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Huf Roundup

Huf Classic Lo Canvas Pack
Huf Classic Lo Canvas Pack

Today we are happy to feature shoes from Huf, a company that sorta blew up out of nowhere to become one of the premier brands of classic skateboarding style.  We were super pleased when they informed us that they make a bunch of vegan friendly styles.  This is what it’s all about – dope, functional sneakers for those who choose compassion. VK will continue to find and promote brands that provide vegan alternatives so that you readers can shop a little easier.   We hope that you like these, and if you have any suggestions on particular brands or shoes that you like but aren’t sure if they are vegan (and they’re not on this site), hit us up!  We’ll do the work and find the answers for you.

Enjoy the photos and visit the Huf footwear site for more info.  A variety of Huf shoes are also available at Zappos.

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Habitat Surrey Natural Selection

Habitat Surrey Natural Selection Raven Habitat Surrey Natural Selection Olive

Hey everyone, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  Sorry for the absence, just been busy with a lot of stuff.  Hope you all understand.  We return today with another Habitat sneaker.  Either they’re making a concerted effort to put out vegan shoes or we just haven’t noticed until recently.  This one is the Surrey Natural Selection, a nice hybrid with some boat shoe characteristics.  The Olive colorway is made out of hemp, nothing special.  But interestingly, the Raven colorway has a bottom half of the upper made out of Cordura, the tough synthetic fabric usually found on things like luggage.  Thinking about it now, it’s crazy that skateboard shoe companies haven’t used this material before… and for that matter, why aren’t they experimenting with more durable materials like this?  We here at VK approve, and applaud Habitat for giving us options, and not limiting us to flimsy canvas shoes to skate in.

Available at Zappos (on sale!)

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Servant Dagon

Servant Dagon 1

This week’s pick comes from Swedish skateboard shoe company Servant.  While they do have some nice all-canvas models, they offer one certified all vegan model – the Dagon.  This is the pro-model shoe of legendary skater Mike Vallely (who also hails from my home state of New Jersey!).  It’s also built like a tank.  These guys are for people who really want durability and support.  I won’t go into all the details here (see below for a diagram), but notably they features 1) a microfiber vegan upper that is (supposedly) more durable than suede; 2) a huge triple stitched one piece toe cap; and 3) a gel heel crashpad and full length EVA padding insole.

Interestingly, the Dagon is currently only available online in the US.  That’s weird to me considering there may actually be more Europeans who would be interested in this.  I’ll forward this to Servant and maybe they will change their distribution to offer it to you guys across the pond.  I’ll let you know if and when they do!

Until then, feast your eyes on our newest favorite vegan skateboard shoe, and for our compatriots here in the States, you can get them in black, blue, and red for $65.  Special shoutout to Johannes Fuss for finding these and letting us know about them.  Thanks man!

UPDATE: I just checked out the most excellent Vegan Skate Blog, and coincidentally they just published an in depth review of the shoe!  I swear I didn’t know!  Check it out here.

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EMERICA The Tempster – Review and Skate Wear Test

This season’s newest vegan/animal-friendly offering from Emerica for spring of 2013 is finally here.

The new shoe is called “The Tempster,” and is designed by legendary vegan skateboarder, Ed Templeton. Ed has always been a driving force in skateboarding – a true individual and artist. He is also the vegan skater’s skater. Never quitting and never selling out his vegan beliefs for a higher-paying/selling leather pro-model shoe. For this alone, we should always support him, his shoes, and Emerica for putting them out. Emerica is in my own personal opinion, the last real core skate shoe brand we have left.

I got to skate these new shoes a few short times on the streets and for a full 3-hour session at the park. Here are my personal thoughts as a long-time skater and vegan shoe wearer. . . .

