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Sorel Winter Boots

Sorel 1964 Premium T Canvas Boot

Sorel 1964 Premium T Canvas Boot available at Zappos and Sorel.  Women’s available here at Sorel.

UPDATE 12/18/12: After several readers alerted me to this mistake, I confirmed with Sorel that the 1964 Premium T Canvas boot does contain leather at the tongue and heel.  I was misinformed by the first customer rep and I thought he was pretty clear on it.  But thank you everyone who is keeping a watchful eye on us and keeping us honest!

Winter is here!  Er, well, has been here, officially.  But the weather has been so mild, an effect of in an unseasonably warm and unpredictable season thus far in the New York City area.  Thanks to a notorious tropical storm, things we take for granted, like seasons, seem to be a thing of the past.  Thanks a lot, global warming.  Oh wait, this is our fault.  Ugh.  But because the weather has been so jumpy lately we need to be prepared for the worst, and you never know when it could get cold and snowy.

Enter Sorel.  This Canadian company has been keeping feet warm and dry since 1962.  Initially I wanted to feature exclusively the Sorel 1964 Premium T Canvas Boot, pictured above.  But unfortunately it is NOT 100% VEGAN.  It is, however, almost.  I got on the phone with a very helpful customer service rep to check on this, and he confirmed that while the boot contains no leather, it does contain some sort of animal by-product in the glue.  Gah.  So, for those of you out there who do not draw that hard line, you might want to consider this as an option.

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