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Vegan Athlete: Vegan Running Shoes by On

Though many people may not have heard of Swiss brand On, they offer some of the best running shoes on the market. All On shoes are 100% vegan and built from the ground up with their Cloud cushion technology. A name like “Cloud” comes with some lofty expectations, but we here at Vegan Kicks promise they will not disappoint. Whether you run several miles a day or spend a lot of time on your feet at work, the cloud technology offers tremendous cushion and support.

orange fire
On Cloud in Orange/Fire

On offers several different models and a wide variety of colors, with options for those interested in bright, flashy shoes as well as those who prefer sticking to the basics.

On Cloudsurfer in Neon/Grey

On shoes are available online at Zappos, On, and Amazon, and may be available at a store near you.

Read more to see more style and color offerings from On.

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Vivobarefoot Stealth L


Today we’re taking another look at the Stealth L from VivobarefootAs you may recall, Vivobarefoot is a trail and running shoe company that specializes in barefoot running – minimally padded, flexible shoes that let your feet do your own thing.  We were lucky enough to get our hands on a pair, and asked our friend and experienced runner Pooja to test out a pair.  More after the jump…

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Adidas Trail and Running Roundup

Adidas Terrex Boost
Adidas Terrex Boost

Hey all, this week we bring to you a selection of Adidas running and trail shoes.  Recently, we have declined to promote Adidas, because they have never been forthcoming regarding their glues.  However, we got in touch with Vickerey, a Colorado based shop that is vegan friendly and also sells Adidas.  They obtained written documentation from all the factories which they work with at Adidas stating that the products and adhesives do not contain any animal or animal derived products.  Upon further inquiry, we found out that they work with only four factories, so we don’t know for sure whether others have the same manufacturing standards.  But for now, we feel comfortable promoting the specific shoes sold by Vickerey, which offers a nice selection of high end running and trail shoes (for men and women), with a casual boat shoe slipped in there.  Some even have Gore Tex, the waterproof material that’s found on rain and winter coats.   All contain synthetic uppers and animal free glues.  More pictures after the jump!

All available at Vickerey.

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Vivobarefoot Roundup Spring 2015

Vivobarefoot Vegan Header Image

Today we feature the running shoe company Vivobarefoot, and are happy to announce that they make a whole bunch of vegan shoe models.  We’ve been meaning to write about performance athletic shoes for a while since we get a lot of inquiries about shoes for specific sports.  Hopefully we’ll be able to cover a variety of activities, because there has to be some vegan option for every sport, but today we’re talking about running – barefoot running.

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Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks Addiction 10
Addiction 10 (men’s)

This one will be pleasing to all those serious runners out there, and big up to Rich for providing this tip.  Brooks, founded in 1914, is one of the oldest sports footwear companies out there.  It’s great news that VK can endorse an entire brand since almost all Brooks shoes are vegan.  From their website:

Does Brooks make vegan shoes?

Yes! Brooks does make vegan shoes. Except for the Addiction Walker, all of our shoes are vegan. That means there are no animal products or by-products used in any part of the shoe, including the glues.

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Saucony Jazz Low Pro Vegan (updated colorways)

Saucony Jazz Low Pro Vegan Red

Hey everyone, sorry for the long hiatus.  I had some personal things to attend to and really couldn’t find the time to be on my VK business.  I’m sure you all were very anxious and worried about my absence.  Thought I would bring back an oldie but goodie.  We’ve featured the beloved Saucony Jazz Low Pro Vegan and we want to remind you these are still around, and fortunately they keep adding additional colorways.

More after the jump.  All are available at Zappos, but note that some colors overlap and others are gender exclusive (for instance the last five are available in women’s sizes only).  Enjoy!

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Nike Huarache Free 2012

Pardon me for the long delay between posts.  I know you all were fiending for a shoe fix.  Fortunately, I was unable to attend to VK duties because I was on holiday in lovely Cape Town, South Africa.  For those who haven’t been there, all I got to say is, you gotta go.  Anyway, I’m back for another one.

Haters gonna groan, but today we are featuring the Nike Huarache Free 2012.  This is a re-design of the old huarache running shoe from ’92, but with the Free technology.  I had a pair of Huaraches B.I.T.D., and they were truly sweet – lightweight, supportive, and breathable.  I imagine incorporation of Free is only going to make these babies even more cushy.

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Saucony Jazz Low Pro

Saucony has offered the Jazz Low Pro vegan for a number of years now, so it was surprising when I searched my own site and discovered that I have never written about these ever.  So, I guess here we are, a few years too late.  You guys have probably seen these already, and it’s likely that you’ll either love them or hate them.  When you compare the “vegan” colorways to the non-vegan ones, it’s obvious that some genius made the connection between vegans and granola lovers (“No, they’re not hippie enough!!!”).  I guess they could do worse (just one of many examples, you know what I’m talking about).  At the very least, they are solid throwbacks that are evocative of the much preferred New Balance 1400.  Hey, we take what we can get.

Available at your local eco-friendly corner store, er, Zappos.

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Saucony Jazz Low Pro Red

I think a lot of us who pay attention to this stuff are well aware of the Saucony Jazz Low Pro as a widely available retro running shoe that happens to be vegan.  It also happens to be, well, pretty boring.  Let’s be real, they look like old man shoes.

But lookey here, Saucony flipped the script with this 2011 new-and-improved Jazz Low Pro.  Like before, it’s made out of hemp and canvas.  But it’s gotten a significant style makeover.  The heel padding is totally gone, now leaving just a thin fabric backing.  I believe overall, there is much less padding, though I can’t tell 100% from the pictures.  I think they just abandoned all pretense that this shoe would be used for running.  But to me, it’s for the better.  The shape and silhouette are significantly more sleek.  And no one is running in these shoes anyway, right?

Available at Premier for $55.

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