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Karhu Originals – Fulcrum Star

I had to shout out my European peeps.  The vegan scene is definitely well represented in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland… man, everywhere. I can’t believe it, but I can honestly say this is an international blog. The WWW is crazy! Thank you so much for reading, and giving me your support. Nothing is better than hearing from people from all over the place, giving me ideas and input. So cool. But anyway, onto the shoes!

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New Balance M587NV and MR905LW



Here at Vegan Kicks, we tend to focus on style over substance.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  We like to look good.  Fortunately for us, most of what we like happens to be comfortable as well.  Veganism is a lifestyle choice in a way, and much of that lifestyle has to do with being more mindful of health and well-being.  Well, vegans and vegetarians definitely have the eating part of it down.  But it’s no secret that regular physical activity goes a long way to making you feel better and live longer.  Whether you play sports, work out, or perform some type of strenuous activity for your job, you need the equipment to go with it.  This one goes out to my runners out there.

The New Balance M587NV and MR905LW – both $104.95 – are men’s running shoes (sorry girls.  For the complete list of vegan shoes, men and women, click here).  The list is quite long, but I selected these two because the others were just, well I didn’t like them.  But these two are handsome, I think.  The M587NV goes with more of a retro look, harkening back to the New Balance shoes of the 80’s and 90’s.  The MR905L is sleeker, incorporating more obvious synthetic materials in the upper, such as molded plastic, probably to shave off some weight.  The look is more futuristic.  But whatever your pleasure, these two are sure to please if you run.  I don’t know crap about running shoes, but I have worn New Balances to run in, and they do nicely.  They aren’t nearly as nice as these.  So check them out, vegan runners!

Available at Tri City New Balance… [right now there’s free shipping, guaranteed before Christmas, plus 10% off]  Click on the pics above to view the links to the store.  You’ll get more technical specs as well.

Nike Air Max Light

I’ve been posting a lot lately on boots and some dressier shoes, but I can’t ignore my love for the sneaker.  And to me, nothing represents dope kicks like a Nike Air Max.  Ever since the Nike invented “Air” (heh) and started incorporating it into all these different models, Air Max represented the pinnacle.  I recall when I was young, I could never get em’ because they were so expensive, and I was especially blown away when they had the air balloon that went all the way around the heel.

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Nike Lunaracer+ 2

These shoes look pretty good for a runner. I don't know if you've had the chance to try on Nike's new LunarLite soles or Flywire technology, but the stuff is super comfy! After contacting Nike, I was able to get confirmation that these shoes are made of 100% synthetic materials. They are available at several stores including <a href="http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-3785256-10273706?url=http%3A%2F%

2Fwww.zappos.com%2Fn%2Fredirect.cgi%3Fq%3Dvz359679929z2%26zcj%3D1&cjsku=7587626215254″ target=”_top”>Zappos and Nike Store. Check out one of the men's colorways after the jump.

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Nike Air Max 2010

The Nike Airmax 2010 is the top running shoe offered by Nike (with a price that reflects that description).  The upper is all synthetic, with mesh combined with Flywire technology for a lightweight and strong build.  The main event is the Air Max technology.  For those familiar with Nike’s Air Max shoes, or if you take a brief visual inspection, you’ll know that your feet will be sitting entirely on airbags for a nice cushy ride.  This kind of running shoe seems to be a stark contrast to some other new Nikes, such as the Free, which eschews the fancier features and aims for simplicity.  I guess as a runner it’s really your preference.  As a non-runner, I can’t speak to the performance, but both styles looks dope to me.

Pictured here is a new colorway, white/black/orange.  There are several others as well.  Available at Finish Line (Mens & Womens).

Source: Nice Kicks.  Click below for more pics!

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New Balance M587NV & WR883CU

Some more good news for you runners out there.  I found a dealer in New Balance and have a special little link for synthetic shoes… as this site confirms, there are no guarantees regarding the glues in NB’s and that is too bad.  But still, if you are comfortable just knowing that these are not leather, then check these out.  These are two of my fave ones out of their offering – the M587NV for men and WR883CU for women.  There are a lot of features in each shoe, and as a person whose had a few pairs of NB, you know you’re going to get a solid runner with good cushioning and breathability.  Peep Pics below (click for availability).

