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Servant Dagon

Servant Dagon 1

This week’s pick comes from Swedish skateboard shoe company Servant.  While they do have some nice all-canvas models, they offer one certified all vegan model – the Dagon.  This is the pro-model shoe of legendary skater Mike Vallely (who also hails from my home state of New Jersey!).  It’s also built like a tank.  These guys are for people who really want durability and support.  I won’t go into all the details here (see below for a diagram), but notably they features 1) a microfiber vegan upper that is (supposedly) more durable than suede; 2) a huge triple stitched one piece toe cap; and 3) a gel heel crashpad and full length EVA padding insole.

Interestingly, the Dagon is currently only available online in the US.  That’s weird to me considering there may actually be more Europeans who would be interested in this.  I’ll forward this to Servant and maybe they will change their distribution to offer it to you guys across the pond.  I’ll let you know if and when they do!

Until then, feast your eyes on our newest favorite vegan skateboard shoe, and for our compatriots here in the States, you can get them in black, blue, and red for $65.  Special shoutout to Johannes Fuss for finding these and letting us know about them.  Thanks man!

UPDATE: I just checked out the most excellent Vegan Skate Blog, and coincidentally they just published an in depth review of the shoe!  I swear I didn’t know!  Check it out here.

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