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Supra Skytop Canvas Tuf Blue & Red (NOT VEGAN)

Update 11/11/11: Sorry everyone, I didn’t realize these contained leather.  I actually recall that in the past I saw that the “Tuf” Supra shoes were leather.  But I forgot.  Sorry guys.  And thanks guys for your comments calling me out on it.  Appreciate your help.


I’ve never been a huge fan of the Supra Skytop, but these are pretty clean.  I see the appeal, but I wouldn’t rock them all the time.  Here’s a bold solid color release from your favorite skater/beatmaker/delinquent Chad Muska.  Holler at em Chad.

Source: Sneaker Freaker

Supra Dixon Blue Chambray

We’ve featured a bunch of shoes from Supra, and for good reason.  They consistently put out solid shoes in unique colors and designs, plus they are vegan friendly.  They’re often using materials that we don’t really see other sneaker cos mess with.  Chambray cotton is a great example of this.  It’s soft, comfortable, and classy.  It’s used to great effect in the Dixon.  What’s not to like?  Hopefully others will start following Supra’s lead and think a little outside the box.  For more Supra posts, go to “Tags” on the sidebar and scroll down to Supra.

Available at Zappos (on sale!) for $50.

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Supra Assault Seersucker Fall 2010

Hey everyone.  Sorry I haven’t been here in a while.  I just moved, and the place I’m living in doesn’t have internet yet!  I know, it’s crazy.  I’ve been surviving by moving from store to store that offers free wifi, doing my business as long as my battery lasts, or until the store closes!  Let me tell you, it is not cool being so dependent on the internet, and not having it available at all times.  Sigh, such is the reality of modern living.

Here is something nice I came upon just now.  Supra just announced their fall 2010 lineup of the Assault.  Fortunately, they made a vegan option.  Even better, it’s seersucker!  You don’t see that very often.

Available now at Factory 413.

Source – Nice Kicks.

P.S. I still don’t have internet, so I will be updating infrequently until I figure that out.  Sorry everyone!

Supra NS Assault

New Assault pack for spring 2010, as part of the Supra NS (non-skate) range of shoes.  Supra thinned out the sole, simplified the upper, and made the shoe as lightweight as possible.  Three of them are vegan, animal-friendly materials, including charcoal and white canvas, and navy gingham.  Look out for the evil one in black, it’s full grain leather.  More pics after the jump.

All colorways are available (limited) at Factory 413.

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Supra Cuban 1.5 <-- NOT VEGAN


Supra has released the Cuban 1.5 in a couple of new colorways this spring – grey and red.  This interesting low is made out of animal friendly canvas, and pure white sole (looks vulcanized).  As the weather gets warmer we’ll see all sorts of slip ons and lows, but these give a slightly unique look with the unusual lacing system.  I’d like to see a little bit more color contrast, maybe with the lace or a stripe on the sole, but these are nice nonetheless.  Available at Wish.

Supra Holiday’09 Vegan Pack

I’ve never been a fan of Supra and their ultra high tops, but I am pretty impressed by the models they chose to feature as vegan.  Of course, I am excited that they Supra even decided to release an entire pack explicitly vegan.  This one features the Dixon, Diablo 1.5 and the Thunder High and Low in canvas uppers and in various colorways.  My favorite is the Thunder Low with the white sole.  Since I was late on the bandwagon, these should all be available at Supra retailers by now.  I will try and update with some links when I find them.

Supra Diablo 1.5 - Navy Canvas / Gum Sole

Dixon – Black Canvas / Gum Sole

Thunder – Black Canvas / Black Sole
Thunder – Black Canvas / Black Sole

Thunder Lo – Black Canvas / Black Sole