a two-tone summer saddle shoe collaboration between Brave Gentleman and Novacas.  If you’re a guy and you’re a vegan, you probably are in the know about both companies.  Brave Gentleman sprung up out of the awesome blog The Discerning Brute, and it was only natural Josh Katcher would turn his talents to making some really great vegan products for us guys.  Novacas has been around for quite a bit, being one of the few full on vegan shoe companies that actually makes stylish mens shoes.

Fortunately for us this collaboration just makes for an amazing result.  The Expert is a sweet sweet summer shoe that can be rocked with a less formal warm weather suit (seersucker?) or just go totally casual – no socks style.  Like all Novacas, the Expert is made in Portugal under fair labor conditions.  As for the material that oh so nicely replicates that buttery leather, that my friends is fine Italian microfiber.  FINE.  What, you thought you were paying $199 for some Payless type stuff?

If you want to look good this summer, cop yourselves a pair.  I know summer is almost over, it doesn’t matter.  There’s still time!

Available at Brave Gentleman and Moo Shoes.

Novacas Dennis (brown suede)

Happy New Year everyone!   Vegankicks is ready for another great year of animal-free action.  I’m going to start things off in 2012 with a pair that I personally just procured – the Dennis (in brown suede) by Novacas.  This purchase was a little more out of necessity than anything, as I seriously needed shoes for “business casual” attire.  That in itself is a whole bag of gripes, and I’ll leave that out of here.  But as those concerns were on my mind, I came across these at Moo Shoes.  Now, I have seen the Dennis in black faux leather before, and I would NOT recommend those.  They look cheap and uninspired.  But when I saw them in brown suede, I couldn’t resist.  It’s strange how much the material and color can really make a difference.  I would highly recommend these, as they are sharp enough for the office, but simple and casual enough to wear with a pair of jeans.

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Novacas x Brave Gentleman


This is probably old news for a lot of you, but I couldn’t let this one go by.  It looks like Joshua Katcher of The Discerning Brute is starting his own online shop called Brave Gentleman.  It is a high-fashion site, selling everything from clothes to accessories to beauty products.  All products are certified by Mr. Katcher to be cruelty-free, and sustainably produced in fair labor conditions.

Of course, there are shoes!  Novacas is the manufacturer of this first collaboration, featuring “thicker, tougher, and eco-superior faux-leather and faux-suede, made fairly in Portugal, and cruelty-free – this capsule collection is tailored, cool, and inspired by workers, masterminds, and defenders.”

Say what you will about the styles,  but you have to give credit where it’s due.  These shoes look like they are super high quality, and obviously a lot of thought has been put in to designing them.  The price is a little steep – $230 to $300, but if you pre-order online before June 30, you can save $20.  Also available is an Olsen Haus oxford shoe called Time Traveler.

Check it out the shoes  at Brave Gentleman!

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