New Balance CM 1600

I am pleased to finally be featuring New Balance.  As many of you know, this company  isn’t exactly fond of using alternative materials, and it is kinda hard to distinguish between the synthetic and non-synthetic sometimes.  Nevertheless, these re-released New Balance CM 1600 are vegetarian, meaning the upper is synthetic leather.  They are probably not vegan, since New Balance apparently does not know what factories use what glues, so they can’t guarantee anything.  Whatever.

Recreated in its original colorway, the CM 1600 has a synthetic and nylon upper for breathability and durability.  As for performance features, it has the long used TPU stabilizer as well as a side ABZORB unit for cushioning.  For reference, these were originally released in the mid 90’s.  Plus, plus, they are made in the USA!  More pictures after the jump…

As of now I don’t know where you can get these.  Look for them to come out soon though, sorry.

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Cinderella was a Vegan

Vegan Kicks is excited to have a guest blogger!  Mitsu is one of the creators of To Happy Vegans, a website/blog based in the UK about all things vegan.  One of my favorite sites around, please give them a visit when you can.  Until then, enjoy this guest post!

Thankfully away from the land of charming princes and fairy godmothers a real life vegan like myself doesn’t have to go to such great lengths as a pair of glass slippers for a vegan shoes.

Glass slippers 2
Dartington Crystal glass slippers. © Glamhag

I can still however feel like the belle of the ball when I finally get to wear these babies out. A very generous Christmas present last year from my lovely friends, I was very excited to see the blue box beneath the wrapping paper.

As with all Melissa shoes they are completely vegan, 100% recycable and smell like bubblegum. These particular shoes (Lady Dragon IIs) are a special collaboration between Vivienne Westwood and the Brazillian shoe brand. Past season designs from the collection have been seen on the feet of Katy Perry and Katie Holmes (hmm perhaps I should change my name to Kate?!). Yes people, vegan shoes can be fashionable and they don’t have to be made out of leather.

Prefer something a little more pratical? I have been waiting a good two years for a decent Ugg alternative to appear on the vegan shoe market and 2010 was the year my prayers were answered.

I have had non sheep skin Ugg style boots before, invariably they are always cheap in comparison to the real thing and only last me mere months. A combination of the flimsy soles and the amount of walking I do are no doubt to blame.

The soles on my new Snug boots from Vegetarian Shoes however are thick and sturdy. Although the lining is not as padded as regular Uggs/Ugg alternatives they still keep my feet nice and toasty. I have even been out in the rain in them and not a soggy sock in sight (it is recommended they be proofed for extra protection). They are made from a fake suede, Vegetarian Shoes also make shoes from a faux leather which is meant to stretch and breath just like the real stuff.

The amount and accessability of vegan products is growing all the time and with brands like Melissa I love the fact they appeal to people who might not even realise that they are making a better, more conscientious choice.

The final shoes on my wanted list are a pair of completely vegan running shoes. The closest I have come so far are New Balances’ 1063.

Whilst the shoes themselves are made from completely synthetic materials, they use whatever glue is available at the time so cannot guarantee any given pair will be completely animal free (I like to think I managed to get a pair with the ‘good’ glue). But, I know all I have to do is be patient and something will come along eventually. 🙂

For more animal friendly shoes alternatives check out the shoe section on the To Happy Vegans website. Happy shoe shopping!

Mitsu (one of two happy vegans) x

Nike Air Max 90 Vegan

The Nike Air Max 90 is an excellent model to make as vegan, since it can be used for running, and it’s got classic style.  The upper is made of synthetic leather and mesh.  It comes in black/black or grey/white.  Personally I am hating the black colorway, it looks like a pair of old man shoes.  But as NiceKicks put it, wear it if you work somewhere that makes you wear black shoes.

I don’t think these are widely available on the web.  Don’t be fooled!  There is a black/black leather version of this, and it looks exactly the same.

For more pics of the grey.  For more pics of the black.

Asics Gel Kayano 16

I don’t know anything about performance running shoes, but I chanced upon an interesting blog post from a vegan runner who was extolling the virtues of the Vegan Asics Gel Kayano. See the Running Girl’s Blog Here. From what she says, they are really good. They got like, gel and stuff, memory foam… man there is more technology than a space shuttle in this thing. Anyway, the models pictured above are the Gel Kayano 16. These replaced the older version, the Gel Kayano 15. If you do a little comparison shopping, you will see that the 15’s are still available but less expensive.

Womens and Mens Gel Kayano 16 available on Endless.