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Sandals Roundup 2017

Olukai Holona

Hey everyone, summer is finally here in earnest in New York.  The weather is getting hot and sticky, which means its time to get out the open toes.  Whether you’re going to the beach or just walking the dog around the block, everyone needs a good pair of flip flops or strappy sandals for the warm weather.  Hell, there are probably a lot of you out there who wear these all year round (#jealous).  So whatever it is you’re getting into, you should be able to find a nice pair of vegan sandals to suite your needs.  Check out our picks below (all available at Zappos)!

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Vegan Shoe Policies 2015 by Vegan8

Vegan8 Logo

Hello internet people, we are very sorry we have been on hiatus for so long.  We had some offline stuff to take care of which stole away precious time to continue our work on VK.  But we’re back and we have a good one for you today.  Many of you have checked out the site by Vegan8, and especially his shoe surveys which lays out very simply which shoe companies offer vegan shoes.  We learned recently that he completed his 2015 survey, so we wanted to share that with you as soon as possible.  In addition to sharing his site, we wanted to re-post his table here, but annotated with some of our comments.  Don’t forget to click on the brand links – Vegan8 has provided additional information, including the exact correspondence and links to the relevant site within the company.

We’d also like to add that this is a great reference but it is by no means comprehensive.  This entire site isn’t either but it can be used as one big resource for finding various companies policies.  We find that the best way to do so is to browse by tags, or by search.  Some of our information is dated but feel free to email or comment if you have any particular questions.  Thanks again for visiting and keeping this site going – we are psyched that so many people around the world are going cruelty free!

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Women’s Sandals Spring/Summer 2015 Roundup

Freewaters Tropea Print White Hawaii Print
Freewaters Tropea Print White Hawaii Print

It’s that time of year!   We love it when it’s warm enough out to bare our feet.  Okay, maybe not ours.  Or men as a whole, actually.  Today we’re throwing out some vegan options for the fairer gender we often leave out here.  Plus, the selection is way better – we were very pleased to see so many styles and colors.  Here are some of our picks.  We hope you like!

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Vegan Shoe Policies 2014 by Vegan8


So last time we did a little post on Vegan8‘s spectacular list on shoe companies and their vegan friendly policies, we didn’t have any images to go with it.  So we thought that this sweet tattoo art by Just Vegan was apropos.  Love and kindness towards all living things… those little birds approve.  Just need some footwear to go with this…  Next time!

The main event is below, with quite a long list of labels and their vegan friendly policies.  This list is geared towards runners and those looking for some performance athletic footwear.  Thank you Vegan8, we are very grateful for your efforts :).  Thanks and please leave comments if you notice any errors.

Also, for description of definitions used, please refer to Vegan8’s website here.

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Vegan Shoe Policies 2013 by Vegan8

Some of you may have already seen this, but for those of you who haven’t, this is a tremendous resource.  Blogger Vegan8 did a ton of legwork to build a list of various shoe companies and obtained their vegan, animal friendly statuses.  Whoever you are, thank you!!! The result is a list of 60 companies that are classified under the following definitions:

VEGAN COMPANY: The company is Vegan, there should never be any need to doubt any of their products. These companies should be an ethical consumers first choice for our own peace of mind

ALL VEGAN: The company has stated by correspondence that all of their footwear products are Vegan. However, they do not appear to identify themselves as a Vegan company, so there is a possibility that future products will not be ethical

VEGAN OPTIONS: The company provides styles that are completely Vegan, but not all of their styles are Vegan

SYNTHETIC OPTIONS, GLUE MAY BE OF ANIMAL ORIGIN: The company provides styles that are free from animal derived ingredients, excepting (perhaps) the bonding agents. This is the one that I find most annoying, basically the company does not know (or is unwilling to back itself regarding) the type of bonding agents that are used at all times. They may vary due to season/availability/price etc. To me this is both an ethical and quality control issue. Shoe manufacturers generally market themselves as high tech and very deliberate in their materials and design. The suggestion that they are unaware of their own bonding agents, brings the companies and the industry itself into question. Footwear purchased from these manufacturers, may or may not be Vegan

SYNTHETIC OPTIONS, GLUE IS OF ANIMAL ORIGIN: The company provides styles that are free from animal derived ingredients, excepting the bonding agents, which they state are derived from animals. I have no idea why a company would choose to do this in 2013

NO VEGAN OPTIONS: The company deliberately chooses to provide no ethical footwear

