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Vans LXVI Collection Vegan Models

Vans has successfully expanded on its brand of classics with the successes of Vans OTW and California.  But none of those arguably depart more, visually and technologically, than the Vans LXVI (pronounced Vans 66).  Here we see them implementing newer methods of manufacturing to create something futuristic and more performance oriented.  Fortunately for us as well, this means a lot of synthetic materials.  The following shoes listed below have been confirmed by Vans to be vegan.  Enjoy!

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Etnies Vegan Fall 2012

I recently did a post on the Etnies Barge LS and I realized why the hell don’t I just put up all the Etnies vegan shoes for fall 2012?  Seems it makes sense to have them all in one place (Etnies already set this one up pretty nicely).  Here’s the list of sneakers that Etnies is offering cruelty free right now.  I’m excluding sandals because, well I think it’s more obvious and easier to find since they are usually made with synthetic materials.  So, here’s the list!

The Etnies Jameson 2 Eco is not just offered in numerous animal friendly colorways, but as the name suggests, it is made with the environment in mind.  It features recycled PET laces, a 20% recycled rubber sole, and a laminated cork footbed.  Not sure how a cork footbed is better for the earth, but I guess anything that’s not made out of petroleum based products is a good thing.

The vegan colorways are brown/green (pictured above), black/aloha, black/gum/dark grey, grey/black/gum, and grey/navy/white.

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Etnies Barge LS x Keep A Breast Bone

The Etnies Barge LS x Keep A Breast Bone is a great collaboration with Keep a Breast Foundation to raise awareness and support their efforts at eradicating breast cancer.  Oh yeah, the shoes are vegan too.  The upper is all canvas in a cream/off-white color (only).  Not much else other than that the tongue and collar are lightly padded for a sleeker look.  Oh, it also sports “I heart boobies” lining and logo on the heel – I guess to get in with the kids, you got to go down to their level!

Available at Zappos.

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Habitat Guru Hi Mocha/Tan

Here is yet another shoe for all you skate rats out there.  Yes I will switch it up soon but for now you will have to settle for the Habitat Guru Hi in mocha tan.  It’s not setting the world on fire like a certain release this week (ugh, by the way… just, ugh).  But it has a little to set it apart, chiefly the fold down ankle.  Otherwise it is your standard skate shoe with vulcanized sole and waxed canvas upper.  Hey at least we know from the source that it’s legit vegan (see the symbol?  Yeah, that’s what I thought).  Note that the other colorway is made of cowsuede.

Available at Zappos (on sale now!)


Emerica Hsu 2 Black Gum

Emerica has been on top of the vegan shoe game for a while, reliably putting out a list of their non-animal foot products every season for the past few years.  I’m too lazy to even plagiarize the work they’ve already done, but I like to pick favorites.  I’m a sucker for mid shoes as of late, and I’ve always liked the Hsu.  The Emerica Hsu 2 is updated; it retains the same silhouette as its predecessor, streamlined down some.

With this shoe, you know what you’re getting: a solid, grippy, skate shoe.  For those who need the extra cushioning, it comes with an “STI PU Foam Lite™ Level 3 footbed cushioning system.”  Also keep in mind that the only vegan option is this colorway.

Available at Zappos.  Photos from Emerica.

CONS CTS Ox (black)

This one was a no-brainer.  The CONS CTS Ox looks just like your Chuck Taylor All Star, but packs a few extra features.  The canvas and laces are “high abrasion” (whatever that means) and there is padding on the tongue and ankle.  It’s not crazy, but I rock a pair of CTS Mids and there is definitely a difference in comfort.  The regular All Stars have no support at all; definitely wouldn’t wear a pair of those skating.  These, though, are a great upgrade and a classic in my opinion.

CONS CTS Ox in black canvas available at Premier.

Click down for more pics.

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Etnies Malto LS

Etnies is a down company.  Just the name brings back a lot of great memories of my childhood, when all we used to do is skate.  All these years later, the company is still going strong, and just poking around their site, I’m impressed with some of the stuff they’re involved with, such as Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree (full disclosure: I like to hug trees).  But they’ve also given vegans some love, and unlike a lot of shoe companies, they actually promote their animal loving creds!  Surprise, how easy is it to make a “vegan” page with all your animal free products, and have a little icon next to each shoe, just to inform those who care?  It sure makes our lives easier.

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Es Spring 2011 Vegan Shoes

Es Holbrook Low Blue

This is coming a little late, but never hurts to spread the word.  Looks like the skate shoe companies are all releasing their Spring 2011 lines.  Fortunately for us, Es (and Emerica) put it out officially their vegan shoes in a nice neat format.  My faves are the First Blood Mid in Camo, and Holbrook Lo in shore blue.  Which ones are yours?  Click on thumbnails for high res pics.

Source: Es

First Blood Mid Camo

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Converse Star Player

Hey everyone!  Sorry I haven’t updated this joint in a minute, but I was actually down in D.C. to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity.  I can’t say that we actually participated.   It was more like we showed up really late, couldn’t see or hear anything, and promptly left.  But still, I’d like to think we represented just by being there, or something.

But onto the shoes!  I am so happy that Converse has a skate line.  There was a very real possibility of a long list of Chuck Taylors in different colors all up and down this site.  That would have admittedly been terrible.  But thankfully, we have the CTS and the Star Player (ok, the CTS looks exactly like a Chuck Taylor, whatever).  Well, at least the Star Player is offered in black waxed canvas.  Of course, all Converse come with the big asterisk – not guaranteed vegan.  Just need to mention it.

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Etnies Jameson 2 x Cliche

Here is one for you skaters, tree-huggers (me), and European gypies (not me).  One of our readers, Karam, spread the word on this one, which is a collaboration between Etnies and Cliche.  Cliche is a French skateboard company that’s basically the best and biggest in Europe (correct me if I’m wrong).  But here, they got the input from one of its riders, Charles Collet.  His design is 100% vegan, and uses recycled canvas for its upper and environmentally friendly glues in the sole.  As a low profile shoe, it comes with a thin padded tongue and collar.  Also, it has padded insole and reinforce midsole for you real shoe nerds.

Original Sources: Suelas de Goma, Rad Collector.

Available at Zappos.

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