The Tempster - both colorways, both laces
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Lakai Indio

Lakai Indio 1

This week we bring to you another great skateboard brand, one that we’ve yet to feature.   We just haven’t come across anything that is anything close to vegan.  Thanks to a tip from Tall Mike, we present the Lakai Indio.  This black canvas mid sports a synthetic leather heel patch and a vulcanized sole.  And we got confirmation from the company that the shoe is fully vegan.

Don’t forget!  There’s still time to enter our Emerica Tempster contest.  Email us now to win a free pair of vegan kicks designed by Ed Templeton.  We have received a lot of interest, but if you put your name in the hat, lets say your chances of winning are significantly higher than the PowerballFor contest info, click here.

Lakai Indio available at Zappos.  More pics after the jump!

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Emerica Ed Templeton Tempster Giveaway

Emerica Tempster Black

Emerica Tempster Green

Following up on our last post, the good people at Emerica are so gracious as to hook us up for Vegan Kicks’ second shoe contest!  Our blogging is erratic right now, but we’re trying to make every one count!  We are psyched to be giving away one pair of Emerica Tempster (green or black), featured above and below.  This is one out of a bunch of Emerica’s vegan shoes (see our previous post on their newest offerings), and we all thought it was appropriate that this be the one, considering Ed’s longstanding vegan lifestyle.  I know that these shoes won’t be for everyone, but I know all the skaters out there will be chomping at the bits to get a pair.  So, onto the contest!

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The World of Vegan Skate Shoes, and Why They Matter

To a skateboarder, shoes are like gloves to a sculptor’s hands. No other clothing component is more important to a skateboarder. Skaters’ feet are the connection to their craft – the art of how they skateboard. Skating in a shoe that is too padded and bulky, is like trying to grab detailed things with a mitten on. Skating in a shoe that is too thin, is like wearing a rubber glove to protect one’s self from the elements, or to grab that hot vegan dinner you have in the oven – you’re going to get burned, and you’re going to feel it too much. Then there’s the dreaded cupsole vs. vulc shoe battle – it just never ends! So just how how do we compromise? And how do vegan skateboarders fit into this equation? Through my next few blog posts I may be able to help you find those answers… but first, we must ask another more serious and important question:

Why are todays vegan skate shoes so expensive?

Do you ever wonder why a canvas skate shoe cost the same or more than a shoe made out of leather? It’s like getting a Veggie Delite at Subway for the same price as the next guy’s cold cut sub that has the same amount of veggies on it. You’re paying the same price for something that has meat, when there is no meat in yours at all! You’re basically paying for a condiment sandwich. In todays skate shoe world with canvas or synthetic shoes vs. leather shoes, you are paying for a condiment on your feet, as most all skate shoes have canvas or syn. textiles in them anyways – on the inside or outside. So the question here is, why?

Ripped canvas Vans, an all too familiar occurrence to the vegan skater.

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Emerica Westgate Grey

A few days back someone from the most awesome vegan food truck the Cinnamon Snail tweeted me for a skateboard shoe recommendation.  I love these guys.  If you are anywhere near Manhattan, Jersey City, or Red Bank, New Jersey, you gotta hit them up.  Best vegan food I’ve ever had hands down.  The best way to keep track of them is to follow them @VeganLunchTruck on Twitter.

Anyway back to the shoes.  While there are actually a good number of great vegan skate shoes out there, my current pick would have to be the Emerica Westgate.  You can’t beat it if you’re looking for a classic comfy skate shoe that sticks to a tried and true design while not having too many bells and whistles.

This vegan shoe – grey canvas only – is designed by pro Brandon Westgate, and judging from his balls to the wall style of skating (see video below), you know they have to be built to last.  It features a padded foam footbed and EVA foam heel cup to withstand impact from hard landings.  The sole is “double wrapped vulcanized construction” for added board feel.  Depending on how you like your shoes, this one has a thinly padded tongue and collar.  While it’s not as cushy as fully padded, the thin tongue seems to be the preference these days.  Overall it’s just a classic mid skate shoe in a versatile, can’t go wrong colorway.

Available (on sale!) at Zappos.

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