AWAITING REPLY: Not enough time has passed since I made initial contact with the company, or they have responded that they are collecting the required details so that they can respond appropriately

NO REPLY: The company has been contacted at least 3 times over 3 weeks, using a variety of methods (email, contact form, facebook etc) but no reply has been received from them

UNCOOPERATIVE: The company has been contacted at least 3 times over 3 weeks, using a variety of methods (email, contact form, facebook etc) but is only willing to provide vague details or none at all. Companies in this category tend to ask why they are being questioned, by who and for what purpose. But even after responding to their questions, they continue to be uncooperative. Thankfully these companies are rare, the majority of companies in this survey have provided very good customer service.

Here are the results.  For the original page visit the Vegan8 site here.  It has the information in a better layout, and it also includes the specific responses from each companies.

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Sanuk Shipwrecked

Sanuk Shipwrecked Brindle

Hello everyone!  We apologize profusely for our prolonged absence.  This summer we (meaning me, Henry) have been slammed with a combination of work (and play).  But I didn’t realize how long Vegan Kicks has gone without an update – almost a month!  Thank you for continuing to visit and check in.  We know there are some of you out there who come back and we appreciate it.

But onto the shoe du jour – the Sanuk Shipwrecked.  Some of you may know this company by their unmistakeable flat and squished sandalshoes, which look like they took a sneaker and removed all of the padding inside.  They always look way too big, especially when you’re not supposed to wear socks with them.  Say what you will about the surfer bro vibe of those, when adapting a boat shoe, they didn’t do a bad job.  If you want to go the opposite of the preppy, Sperry Topsider look, you might want to give these a shot.

Even though they use their sandal sole construction, these resemble actual shoes.  The canvas uppers feature frayed stitching and though there are laces, you can slip them on and off.  There is some small branding on the heel and outer face.  The insoles feature some anti-microbial stuff.  What did I miss – oh, they are vegan.  Almost forgot!

Available at Zappos in the below colors.

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Sanuk – Chill Collection Slippers

Glazed and Confused, mens sizes only, available at Zappos, Sanuk, and Shoes.com.

As many of you may be aware, we here in the Mid-Atlantic coastal area (and beyond) are waiting out Hurricane Sandy, a/k/a “Frankenstorm.”  So far, it hasn’t been too bad for us here in Gotham.  The winds are a howlin’, and the rain is starting to come down.  We hope that there is no serious hurricane damage, especially flooding.  Oh, and we hope that the lights stay on.  Most disruptive thus far is the closing of the public transit system, which effectively leaves most New Yorkers stranded.  If there is any silver lining to this ordeal, it’s the fact that some of us get out of work.  As my Facebook wall can attest to, this development is highly welcome, even if it means hunkering down indoors for a day or two.

A day like this just makes you want to curl up on your couch, in front of the teevee, and marathon your favorite show.  Get cozy.  But wait, you need to get your popcorn out of the microwave and hot chocolate.  You lower your feet to the floor and… oh the coldness shoots up your body like darkness itself.  You need slippers!  A warm pair of fuzzy house slippers, preferably.  While it may not be dead of winter yet, this storm certainly augurs feelings of days of days spent indoors hiding from the elements.

A nice pair of slippers is a luxury, but after seeing these, they feel more like a must have.  Walking around barefoot in your house during the winter is no fun unless you have a) wall to wall carpeting, or b) the money to turn up your thermostat to 75° all day.  Those aren’t options for me at least.  Enter Sanuk’s Chill Collection Slippers.  This company is better know for its sandals and Sidewalk Surfers, and there are a great many vegan options there too, but those are topics for another day.  I can’t get down with those as much as their slippers.  I couldn’t resist, I’ve never seen anything like these before, especially the Glazed and Confused (see pic above).  Donut print?  Is this a nod to Homer Simpson?  Totally does not make any sense but I love it.

Every house slipper by Sanuk is vegan friendly.  The uppers are made of either canvas and the inners are faux shearling liner.  If that’s not warm enough for you, go with the outerwear inspired Get-Down, which features a nylon upper filled with synthetic down, and a polar fleece liner.  It even comes with an elastic drawcord to keep your feet nice and snug.  Comfort is always paramount, and each slipper features a nylon wrapped, soft, high rebound, molded EVA footbed.  Say what you will about the price point of these, but in my mind you’re getting what you pay for.

More pics and info after the jump!

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