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Shop Shout: Ethical WARES

Today’s article is dedicated to Ethical WARES, a UK shop that’s been serving the vegan community for 21 years!  Throughout, they’ve been spreading a message of compassion and nonviolence through their various animal friendly products.  They also engage in fair trade, locally sourced manufacturers, support the Tibetan freedom movement, and run a socially conscious indie music label.   They even have room to take care of 50 animals in Caegwyn, Wales!

Ethical WARES Union Street Blue
Ethical WARES Union Street Blue

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The White Pariah Shop Vegan Oxford

White Pariah Canvas Oxford 1

White Pariah Canvas Oxford 2

A quick hit for today.  Sorry for not coming up with the goods lately.  Hopefully the 2015 will bring more time and energy for VK!  Here was have a Vegan Oxford by The White Pariah Shop based in Bangkok, Thailand.   The upper is made out of canvas, the sole rubber and the heel wood.  Each pair is handmade to order, so you can actually request the canvas be dyed a certain color.  Not for winter, these are for you (lucky) guys who are south of the equator this time of year.

Available at the White Pariah Shop on Etsy.

Feathers Stentorian Oxford (updated)

I believe that these were a pretty big hit when I posted these and I found out they’re still being offered, and in several different colorways.  Like I said previously, the Feathers Stentorian Oxford is vegan – woven cotton uppers, corded laces, (non-leather) cushioned footbed, and slim resin sole with low heel.

Now available at urban outfitters in brown, light grey, khaki, and charcoal.  More pics after the jump!

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Good Guys Aponi

Word on the street was that Moo Shoes was starting to stock Good Guys, and now some of them are here! Unfortunately, selection is quite limited, so I’ll just start off with the Aponi.  Not sure what there is to say other than that they are dope.  It’s a simple oxford, but unlike a lot of vegan shoes that try to do this, they actually look… good.  Really good.  The material is faux suede, and so far you can get these in beige (gray) and brandy (brown).

Click down for more pics.  Available at Moo Shoes for $175.

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Novacas x Brave Gentleman


This is probably old news for a lot of you, but I couldn’t let this one go by.  It looks like Joshua Katcher of The Discerning Brute is starting his own online shop called Brave Gentleman.  It is a high-fashion site, selling everything from clothes to accessories to beauty products.  All products are certified by Mr. Katcher to be cruelty-free, and sustainably produced in fair labor conditions.

Of course, there are shoes!  Novacas is the manufacturer of this first collaboration, featuring “thicker, tougher, and eco-superior faux-leather and faux-suede, made fairly in Portugal, and cruelty-free – this capsule collection is tailored, cool, and inspired by workers, masterminds, and defenders.”

Say what you will about the styles,  but you have to give credit where it’s due.  These shoes look like they are super high quality, and obviously a lot of thought has been put in to designing them.  The price is a little steep – $230 to $300, but if you pre-order online before June 30, you can save $20.  Also available is an Olsen Haus oxford shoe called Time Traveler.

Check it out the shoes  at Brave Gentleman!

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Good Guys Shoes & Co. Preview

Hey everyone, some of you may have already seen these on Discerning Brute or Facebookworld already, but I had to write something about them.  Good Guys, a Paris-based vegan shoe company recently released some photos of their upcoming Fall 2011 line.  It looks like the line will include some dope looking oxfords and desert boots for men, and boots for women.  It also appears they have gone the synthetic suede route rather than smooth leather, for a more rugged and casual look.

Here’s what I could glean from their FB page:

– not available until “after July.”

– hopefully, they will be available in the US

– prices will be around “149” the currency was not specified but I’m assuming it’s the dollar.

See below for a gallery of pics I jacked from their page…

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Feathers Canvas Stentorian Oxford

I came across this one in my “research” for shoes I can wear to work.  My old standbys are on their way out, and I wore the crap out of them (the soles are falling apart).  Side note, how awesome was that Obama photo when he was on the campaign trail and you could see the holes in his shoes?  Think what you will about his presidency but little things like that remind me why everyone loved him two years ago.

But I digress.  This Feathers Canvas Stentorian Oxford shoe is a very nice in between shoe, allowing you to dress up or down.  Unfortunately, there was an awesome faux leather brown pair that looked really classy, but they came with a leather inner sole!   Anyway, these are definitely not leather, and no other animal parts involved in the making.  Cotton upper, corded laces, and a slim sole.  Very nice to wear anywhere really, but not with a suit!  Damn!

Available at Urban Outfitters for $68. Check out their site for fancy zoomed in shots too.

UPDATE: The faux leather ones are described on the site as coming with a leather lined footbed.  My independent source has provided me with first-hand confirmation that everything, including the footbed, is synthetic.  Here’s the link to the Feathers Crepe Sole Oxford (in brown and black).